Live Vid Ranker Review From User and Full Demo-Youtube Ranking Solution?

5Product : Live Vid Ranker
Creator : Vick Carty and Yoghesh Agarwal (also the creator of Videtar)
Price : $24,95 or $39,95 and multiple upsells
Do I Recommend : Yes (this product is still OK)

Besides Google,Youtube is also one of the biggest traffic sources for internet marketer. Agree or not,by 2019,according to some experts,Youtube will be the main traffic source.
When talking about Youtube traffic,we will mostly talk about free rather than paid traffic. So,it’s necessary to get rank in this large and high potential traffic.
On the other hand,Youtube live also works like crazy. Comparing with normal video,live video will reach audiences better and even target better.
Now,i will introduce you a software that i have a review access from owners,Live Vid Ranker app. Live Vid Ranker is a great solution for those who want to get better traffic on Youtube. Let’s check out my Live Vid Ranker review so that you know what inside.

What Is Live Vid Ranker?

Live Vid Ranker Review
Live Vid Ranker is the new generations of video ranking software for both local business and/or product ranking (for affiliates and vendors)  with PRE-DONE local locations on much, pre-done keywords. As a result,user just need a few click auto create video and software done the rest including LIVE STREAMING of those video to rank.
Both these module are super powerful and have all the magic to rank your video with multiple keywords with just a few clicks of Your mouse.
Notes : Live Vid Ranker is not a video creator,you will need your own video first.

Who Is Live Vid Ranker For?

  • Any marketer who wants to get more traffic from Youtube
  • Youtube live streamer who want to reach audiences better
  • Those who need to increase their rank for Facebook

Main Features and Real Demo of Live Vid Ranker

At first,Live Vid Ranker is a cloud-based app so you don’t need to install anything,just login.
Live Vid Ranker Review
Just like Livereach,Live Vid Ranker also requires you to connect your Youtube Account first.
Live Vid Ranker Review
Here’s the process,absolutely no need for complex app setup.
Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review
On the dash board,as you can see,there are 2 modules : Local Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Now,let’s take a look at both of them. Live Vid Ranker has their own video gallery and they will store your video. So,you can post your own pre-recorded video into a streaming video with this app.
Live Vid Ranker Review

1.Affiliate Marketing

In this module,there are 2 category : the add events and list video. Add events is like you schedule a live video on Youtube. Well,Live Vid Ranker has some similarity with Livereach but it’s for Youtube traffic only.
Live Vid Ranker Review
Let’s see how easy it is to add and schedule events using this app.
Before you add a Youtube live streaming event,you will need keywords.
Live Vid Ranker Review
For example,i will add the keyword EmailRamp in this scenario. You can edit prefix and suffix for your custom live video.
Live Vid Ranker Review
Then,you will see a list of tittles with prefix and suffix.
Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review
These are the main keywords to target and it detects which tittles is the best. This is the token for each prefix and suffix,the idea is to help you rank keywords with multiple videos. As you know,when people search something,they are mostly use a long tail keywords.
Live Vid Ranker Review
In order to customize for a more specific keywords,you can edit info here.
Live Vid Ranker Review
Besides,you should add your video description.
Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review
After chosing a tittle,you can click on Browse file to upload your video.
Oh,don’t forget to tick and the exact tittles.
Notes : this may be dangerous for your account if you add multiple live event simultaneously.
Live Vid Ranker Review
And lastly,just schedule that video at a specific day.
Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review
After that,you will see this.
Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review
Live Vid Ranker will automatically post those live video based on your details.

2.Local Marketing

This feature is like the affiliate marketing module. The only different is that it is targeting more specific audiences.
Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review
Add any country,any city and any keywords you want.
Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review
After that,you will see this.
Live Vid Ranker Review
Live Vid Ranker Review
As you can see,they are also the same,nearly no difference between them.
Simply tick on video tittle,upload your own video and then schedule your live video.

3.Create your Own Custom Event

If you don’t intend to use their own suffix or prefix feature,it’s still OK to create your own custom live event video.
Live Vid Ranker Review Live Vid Ranker Review
And that’s all you get in the single time purchase of $29,95 or $34,95 for Live Vid Ranker. These plans are not really different,just like a personal license and commercial license and with Commercial,you can integrate 5 Youtube Channels.
Now,let’s take a look at the entire funnel of Live Vid Ranker.

