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LeadsGorilla Review-Most Advanced Local Leads Generation App

Disclaimer: This is the real LeadsGorilla review from a real customer who has LeadsGorilla review access from the product creator. After using the app, we are happy to share live demo and your real user’s experience.

Product: LeadsGorilla

Creator: Adrian & Cristan (also the creator of Voice Rank 360, Reviewify 360) and Ben Murray (co-creator of Vidscratch, Stop Motion Suite)

Price: $37 during launch

Do I Recommend: Yes, especially if you are serious with Local Marketing/Agency Service.

What is LeadsGorilla?

Before you want to proceed further details about this Leads Gorilla review, you should take time to understand the definition what is LeadsGorilla at first.

LeadsGorilla Review

Who is LeadsGorilla For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Of course, you are a local & agency business
  • You want higher chance of turning prospects into paying members
  • And many more,..

If you are any in the list above, then, congratulation, because LeadsGorilla is definitely for you. In case you are not listed above, then, you should take time reading this Leads Gorilla review so details.

Main Features and Demo of LeadsGorilla

Now, we are jumping into the most important parts of this LeadsGorilla review. This is the member’s area once you login.

1.Find Leads

To get success from this business, you need to find prospects clients that have a demand, this will make your negotiation process convert better.

Besides Google, Leads Gorilla also allows you to find prospects from Facebook Pages and Facebook Places.

After that, it generates results.

I recommend you to hit the button Save Lead for those who have low rating, because these men may have demand to buy your services.

2.Report Generator

A report is likely to be a bait that you hit send to client. This is about you will bring some value to connect and engage with them.

Within clicks, you can generate a Brandable Report that can be used to send to people. As you can see, there’s a lot of weeknesses and this is a potential client.

3.Contact Leads

If you don’t contact with people, then, you don’t have any chance to close them into paying clients. You can choose to Send Message on their fan page or to send email.

But before you send email, you need to connect SMTP. I strongly recommend you to setup domain email so that you will have a more professional look towards clients.

In case you don’t have SMTP, well, you can still your Gmail account. There’s no need to do setup with Google Cloud API, you only need to authorize access to the product creator. But please do not spam, and i also suggest you to use Gsuite in this case instead of usual Gmail account.

My LeadsGorilla Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you a correct understanding about the product, i have recorded a LeadsGorilla review and walk through demo video about it. So before you buy, turn on your volume and watch these Leads Gorilla review videos first.

LeadsGorilla Review-The Price and Funnel

All product have upsells and so does this one. But buying or not, the choice is ultimately yours.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier after reading this LeadsGorilla review, i will add some extra bonuses if you buy it through my link. This product is sold on Jvzoo so that after you buy, you’ll get immediate download link.

LeadsGorilla Review-The Pros

  • Easy to use and manage

LeadsGorilla Review-The Cons

  • To unlock full benefits, you will need upgrade

Final Verdict

In summary, after reading this LeadsGorilla review post, i hope that you have understand the features and the value of using the product. And in our opinion, this product is in the recommendation list.

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