Long Tail Keyword Research Tutorials-All In Depth Guide To Find Profitable Keywords

Traffic is a lifeblood of your online bussiness,without traffic,certainly you make no money as a marketer. Therefore,sooner or later,you need to do this process. Presently,search engine is the most popular traffic for affiliate marketing. With search engine,people have higher buying intent hence it has great conversion. You can deal with both free traffic (Google SEO,Youtube) and paid traffic such as (Adwords,Bing,Yahoo). If you have long tail keyword,you will not only lower your competition and cost but also higher conversion. It’s easy to understand,because it’s more specific and people have higher buying-intent. So,in this post,i will instruct you how to do long tail keyword research for both free and paid traffic. And the software i instruct you in this post is Long Tail Pro,which is the best keyword tool at present. In addition,you will also have 30% discount and bonus through my referral.

Why Doing Long Tail Keyword Research?

Before we start,let’s find out why long tail keyword research is an important process. At first,it’s more specific than short tail keyword. Whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy. Secondly,it’s has lower competition than short-tail keyword. Despite having less volume search,it’s more profitable than short-tail. It’s 2017 while internet marketing have become popular since 2005. Therefore,you nearly have no chance to beat websites that are older than your.
On the other hand,if you run Google Adwords,Bing Ads or Yahoo Gemini,it costs you less than short-tail keywords. Always remember that PPC Ads costs you whenever somebody click on your ads. With short-tail keyword,raw click always happen but it appears less with long tail keywords. Moreover,you can lower your cost for that traffic. Therefore,you should do long tail keyword research if you are serious about search traffic. Backlink is important for SEO but content and keywords are more important.

Tutorials For Finding Long Tail Keyword Research

Before we start doing long tail keyword research,make sure you join Long Tail Pro here (it will offer a 10 days free trial),that’s enough to get high quality keywords.

1.Create Project and Find Keywords

Now,the first thing to do is to start your own project,in this step,simply choose the country to target,language and search engine network. If you intend to build an authority site,you will have multiple keywords.
long tail keyword research
Now,you need to add seed keywords so as to make Long Tail Pro creates relevant keywords. For example,my seed keywords are generator and portable power.
long tail keyword research
Then,add a keyword to come along with seed keywords. In this scenario,i use best as a keyword. Therefore,Long Tail Pro will generate keywords that are relevant to best combine with generator and portable power.
long tail keyword research
After that,enter suggested bid,local search volume and Num Words. When doing long tail keyword research,num words should be 3,4 or even higher.
long tail keyword research
Then,you can use Domain Availability feature if you can’t choose your own domain.
long tail keyword research
Now,click Generate Keywords and Fetch Data,then you will see a list of keywords.
long tail keyword research
Now,choose a keyword you want to see and click on it. On this page,you will see top 10 websites for that keyword.
long tail keyword research
If you feel 39 is too high,it’s OK to search for another keyword. In order to do that,you can reduce the local search to 500.
long tail keyword research
Now,let’s see the KC 26 keyword’s data.
long tail keyword research
To determine whether it’s a good keyword to target for SEO or not,there are some metrics to see:

  • Title that directly target on that keywords
  •  Page Authority : Just 2 site with PA higher than 50 while the lest are going from 1 to 47 : that’s pretty good
  •  Domain Authority : It’s great if DA is lower than 25.
  •  Juice Links : it should be lower than 30,in this scenario,all of them are good
  •  Niche Site : it’s your competitor,the less the better

2.Add Your Own Keyword

Long Tail Keyword Research Longtail Pro
On the other hand,you can graph multiple keywords and insert them to Long Tail Pro to grab metrics. For instance,i will go to LSI Keyword Generator.
long tail keyword research
After that,paste it into Long Tail Pro.
long tail keyword research
Next,click on Your Own Keywords,this is what you see.
long tail keyword research long tail keyword research
And then simply see details of a keyword you like.
long tail keyword research
In the picture above,this is a great keyword that you can target for SEO.
And these are all my fast steps to do long tail keyword research. Basically,these keywords won’t help you get rick overnight but help you make your bussiness stable. And if you combine these long tail keywords with great content,high quality backlink,i’m pretty sure that you make a lot of money.

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In summary,after posting instruction about long tail keyword research,i hope you can find idea and choose the right path of your bussiness. Remember,this method will not help you get rick overnight,it only helps you monetize for a long term and make your campaign stable. And you need to work smarter,not harder so that don’t be fool to target high competition keywords. Don’t forget to checkout or try Long Tail Pro together with my exclusive bonuses. Hurry up,the discount will end soon.