Long Tail Pro 2018 Review From Real User-Long Tail Pro Demo and Walkthrough

Product : Long Tail Pro 2018
Creator : Long Tail Team
Price : Starting from $25/month when bill annually but through my link,price starts from $217/year
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes,one of the best tool ever

Presently,traffic is a lifeblood to any website and Youtube channel. Without traffic,you will certainly fail. Besides advertising traffic,you should also get free organic traffic.
And to get free traffic on Google or Youtube,we need to find keywords that will help you rank easily. According to some marketing experts,70% of your organic traffic is from long tail keywords.
That’s true,when people use search engine,they need to find details or something specific,that’s why they enter long tail keywords. Moreover,it’s easier to rank because they don’t have many competition and they are real buyer’s keywords.
Today,i will introduce you a powerful software that provides you Long Tail Keywords,Long Tail Pro 2018. I think you know Long Tail Pro 2018 because it’s very popular on the internet.
Let’s checkout my Long Tail Pro 2018 Review so that you understand how it works.
Notes : i have a demo account so that i understand what Long Tail Pro is all about.

What is Long Tail Pro 2018?

Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
At first,it’s a keyword research tool and it provides you keywords ideas and metrics based on related keywords. Long Tail Pro 2018 also suggest keywords for both SEO and Google Adwords.
Besides,it’s a rank tracker and competition analysis tool,which shows backlinks you and your competitors have and track your ranking on Google.

Who is Long Tail Pro 2018 For?

Long Tail Pro 2018 Review

  • Of course,people who want to get free organic traffic
  • Google and Youtube Adwords advertiser who want to lower CPC but better conversion
  • Any marketer at any keywords
  • You are building a silo channel and website
  • SEO marketer on Youtube,Google and even other video hosting platform (Wistia,Vimeo,Vidello,etc)
  • Live streamer who want to expand their reach
  • Especially for those who run niche sites or authority content
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Demo of Long Tail Pro 2018

Now,i will show you complete walkthrough guide on how to use Long Tail Pro 2018. In fact,it’s easier to use. Here’s the member’s area once you login.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
There are three main features inside : Keyword Research,Rank Tracker and Backlink Analysis. About he third features,Backlink Analysis,it just tracks backlink from different’s owners IP Address.
It’s like some people don’t have high quality backlink,they just create themselves backlink and most of these are from their own IP Address. Long Tail Pro 2018 can analyze backlinks but it won’t analyze backlinks from your own’s sources.

1.Keyword Research

There are two types of keywords suggestion : Adwords suggestion and Manual Keyword Entry. When you search for a keywords,Long Tail Pro will auto generate keywords idea together with their metrics.

a.Google Adwords Suggestion

This feature is for those who run Google Adwords or PPC Advertising Campaigns. Besides,it’s still OK if you want to get organic traffic from these keywords.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
For example,i enter seed keywords about bitcoin category. Then,a list of related keywords appear.
The idea of Long Tail Pro 2018 is to bring you specific buyer’s keywords,volume and lower Cost per Click.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
You can view their search volume,their Keyword Competitiveness and Bid for them. If you think you certainly rank first for Adwords campaign,you are pretty innocence.
Now,let’s take a look by clicking any keywords here.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
These seems to be good keywords because low KC,High search volume and Low Bid. At here,you can view these web page rank for that keywords and also their metrics.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review Long Tail Pro 2018 Review Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
As you can see from here,they have over thoundsands of external backlinks,that’s why they rank on Google.
Of course,you can view their content by clicking the URL.

b.Manual Keywords Search

With this feature,you can enter keywords,then Long Tail Pro 2018 will auto generate metrics and details. This works for both authority site (or niche site) and normal website.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
Here they are.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
Just click any of them and then view results and top ranking sites.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
If you see Youtube video,they rank video because their video has a lot view,signals and engagement,even subscribers.
When using this feature,click on Adwords Suggestion to see long tail keywords of them.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review

2.Rank Tracker

This is a great features of Long Tail Pro 2018. Instead of manually searching keywords and check their rank,you can save time doing this process right inside Long Tail Pro 2018.
Long Tail Pro Review 2018
You only need to add keywords,URL and choose Search Engine. Then Long Tail Pro 2018 will auto track ranking for you.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
Then,you just need to wait until it tracks your rank. The best idea is come here everyday and see your ranking result. If you lose rank,spend your time optimize campaign or get more backlinks.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
As you can see from here,my campaign rank first page on Google.

3.Backlink Analysis

The last feature of Long Tail Pro 2018 is to analyze backlinks. However,after using Long Tail Pro,i would say it’s definitely not as good as competitors like Ahrefs and Semrush.
It can only track external backlinks while can not track IP Address for that backlinks and which backlinks are created by the same IP Address. Again,some people don’t have external backlinks,they do themselves.
But in my opinion,it’s still using this software.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Review
For instance,i check backlinks from Neil Patel for a specific URL. One thing i can see is that Long Tail Pro doesn’t show social sharing. I have gone through that blog post,it has nearly 200 social shares but just 48 backlinks.
One thing important is that Long Tail Pro can track trust flow and citation flow,which is highly needed for SEO.
And that’s all you need to know about Long Tail Pro 2018. In fact,it’s worth recurring fee you are paying.

My Long Tail Pro 2018 Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to help you understand the usage of this software,i have recorded a full walkthrough and demo video about it. Make sure you watch my full video tutorials before buying.

Pricing of Long Tail Pro 2018

If you buy this product through this URL https://longtailpro.com ,you will buy at an expensive price. I strongly recommend you not to buy from that link.
Here’s the price if buying through that URL.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Price Long Tail Pro 2018 Price
However,if you buy through my partners offer link,price is much lower.
Long Tail Pro 2018 Discounted Long Tail Pro 2018 DiscountedLong Tail Pro 2018 Discounted
That’s much lower as you can see. The reason why i have is because i was invited to the partners program by Ben Lacroise,the JV manager.

Pros of Long Tail Pro 2018

  • Affordable price comparing with Ahrefs,Jaaxy and Semrush
  • Generate Realistic Metrics and Ideas
  • See exact ranking URL and their data
  • Generate Ideas based on Seeds and Related Meaning
  • Track your Ranking Based on Keywords and URL
  • Analyze Backlinks Automatically (real backlink only)
  • View Trust Flow,Citation Flow of each backlinks

Cons of Long Tail Pro 2018

  • Backlink analyis is not 100% correct (no point social sharing,IP Address for that backlinks)

Final Verdict

In summary,Long Tail Pro is a great tool that you can not miss.  In fact,long tail keywords are playing an important role for your organic traffic. It helps you increase authority for website,Youtube channel,which is great to scale or for long term traffic. I love its features,they are all realistic and provide you real data for an overview about SEO traffic. Of course,this product is a yes from me.


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