Kyvio vs Clickfunnels from a Guy who Use Both-How to Pick

Today,we will post a comparison between Kyvio vs Clickfunnels. They are both known as a sales funnel and digital marketing plattform. In fact,the usage between these app have a lot similarity.

A lot people are taking a lot of time to decide what to choose so that i can help you simplify your process in this post. Enjoy your time reading this post my friends 🙂

Watch Demo Video First

I have posted some demo video of these softwares,i recommend you to take your time watching some of these videos before reading my Kyvio vs Clickfunnels comparison.


Clickfunnels vs Kyvio Comparison Video

In the video below,we will show you the difference between both of these app. We just compare the features that makes them features,we don’t cover about features that one of them don’t have.

Kyvio vs Clickfunnels

Now,i will mention you factors to compare between Clickfunnels vs Kyvio.

1.Page Building

Both softwares are grid page builder

a.For Kyvio

It’s hard to say the winner here as the usage between Kyvio vs Clickfunnels are almost the same.

However,i see that Kyvio is somewhat smoother from here.

Both allows you to create Exit-Intent but Kyvio has more options.

For predone popup of Clickfunnels,it will depend on the templates you choose,each templates of Clickfunnels will have their own exit pop.

b.For Clickfunnels

As you can see,the templates predone from Clickfunnels has better copywriting elements.

You can manage and navigate elements very fast and simple.

And as you can see that Clickfunnels has more various and premade session than Kyvio.

2.Sell Product

With the help of Clickfunnels,you can easily create a one page checkout.

This is what makes Clickfunnels the winner,Kyvio can collect payment for you but it can not create an Order page for you,just a kind of direct access to Paypal,Credit Card,etc.

Both app allow you to sell Physical and Digital Products. How to use from them are highly from your decisions.

3.Email Marketing

This doesn’t include in Clickfunnels $97 plan. But it’s included in all Kyvio plans. So,this is what makes Clickfunnels lose. But if you purchase the $297 plan of Clickfunnels,it will clearly win Kyvio. The SMTP of Clickfunnels is mostly used for product delivery,Order Transaction Mail,etc.

When using Kyvio,you must integrate external SMTP service while it’s not required in Clickfunnels Actionetics,Backpacks,


Both Kyvio and Clickfunnels allow you to run a membership site. In fact,most people use them as a way to create and sell training course.

Both of these can be drag & drop to add Module,Content and Lesson.

However,about the secure and passive automation,i believe that Kyvio is better about this.

Therefore,the winner here is Kyvio.

5.Sales Funnel

When talking about Sales funnel templates,Kyvio is a clear loser with Clickfunnels.

The templates of Kyvio are mostly for Local business or for those who offer Coaching,Consultant Services,etc.

While with Clickfunnels,there are hundreds of predone funnel templates that are ready to any business and any offer in various niches.


Both apps have external connection with services outsite.

However,i think it should be Kyvio 9 and Clickfunnels 10.

Zapier is a strong advantage from Clickfunnels when comparing with Kyvio.

7.Traffic and Analytics

Kyvio is better than Clickfunnels about tracking and analytics.

In fact,it’s easier for you to manage CPC.

Clickfunnels only shows you How much Visits and Unique Visits.

8.Survey & Application Funnels

In this comparison between Clickfunnels vs Kyvio,Clickfunnels is a clear winner.

Here’s the funnel in reality.

Besides,it has a better built-in to Submit Application Funnel. This works really well for consultant and coaching business,the main purpose of using Kyvio.

9.Pricing of Clickfunnels and Kyvio

With Clickfunnels,it has 2 main plans. If you want to full benefit,of course,you need the $297. For Kyvio,the main price is $69/month.

You can either buy at Warrior Plus and Zaxaa,price is almost similar.



Final Verdict

After making this Kyvio vs Clickfunnels post,i hope that you can make your own decision. To my personal opinion,if you are a kind of course creator,local business,digital coaching,etc or you simply want to save budget,Kyvio is a better option. In case you run eCommerce Business,Product Launch or you simply sell product online,run CPA business,Clickfunnels is a better option for you.



































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