Letspinio Review From User and Special Lifetime Access-Lead Building with Gamification

Product : Letspinio
Creator : Team Letx (also the creator of LetMailbox and Letslotio)
Price : Normally $27/month but you can buy at $27/lifetime if you buy on my Paykickstart link.
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

At present,email marketing and lead generation is highly important for any online bussiness. Thanks to these marketing models,some people can make money online consistently.
However,it’s never an easy game as some people think. The main question is “how can you build an email list?”.
There’s a lot of strategies like popup,notification,landing page,paid traffic but what if they don’t work. Therefore,you always need to prepare the plan B.
The plan B i am going to show you is the exit-intent technology. But unlike popup,which may somewhat annoy people,there’s a new way to do that. And it’s offering a game towards your audiences.
Now,i am going to show you a brand new software callled Letspinio,which is a fully new techique to build a mailing list. Let’s checkout my Letspinio review so that you know exactly what you are getting inside.

What Is Letspinio?

At first,Letspinio is a cloud-based software that allows you to building an emai list by creating a spinning game towards audiences. In other word,Letspinio uses exit-intent technologies in order to offer a game. If people want to play that game,they have to enter their email address and then spin it. After that,the wheel will automatically stop and giving people the gift you are offering.
This software has direct integration with some big email service such as Getresponse,Aweber,Mailchimp,Active Campaign,etc.
What makes Letspinio impress me is that we can integrate this software to any page builder (this is my message with Team Letx,the product creator)


Who Is Letspinio For?

  • Any marketer who want to build a bigger list
  • If you fail to build a huge list with some old methods like popup,notification,etc
  • You are worrying if popup annoys people

Main Features of Letspinio

Letspinio Review

Now,i will show you a real review of Letspinio. Personally,i get a review access accound with this software from the product creator so that i know exactly what inside.

This is the member’s area once you login,looks easy interface,right 🙂

1.Domain Setting Up

The first thing to do after you buy Letspinio is to integrate your domain name with it.

Firstly,click Add New Domain.

Now,go to your domain name account (like Namecheap,Name.com,etc)

Besides,you can also download a wordpress plugin to connect it into your website.

Click on the images above in order to see my instruction. This process is super easy to integrate your domain. Here’s what your site should look like.

If there is any problems and mistakes,you can ask the support team for a help. This is a universal code,you just need to copy paste one time,not for everytime you add a  new campaign.

Here’s what the product creator say.

(Not A Link to Salespage,It’s a Link To See Preview)

2.Create Campaign

After finishing the setup,now,it’s time to create a Letspinio campaign. There are 2 types of campaign : the wheel campaign and the overlay campaign.

a.Wheel Campaign

Now,we will setup a wheel campaign together with letspinio. At first,click create New and choose wheel campaign.

After that,just create a name of it.

Then,click Choose Wheel to add a Wheel Theme.

Wheel Template Club is the OTO 3 of Letspinio,of course,buying or not is up to you.
Once you choose a wheel,just click Yes and Next to set up wheel format.

On this page,all you have to do is to choose a wheel format.

Always keep in mind that the main purpose is to build an email list so that probality is highly important in this scenario. There are 3 main types : Coupon,Free Product and No Prize. Of course,No prize should be 0%.
For example,i will do like this.

Remember to add icon in order to make it more realistic.
Make sure the sum of probability is equal 100%.

Remember to set up action.

Next,choose the form settings (you can skip this step if you want)

Personally,i’m new to Letspinio so i choose to skip 🙂
Then,just simply have a preview with it.

The next step is Advanced Settings,it’s like you are customizing how Letspinio displays. Once again,i choose the default settings 😉

After saving the whole process,this is what you will see next.

Now,let’s take a look at Overlay campaign of Letspinio.

b.Overlay Campaign

Here’s another type of campaign you can create using Letspinio,it’s super easy to use too.

The overlay campaign will appear in the wheel campaign you are setting up.

Here‘s the link to an overlay campaign,Letspinio will host this campaign instead of you.


The main reason why you buy Letspinio is because you want to build a massive list. Therefore,after buying,you will need to integrate your autoresponder. Currently,here are the autoresponder that have direct access with Letspinio.

What i don’t like is that Letspinio doesn’t have direct integration with Drip and Convertkit,i hope they will add in the future.
Besides,it even has integration with Shopify,Zapier and Youzign.

And that’s all you get in the single time purchase of $27. Clearly,that’s highly affordable and it worths 3x its price.

Funnels of Letspinio

Currently,the front-end price of Letspinio is $27 and it has 4 upsells in the funnel. However,after the launch ends,they will remove all upsells and just keep the front-end price at $67/month or $97/month. Here’s a screenshot between my message with team Letx.

So,if you don’t take action fast,you will not have a chance to buy it at an affordable price in the future. The decision is up to them,i have no right to come in.
But that’s what most people want,right,no one like complex upsells funnel.
1.OTO 1 : Letspinio Platinum
This upgrade includes some add-on features.

2.OTO 2 : Letspinio Jacker

Here are some add-on features of the upsells 2. On the front-end price,you just have 5 domains license but if you take OTO 2,you get unlimited. When the launch ends,you get unlimited domains license because they will remove upsells. Of course,price increases for front-end.

3.OTO 3 : Letspinio Templates Club

This upgrade includes 100 more templates you can add inside Letspinio.

4.OTO 4 : Letspinio Agency

This upgrade is for you if you have a teamwork,personally,i don’t have. However,they will still handle the support for you. There are up to 500 Agency account you can create.
But once again,after the launch ends,you will get this immediately for the front-end.

Bonus of Letspinio

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonus if you get Letspinio through my link. Currently,this product is powered by Jvshare so that once you buy it,you will get immediate access to my bonus. Of course,after the launch ends,you will also get them too. You will access all of these for the front-end,no need to buy upsells so as to get.

1.Automated Autoresponder Mania

2.Catchy Headline Creator

3.Lead Magnet Vault

4.Copywriting Rolodex

5.Viral Secrets Exposed

6.The 10K Email Manifesto

Letspinio Bonus

7.List Building On Steroids

Letspinio Bonus

8.Solo Ads Escape

Letspinio Bonus

9.Email Marketing Made Easy

10.List Monster

Letspinio Bonus

11.Traffic Splash

Letspinio Bonus

12.Inbox Samurai

Letspinio Bonus

13.Killer Blogging Conversions Tips

Letspinio Bonus

14.WP Commission Cloaker

And that’s all you get if you get Letspinio through my link. These are not cheap PLR bonuses you are always seeing,they are high quality bonuses that truly helps you.

Pros of Letspinio

  • Easy interface
  • Affordable price and lifetime access (during launch only)
  • Nice Support Team
  • Never seen before lead generation technoly
  • Super easy to use as well as to manage
  • Include WordPress Plugin,Shopify Plugin
  • Good Looking Design
  • Can Embed to any Page Builder

Cons of Letspinio

1.Doesn’t Integrate Convertkit and Drip
These are some of the best services at present and not having access to them is a big cons of Letspinio. What makes Convertkit and Drip better is that there is no duplicating subscribers situation. I hope they will integrate these service providers in the future.

Final Verdict

In summary,Letspinio is  a great software that you can have a try. It is definitely a never seen before technology for lead generation. In my opinion,you should stop paying a lot budget and use some old models so as to build a list. The game is always changing so that if you don’t adopt the new technology,you will be the loser. And take advantage of my valuable bonuses if you find my review helpful. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Here ‘s an example page that is powered by Letspinio

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