What Is Lead Magnet And How To Build A Successful Lead Magnet-Tips To Consider

Presently,email marketing is the ultimate way to make money online. It doesn’t only help you keep your audiences but also your affiliate link. Besides a high converting landing page,email swipes,traffic,you also need to create a lead magnet. Now,in this article,i will show you exactly what is lead magnet and how to create a successful lead magnet. This technique will help you enlarge your list as well as optin conversion.

What Is Lead Magnet?

create a lead magnet
Firstly,it’s a free gift that you give away to your audiences. In other words,you can also say it’s a bait to attract people to subscribe your email list. You do this because you want to collect  their email,name,etc. In order to do that,you need to create your own lead magnet.
On internet marketing,certainly you have heard a quote: the more value you add,the more money you make. So,the key to create a highly quality lead magnet is to provide something valuable for free. Of course,it depends on how interesting that gift is.
Lead Magnet can be :

  • An ebook (this is my favorite)
  • Free Webinar (only for professional marketer)
  • Video course
  • Coupon Code (great for ecommerce and Amazon FBA rather than affiliate)
  • An email course

There’s a lot of way to create a lead magnet. When creating your own lead magnets,make sure you have chosen the right topics. Because it’s your first impression towards your audiences. Please remember that if your free gift is not good,they will not definitely buy your productions or promotions.

How Important Lead Magnet Is?

Lead Magnet Affilojetpack
If you ask me a question that do you need to create one so as to build a list. The only answer i can provide is absolutely necessary. Long time ago,just simple form that say Sign Up To The Newsletter To Get Weekly/Monthly Post,etc will help you build an email list. But now,you really need to create a lead magnet to attract your visitor. Unless you are an influencer,famous person,there’s no reason why people need to subscribe to your list. Therefore,you need a high quality and interesting bait to make people feel they need you.

What Is A Good Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet Powerhouse Affiliate
According to some experts,statistic and testing,i personally believe their are 6 factors for a good lead magnet. If your lead magnets meet these requirements,certainly it’s perfect. And if not all of these,the more the better.

1.It Is Easy To Read,Easy To Understand and Actionable

Before meeting that requirement,answer a question. Do you want to read something that is easy to understand or to read? Besides,do you want to take action with the content of that ebook. With me,the answer is certainly yes.
People want to see something that is helpful,useful as well as taking action. They download your report because they think you know the answer. Therefore,you need to create a lead magnet that actually help people do something they are looking for.
For instance,if your report is about weight loss,it should contain diet to lose weight,exercise to lose weight,etc. On the other hand,if you target diabetes,blood pressure audiences,you should add a report about reason,how to avoid,etc.
I prior PDF because most people will love that. Personally,whenever i delete data on my Mac,if i see PDF file,i will consider. But if it’s an audio file,video presentation,i will normally delete.

2.It Helps People Solve Their Specific Problem

The next condition for a good lead magnet is that it must be something that solve people’s problem. When they download your ebook,they consider whether it’s what they need first. So,on your landing page,you need to add bullet of what people get once they download your free report.
If you solve their problem,you will get a potential customer or even a good friend.
Their are two main types of problem:

  • Popular problem on your niche,topics
  • Problem people are having so that they want to solve (or their pain point)

It’s like you are reading people’s mind,hack their trust as well as talking to their reptile brain.
So,you need to make a list of problems that people are having in your niche. And you create a lead magnet to solve their problem after that. Remember,do not make it complex,tell them as if they are newbie.
Imagine some problems you are having and how to solve it.

3.A Good Lead Magnet Will Provide Result

When people read any guide,instruction,they definitely want to get result. Lead Magnet needs to provide a real life result,case studies,testimonials together with actionable guide. It’s not completely a solution but they can take action immediately.
Why it’s not completely?
Because if it’s completely,how can you boost revenue 🙂
For example,you target muscle building audiences,you only need to give exercises,supplent recommendation,diet or food advice to build muscle. You don’t need to provide specific details such as exact exercise plan,the amount of food to cutting or bulking process,etc.

