Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly-Easy Steps For High Quality Video And Fast Action Bonus

Presently,video marketing is more and more popular now. You can take advantages of its to increase traffic from Youtube and especially Social Media. Doodle video is really a trend because it looks friendly and professional. There’s a lot of thing you can do with Doodle video such as Youtube,Presentation,Advertising,etc. On the other hand,it can also helps you get leads from CPA offers and build a list. Making Doodle Animated Video is nearly a must-have process for people who are serious about internet marketing. So,in this article,i will instruct how i am making doodle animated video using Doodly.

Why Making Doodle Animated Video?

Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
Before i instruct you how to use Doodly,you need to know the reason making doodle animated video. Once unstanding its purpose,you can be encouraged to deal with it.

1.Getting Free Traffic From Youtube

The first reason why you need to create doodle video is because you need to drive traffic from Youtube. People trust Youtube so that they prior watching video on youtube to decide something. Making Doodle Animated Video helps you add valuable content to your audiences and promote a product on Youtube. Once doing that,you can apply Youtube SEO to get even more free traffic from Youtube. Moreover,it can also helps you increase Off-Page SEO.

2.Easy To Create A Presentation

Some people think doodle video can not become a presentation,but that’s completely wrong. By making doodle animated video,you can add multiple idea,content into one video easily. Besides,you can also add value to your audiences thanks to helpful content. In my opinion,people love watching video rather than just reading your article. Additionally,you can build relationship with your readers,subscriber by using doodle video to add value.

3.Create Youtube Ads Video

Making Doodle Animated Video in order to deal with Youtube Ads is an advanced strategies only for experienced marketer. Once again,Youtube is a great traffic and if you deal with paid traffic,you can target a lot audiences. However,this may require skill and copywriting techniques to make it real. Super Affiliate System is the only course that teaches about Youtube Advertising.

4.Building A List

Believe or not,many landing page services offers video squeeze page templates. Hence they recommend to add your video into your squeeze page. By making doodle animated video,you can encourage your audiences to subscribe to your list. On the other hand,you can also add valuable driven point to your free-gift in your video that attracts your visitors.

5.Enlarging Social Media Traffic

Your fanpage is your bussiness,according to Anthony Morisson,one of the biggest name in the industry. Therefore,making doodle animated video always hack people mind if you add video to your social media frequently. Moreover,it helps you retarget your visitors instantly.

6.Create A Video Sales Letter

Some people come up with an idea that video sales letter is just a simple presentation. Well,that’s not really correct because making doodle animated video also helps you create a sales letter. Presentation is good but it’s boring if you use it too much. But with animation video,people see character,text constantly so they may not feel bored.

7.Creating a Video Ads (That’s The Main Purpose)

At present,Facebook Ads is the most popular paid traffic source. Therefore,using video ads to display on Youtube is a great technique. I have never seen a video ads on youtube is a presentation video,most of them are doodle video. Therefore,making doodle animated video is a must-have process to deal with Facebook Ads. Besides,some training even offers you ad swipes that contains video ads inside. FB Academy and Super Affiliate System offers Facebook Ads Swipes.
Native Ads is a brand new paid traffic source that works especially with CPA and Lead Generation. Normally,you target the right audiences with Native Ads so that making doodle animated video is an advantage. Certainly,it will increase a lot conversion and avoid losing bad clicks because you hack people’s mind.

What You Will Learn In This Post?

Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
Before really making doodle animated video with Doodly,you need to know what you will learn from this lesson. Basically,these are what you learn:

  • Creating a series of video slides with doodles on each one
  • Adding characters, text, props and other tools to your slide
  • Record your voice along with the slides so both are in sync (not required but highly recommend)

Besides,these are statistics about video from the Social Science Network you need to know.
Making Doodle Animated Video
So,i want you to understand what you are doing so as to get the best result.

Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly

Now,it’s time to start your process. In this lesson,i will instruct you steps by steps how to do this.

1.Setting Up Your Project

The first thing to do when making doodle animated video is to do the basic setup. At first,open Doodly and then hit the button create new video. After that,choose Whiteboard or Blackboard as you want.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
Recently,Jimmy Kim and Brad Callen has added chalkboard and glassboard inside Doodly so that you can vary your video.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
Then simply a tittle of your video.

2.Creating Slides and Adding Text

After doing the first step,now it’s time to do the most important step. Just like other video marketing creator,Doodly also allows you to create slides and add text.
Now you’ll learn to walk in the second step by creating your first video.
You’re now inside the video creation hub and I’ll start by showing you what you’re going to be working with. Firstly,choose the available scene inside Doodly.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
Then choosing available character,prop or text inside.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
Over here is what we’re going to be using the most: characters, text, props and sounds to add to each slide.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
In order to add these elements,simply insert and edit as what you want. But hey,you can also drag and drop as your interest,that’s the big advantage of Doodly.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
Let’s see another example,when i use Doodly to edit text.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
But hey,don’t forget that you can upload your own graphic.
Let’s see how to add character and using text to make it realistic.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
Simply add text and then edit.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
And if you want to shorten or lengthen the duration of each slide you can adjust the timings on the bottom right corner over here.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
Another thing to care about is to add sounds. Despite not all people hear the video,you should also prepare. Especially if you are dealing with Facebook Ads,Youtube Ads,Native Ads and VSL.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
You can whether add sounds from Doodly or record your own voice. Besides,you can also change this if you want.
Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly Making Doodle Animated Video With Doodly
And these are the whole process for making doodle animated video.
These videos would give me a ton of engagement and allow me to build free traffic that I could push to a freebie or landing page of some sort.
If you’re keen on doing video marketing, and don’t want to show your face, then Doodly is well worth using.

Fast Action Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Doodly through my special link. It’s a Paykickstart ‘s Product so that you will get immediately after completing your purchase. I will treat you the same no matter which plan you are buying. Of course,i won’t offer cheap PLR bonuses as some scammers are doing

1.Whiteboard Doodle Graphics (Value At $97)

making doodle animated video with doodly bonus
When purchasing Doodly,this is a must-have bonus for you. If you buy the Gold plan,you may lack characters so that you will definitely need by bonus. On the other hand,they works with multiple topics to vary your campaigns. The image above is an example of graphics works on health topic.

2.Produce Video For Profits

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And these are my exclusive bonuses if you buy Doodly through my special link. If you need more,feel free to contact me and remember to bring me your receipt. Just tell me what you are needing and why you want that bonus.


In summary,after instruct you how i am making doodle animated video with Doodly,i hope it’ helpful and useful enough for your online bussiness. Video marketing works and converts like crazy especially if you are dealing with Facebook Ads,Youtube Ads and Native Ads. So,once making doodle animated video with Doodly,you always need to focus and keep track of your online bussiness frequently. This product is not cheap so that take advantage as much as you can to increase your ROI. And don’t forget to grab my exclusive bonuses from Doodly.


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