Kindle Spy Software Review and Example-Great Tool For Kindle Bussiness

Product Name : Kindle Spy Software
Creator : Wesley Atkin
Price : $47/life time access
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • 9/10
    Recommended - 9/10

Unlike many other types of internet marketing such as Affiliate or dropshipping,FBA,KDP requires less skill and even budget. According to some statistics,Amazon Kindle is a new kind of online bussiness that is highly profitable. In additon,people are even marking hardcover,paperback and audible book on Amazon. However,the competitiveness of this bussiness is so high and you definitely need a spy tool to make your life much easier. Right now,check out my Kindle Spy Software so that you know exactly what you get inside this affordable tool.

What Is Kindle Spy Software?

At first,it’s a spy tool to help you research Amazon Kindle niches. Once becoming an internet marketer,there’s one thing clearly that most revenues are from the sub-niches. Secondly,Kindle Spy Software is a useful tool that can research competitiveness of Kindle Bussiness. In other word,you can also say it’s a keyword tool of Amazon just keyword research tool for SEO just like Jaaxy,Semrush,Kwfinder and Keysearch.

Who Is Kindle Spy Software For?

  • Complete Newbies To Internet Marketing
  • People who one to goes details on KDP bussiness
  • Affiliate marketers who want to drive traffic into their website
  • You have run out of Amazon Kindle ideas so that you want to get more information
  • K Money Mastery‘s members
  • For those who haven’t already chosen the right keyword and tittle of Amazon Kindle

Main Features of Kindle Spy Software

1.Spy on Best Selling Kindle E-book

In amazon kindle,there are nearly a thoundsand of sub-niches and you have to get top position in order to sell your book. Of course,if you want to do that,you need to know your competitors and steal their position. It’s an extension that shows you exactly about an ebook’s information such as Monthly revenue,sales,page,price or review.
At first,let’s check out Cookbook,Food and Wine categories
kindle spy software cookbook,wine and food
Normally,the food in top 3 will have a big advantage but look at top 20,you may surprise
kindle spy software track
Amazing right,the average montly revenue of just one category is 6 figures together with hundreds of review.
Look at the right bottom of the picture,there are three circles that tell you how potential of this niche. If a niche is in the red line,it’s hard to compete.

kindle spy software popularity kindle spy software popularity kindle spy software popularity
2.Consult Your Next Book’s Topic

In Amazon Kindle,tittle,reviews are the nearly the key to get sales. Therefore,you need to create a tittle that sells. On the right of the top,You can see Word Cloud,just simply click on it and then…
For example,i will choose the Paleo Diet niche
kindle spy software tittle kindle spy software tittle
Kindle Spy Software will choose a words for your tittle so that you can choose the right name. Normally,your kindle tittle will have the main tittle and the sub-tittle and it is a long tittle. Avoid creating a bad tittle such as how to stop smoking,or stop binge eating. Your ebook tittle should go together with a promise. Of course,the quality of your ebook will decide how profitable of your ebook for a long-term.

3.Niche Potential

Choosing a niche is always one of the most time consuming with beginner and intermediate because they are scare of the competition. However,with Kindle Spy software,you will track the potential of a niche.
Once again,i will check Paleo Diet niche as an example. Just simply click on Keyword Analysis .
kindle spy software niche potential

4.Keyword Tool for Amazon Kindle

On this kind of bussiness,keyword is absolutely important because a person will search for a keyword to buy an e-book. For instance,i will check the keyword golf swing.
kindle spy software keyword kindle spy software keyword kindle spy software keyword kindle spy software keyword
Amazing,right,it’s nice for the niche research.

Track Your Competitors’s Performance

The last feature of Kindle Spy Software is to track your competitors’s performance. Actually,it can track how much they earn,how many review they have and their ranking.
kindle spy software competitor's tracking
kindle spy software competitor's tracking
And that’s all feature inside the $47 package.


On internet marketing,upsell is simple and i’m not surprised because Kindle Spy Software has an affordable price. The only upsell is Kindle 1K System. Actually,it’s step-by-step training on how to get $1,000/month through Amazon Kindle. Especially you will get his templates.
kindle spy software 1k system
There are 6 modules in this course

  • Overview and Set Up
  • Market Research
  • Creating Your Book
  • Listing with Amazon KDP
  • Marketing Your Book
  • Maintaining and Boost Sale

After that,he will give you some extra to make your bussiness much easier
kindle spy software checklist kindle spy software ebook template kindle spy software work for hire script
Each video lessons will have a checklist for you to implement. In addition,he gives you customizable ebook template that you just need to fill in the blank. The last extra will instruct you what to say when outsourcing. The price of this upsell is $67.

New Product

Recently,Wesley has already added two products because of the future of Amazon Kindle. They are not really upsells and certainly not required to buy.
1.KDroi ($29/one time)
It’s about Marketing your ebook in order to get sales or scale your bussiness up. It’s a Software that convert from Free Promotion to Paid Promotion in somewhere day. Actually,it’s like you are cheating because in Amazon Kindle,no review,nearly no money. With this cheating,you can easily ask your friend,community or organization to get a verified purchase review for you.
kindle spy software KDROI kindle spy software KDROI kindle spy software KDROI
Paperback Formula ($19)
kindle spy software paperback formula
Let me explain you this,in Amazon Kindle,paperback is a future and it’s really popular right now. Of course,the price of Paperback book is higher than kindle ebook so you can make more money. Wesley reveals his simple 3 steps formula to convert any Kindle eBook into a Paperback on Create- space in under an hour.

Why Affiliate Marketer Need Amazon Kindle?

Well,you know,on affiliate marketing,there’s a lot of free traffic and paid traffic. Amazon Kindle is a great free and paid traffic to help you navigate people into your website and collect the email after that. Affilojetpack is a great place that teaches you about How To Drive Traffic Using Amazon Kindle. Trust me,you will not only make $1-$3 for ebook but also collect email (money in the list,remember?). Check out my Affilojetpack review so as to see the members’s area and features you get inside. And you will also get $250 special discount from me (normally $997).

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Kindle Spy Software is a great software for those who are running a KDP bussiness. It’s friendly,it’s easy to use and best of all,it’s highly affordable (also one time offer). Certainly,i highly recommend any internet marketer to get this software. Please Check out my K Money Mastery review and Affilojetpack review if you are seriously with this bussiness.

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