4.It Is Created Based On Your Knowledge

If you create a good lead magnet,then you will enhance your brand on the topics you are in. But if you don’t have enough experience and knowledge on that topics,what to do.
There are 4 solutions :

  • Sum up content from other experts in your topics :

Find,research and sum up all of them after that. Do not duplicate their content anyway,just borrow them and use as your own experience. Certainly,they are trustful and knowledable enough for you to benefit. For instance,in muscle building niche,you should learn from Lazar Angelov,Jeff Seid,Dwayne Johnson,etc.

  • Interview with experts and then share it :

This is a great idea but it’s not really easy to implement for many people. You can have a Skype chat with them,ask them question and then create it as a lead magnet. Do not hesitate to ask these people because you are doing to boost revenue

  • Buy A Report :

This is a good way if you feel you can’t create your own report. However,for a high quality report,you need to pay more than $100 to hire a freelance expert. Normally,experience marketers will never create their own because they know they will get return on their investment back.

  • Joining Courses That Have Done For You Lead Magnet

If you don’t like to outsource for an ebook,you can consider to join training. Basically,invest in a training is a must-have investment. So,why not buying a course that provide pre-done lead magnet.These are definitely better than yours and you also get the training. The training that provides Lead magnet are Affilojetpack,Powerhouse Affiliate,Inbox Blueprint and Email Domination.
On the other hand,you can create a lead magnet based on your experience. You can schedule your timetable,do something,test it and then make a report.

5.It Has Immediate Access

People want to satisfy nearly immediately. Therefore,you need  to provide a lead magnet that they want download immediately.
Presently,the most popular lead magnet type is a PDF report. Normally,people will store your ebook on their computer or lap.
In my opinion,it depends on what you are going to deliver. The amount of page inside your ebook should be going from 20 to 50. On the other hand,you can also bring resource list,action checklist,etc.
The key is that it is easy to read,easy to understand that comes along with actionable guide.

6.It Is Shareable

Do you want people to share your lead magnet?
The answer should be yes. And more important,how can you make sure they will share?
It’s easy to do.
You only need to write on the ebook,this report is created by you. After that,list your website and reasons why they need to corporate with you. Remember to insert your link.
If you want to protect your content,add watermark on your own ebook and claim copyright. For instance,they can share but they can’t modify content.

So,What’s Next?

After writing post about lead magnet,i hope it’s helpful and useful enough for you. And in order to take your lead magnet to the next level,here are some training that you should consider to join.

1.Email Domination Profit Cycle

This is a professional training from Anthony Morisson that helps you master email marketing and CPA marketing. Best of all,you have access to 10 done for you lead magnet with profitable niches to target. You also have done for you newsletter for these niches.

2.Inbox Blueprint 

This is the best training about email marketing you should consider. Inside this course,you have best lessons about building a list,providing value,building relationship and how to segment your list. Best of all,you get the drag and drop landing page creator,done for you lead magnet,ebook to giveaway.


This is another great email marketing course for you to join. It’s not complete a training,it’s an 80% done for you bussiness with ebook to giveaway,article,email newsletter,keywords. Moreover,you have step by step training about traffic source. Oh,don’t forget that you have hosting for 5 websites and landing page creator.

4.Powerhouse Affiliate (First Recommendation)

This is so far the best affiliate marketing and CPA marketing course that i have ever seen. It’s not only affordable but also provide unbeatable lessons. Inside this course,you have done for you squeeze page,bussiness in box,exact campaign creation. In addition,it has multiple traffic training like Facebook Ads,PPC Ads,Native Ads,Mobile Ads,Text Ads and even free traffic.


In summary,after reading my post,you have idea to create your own lead magnet. So,you know what is lead magnet,why you should have and factors to become a good lead magnet. Spend time on it because it decide whether your sales funnel succeed or not. If you combine a great lead magnet and an attractive squeeze page,you will make a lot money. Best of all,once you finish,you can automate your bussiness and monetize.
Good Luck !


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