Jvzoo Academy Review-Good and Bad Points-It's A Good Training Course

Product : Jvzoo Academy
Creator : Sam Bakker
Price : $47/month or $67/month . New Update : Just $27/onetime but with affiliate training only (good for people who are not aiming at creating product)
Website : Click Here
Do I Recommend : Yes But Make Sure You Can Take Action

  • 8.5/10
    Recommended But Not For Everyone - 8.5/10

When joining internet marketing,sooner or later,you should join Jvzoo marketplace to make money. Unlike many kind of newbie’s affiliate network,the earning’s potential of Jvzoo is very high. However,this affiliate network is not friendly for newbies even to get affiliate link of some products. In addition,if you want to actually make money by Jvzoo,you have to build an email list and create a bonus to promote. Luckily,Jvzoo has created one product to teach you build a Jvzoo bussiness from scratch and it’s Jvzoo Academy. This is a training course taught by Sam Bakker in order to help you make money with Jvzoo as a vendor and affiliate.

Who is Sam Bakker,the owner of Jvzoo Academy?

sam bakker jvzoo academy
At first,he is a 7 figures internet marketer and one of the most successful vendors and affiliates at Jvzoo. He has been famous since he was 16 years old. At the age of 16,he made $60,000 in net profit while selling MP3 player. Presently,he is one of the most respected marketing consultant for many big entrepreneurs.
He has worked with many of the biggest names in his industry and spoke on some of the biggest stages alongside names such as best-selling author Mark Anastasi, Bill Walsh, Jeff and Kane, Austin Walsh and even Richard Branson.

What is Jvzoo Academy?

Actually,Sam makes this courses to solves the problems that many internet marketers make when they start their bussiness with Jvzoo. As an affiliate,one of the most popular so far is to choose the right offer and request to approve an offer. In addition,Jvzoo Academy shares you some basic information to make money as a vendor and affiliate. Of course,this training is like a blueprint with step-by-step process to make money. And it’s also like an email marketing training course.

The Core Training Inside Jvzoo Academy

1.Module 1 : Fundamentals

jvzoo academy fundamental
In this module,he shows you some basic information to become a vendor and affiliate at Jvzoo. He also mention some rules,basic task for setting a bussiness. And the most important thing to do,get approved to promote some products.

2.Module 2 : Bussiness Foundation

bussiness foundation jvzoo academy
This module seems perfect for beginner because they are all step-by-step guides. Actually,it’s like an instruction on how to set up your own bussiness at Jvzoo by creating your own product. Of course,he will talk about

3.Module 3 : Launch Formula

selling your own products jvzoo academy The third module of Jvzoo Academy will focus mainly on how to become a vendor. He shows you about how to work with your affiliate marketer,because you are the manager and how to set up a funnel. In addition,he mentions introducing your launch and creating a sales page,upsell page. In other words,he wants you to become an affiliate manager.

4.Module 4 : Promoting As An Affiliate

promoting as an affiliate jvzoo academy
The last module of Jvzoo Academy is about how to promote Jvzoo’s products. As i mentioned above,it is actually an email marketing course because he instructs you how to promote by email marketing.

IGloo App Software

Their are 2 pricing plans at Jvzoo Academy,the $47 does not include iglooapp while the $67/month includes. IglooApp Software is actually a landing page creator tool like Instapage,WPprofitbuilder and Instabuilder. But instead of buying those software,you can get it as a bonus of Jvzoo Academy.

There are all you need in order to create a funnel and landing page/tripwire page as well. And hey,iglooapp is not a plugin,it’s a membership site so that you must be a premium member at Jvzoo Academy to get access.


In this part of Jvzoo Academy,Sam Bakker interviews top sellers and affiliate marketers at Jvzoo on how they create their own bussiness. Each interview will include a PDF file about their conversation so as to understand what they are talking about.

Upsell of Jvzoo Academy

60 Days MasterClass ($197/one time)

In internet marketing,upsell is simple and so does Jvzoo Academy. Originally,there are 2 upsells but it’s only available 1 upsell now. The only upsell of Jvzoo Academy is 6o days Masterclass.
60 Days Masterclass is not like a training course,it’s a plan for you to create and implement for your own Jvzoo bussiness. One of the huge syndrome of Internet marketer is the shiny object and this plan will help you avoid that. However,in my opinion,you won’t need up to 60 days,it can be less.

6 Week Live Coaching (Not Available Now)

This upsell is good for users who want to get more support and take action until they get results.

New Upsell : That’s the training I Review Above ($67/month)

jvzoo academy strategy
If you want higher-level training from Jvzoo Academy,you should consider this upsell.

New :Membership Site Upgrade ($47/month or $197/year)

jvzoo academy oto 2
Actually,it’s a software to help you create your membership site. Like the first new upsell,only buy this if you want to launch your own product. If you don’t need,it’s ok not if you just buy the $27 front-end.

Pros of Jvzoo Academy

  • The training is really easy to understand (so that no way you feel overwhelmed)
  • Help You Create A Long Term Bussiness From Scratch
  • Igloo App Software (a very easy drag and drop landing page,sale page creator)
  • Include Interviews with Top Sellers and Affiliate Marketers At Jvzoo
  • Even Set Up a Plan for you to take action
  • Email Marketing training (i always like email marketing)
  • Just $27 To Join

Cons of Jvzoo Academy

1.New Upsell (Not Required)

People feel upset with Jvzoo Academy because the front-end price was $47/month or $67/month so the price is only $27 now. Of course,with the $27,you just get the affiliate training,not all feature and if you want all feature,you need the upsells.

2.Easy To Understand Doesn’t Mean Easy To Take Action

As i told you before,i do not recommend everyone to join this course because it’s not easy to take action. Creating a product and launch it requires you time,energy and even budget. The training is easy to understand but seems not really actionable for all. And certainly,a good training course is useless if you don’t take action,so,keep in mind,once you join Jvzoo Academy,you need a really hard-working.

3.Doesn’t Focus A Lot on Building Relationship

Sadly,inside Jvzoo Academy,he doesn’t teach you a lot about building relationship towards your subscribers. Actually,he says you can create an email swipes by copying the launch swipes on the JV page of Jvzoo product. I have already seen all of the email swipes that vendors’s JV page and these swipes are all hard-sell swipes. Hence you only direct your subscribers to a salespage. So,in order to make money with Jvzoo for a long-term,you have to create your own email to add value and build relationship towards audiences.

How Much To Prepare Before Joining This Course

  • Hosting and Domain Name (compulsory,i recommend you to use Bluehost or Dreamhost)
  • Autoresponder Software (in this course,he recommends Getresponse,but i think Convertkit should be better for Jvzoo bussiness)
  • Outsourcing (to make a giveaway ebook or create newsletter and content faster,depends on your budget)
  • Advertising (he wants to help you build a bussiness from Zero subcriber)


In summary,Jvzoo Academy is a great training course especially if you are a beginner or intermediate. But before joining this course,please make sure that you take action and avoid going around. Certainly,i recommend this training to anyone,it’s only $27 and it helps you create a long-term bussiness.

 Join JvzooAcademy With Only $27 Lifetime Access Now


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