Upsells of Live Vid Ranker

What i really don’t like about Live Vid Ranker is that the funnel has up to 5 upsells and some of them are expensive. Well,just like any internet marketing product,always include a complex funnel and autoplay video on the salespage.
1.OTO 1 : Live Vid Ranker Pro ($37/month or $297/month)
I haven’t seen the salespage of this product yet but in my opinion,it’s not neccessary to buy.
2.OTO 2 : Video and Image Creator ($47)
As i mentioned before,Live Vid Ranker is not a video creator,it’s a software to post,customize and schedule Youtube live video. This upsell will allow you to create video and image for live video usage.
However,i recommend you to cancel this upgrade,i have already tried,they are almost useless,it’s like a video generator and they just generate image files you provide them.
About image,it’s an image editor but there are many apps outside can do that,no need to buy this upgrade.
3.OTO 3 : SEO Analysis Apps ($67)
This is a SEO analysis service to help you have a better view of your youtube live video.
4.OTO 4 : Lead Gen Software ($97)
It’s an extensive lead gen software that will get leads, so after ranking any video for any location, user can find and connect with there hot prospect on complete autopilot.
5.OTO 5 :Live Vid Ranker Reseller License ($197)
It’s like you can resell Live Vid Ranker as your own product. Personally,i never support an idea of reselling other’s products,it’s like affiliate with 100% commissions,if it an agency,could be better for you.

Bonus of Live Vid Ranker

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Live Vid Ranker through my link. I add bonus because i still think it’s a good product you can use. You will get immediate access to the bonus if you buy the front-end,no need to buy upsells. This product is powered by Jvshare so everything is included inside your account after you complete a purchase.

1.Video Cheats

2.Video Marketing Blunders

3.25 Youtube Outro Videos

This bonus enhances the value of Live Video Ranker.
In order to take your benefits to the next level, this package includes good and well-visually designed 25 video outro clips that can be used on your projects, your client’s projects or even sold further.
Ultimately, you can enhance the quality of your videos and get better results without spending much.

4.Market On Youtube

YouTube Marketing enables you to market your business effectively and educate your customers about latest services and offerings.
Keeping this in mind, here’s an exciting package that includes a series of video tutorials to attract and gather hordes of targeted trafficfor your business website. It also helps you rank your videos on various search engines to get more sales, more customers and ultimately, more profits.

5.Live Video Marketing

Livereach Bonus
Live videos are quickly becoming one of the most powerful methods of capturing audience and convert them into ultimate brand loyalists. Keeping this in mind, we are providing you this package that includes an amazing guide that includes the best ways to use live video to promote your own products and generate the kind of interest that big companies are using.
Combine these strategies along with the features depicted in Live Vid Ranker, and see results like never before.

6.Professional Music Tracks

This package will help you add more professional quality sound tracks into your marketing video. These professional music tracks will convert your plain, ordinary video into professional videos and also helpful in dubbing your text slides, creating some effects or insert it in your logo animation.
Now combine the visitor’s engagement boosting powers of Live Vid Ranker with this package, and take your profits to a new level.

7.Editing Video For Free

Videos are the best marketing medium to build trust, relationship, and authority amongst your customers. If used in the right way, they reap in great results without spending a fortune.
Keeping this in mind, here’s an exciting package that comprises of 8 helpful videos will enable you to edit videos using this amazing online software for your video marketing campaign.
It will certainly enhance the value of your purchase from my affiliate link. Take its benefit in order to become a success story.


Inside this package, you will get super useful video editing software that is widely used by professional video editors on 3D movies. The software is called DaVinci Resolve.
And the video tutorials will help you teach how you can effectively use the DaVinci Resolve Software fast and professionally so that you can immediately work on your own project.
And these are all my bonuses if you get Live Vid Ranker through my link. You will get immediate access to these bonus for the front-end purchase,no need to buy the upsells.

 Pros of Live Vid Ranker

  • Affordable price without any recurring fee
  • Easy interface
  • Super Simple to use
  • Can Schedule and Post Multiple Videos Simultaneously
  • Can Detect the correct keywords
  • Ability to target specific audiences

Cons of Live Vid Ranker

1.Complex Upsell Funnel
Live Vid Ranker has up to 5 upsells and i see some of them are not necessary. Moreover,they are highly expensive and complex but they don’t solve any problems
2.Risk of Being Penalized
When you post live video,you can not schedule them to play at the same time. Youtube don’t live that and Live Vid Ranker also warn you inside the member’s area. Well,if you don’t be careful,Youtube and Google may penalize your account. Of course,Live Vid Ranker doesn’t take responsibility for that.

Final Verdict

In summary,Live Vid Ranker is a good product that you can trust and use. Youtube live video is currently one of the most effective technique to get more traffic and reach audiences. On top of that,video marketing is growing and growing so that it’s a wasteless if you don’t explode. Buy Live Vid Ranker and benefit my bonus if you feel it’s a great product and you really need.


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