NinjaShoppe Review From User-Advanced Affiliate Shop Builder

  Product : NinjaShoppe

Creator : Dr Amit Pareek
Price : $29 during launch and $39 when it ends
Do I Recommend : Yes,but only for Amazon,Aliexpress and Ebay affiliate marketers. Before you buy,i want you to fully understand about it first.

  • Recommended But Not For Everyone

Today, Amazon sells over 480 million products in the USA. And you know,the profit will only be higher. Therefore,we can benefit from them if promoting their affiliate offer.
Not just Amazon,Ebay and Aliexpress are also profitable too. So,you can make money if you market these products suitably.
There’s a lot way to make money with them such as authority site,product review on video and create an affiliate store. Today,i will show you a software that helps you build a profitable affiliate store in these network,NinjaShoppe. Let’s checkout my NinjaShoppe review in order to understand how it works.
Notes : i got a review access account from Dr. Amit Pareek so that i know exactly what inside.
NinjaShoppe Review

What is NinjaShoppe?

NinjaShoppe Review
Firstly,1-click affiliate store builder that creates customizable affiliate stores & gets products from top E-Com Giants- Amazon, eBay & AliExpress every day. Besides,it’s a cloud based software that requires no hosting, no domain name registration and no complicated WordPress installation.
This shop builder is SEO friendly and customized to help you get free traffic from social media.

Who is NinjaShoppe For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Of course,Amazon,Ebay or Aliexpress affiliate marketers
  • You must have an account and API access with these networks
  • Amazon FBA or Ecom Seller who want to promote their own products
  • Especially for those who are running an authority site
  • SEO or Social Media Marketers
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Demo of NinjaShoppe

Now,i will show you step by step on how to create an affiliate store with NinjaShoppe. In fact,it’s super easy to create a store with these large networks. This is the exact member’s area once you login.
NinjaShoppe Review

1.Create Your Store

After creating your account with NinjaShoppe,the first thing to do is to create your store. With the front end account,you can create unlimited store with full hosting on cloud.

In order to create a new store,just click on Create New Bussiness to get other one.
NinjaShoppe Review
This is the exact store after that.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
As you can see,no design yet,so that we need to design our store next.


After creating your store,then you need to integrate some services outside. At first,you must integrate your affiliate id. If not doing that,NinjaShoppe is useless.

After that,you need to integrate social account. As a result,you can syndicate your store,content to social media,more backlinks.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
However,they are not 1 click integration,you need to integrate with their app. Don’t worry,they are easy to do.

NinjaShoppe Review
These are RSS settings,which allows your audiences to share your content,great to go viral.
Another thing to do is to connect autoresponder,CRM or webinar service.

Lastly,you can either add your News API or not,just a way to curate trending content.
NinjaShoppe Review

3.Design Your Store

This is a very important process when using NinjaShoppe. The more professional your store look,the better view from your audiences. Certainly the more money you make.
NinjaShoppe Review
The first thing is setup your color scheme and second is to customize Slider.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
If you want to make money with Adsense or Banner Ads,you can do it inside NinjaShoppe.
NinjaShoppe Review
NinjaShoppe Review
Create your Term & Condition Page so as to make it professional.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
You also need to add your arrival page,viewer page and affiliate page.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
As a result,they will appear first. It’s like what you are prioring to sell.
NinjaShoppe Review


This is a very important when selling Ecom affiliate products. At here,you can choose any product on these networks and add category.

a.Add Your Product

With this feature,you must enter your affiliate key before using.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
Here’s the product in reality if you add. Everything your audiences need like information,review,etc.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
Notes : i haven’t added product yet,just an example from NinjaShoppe 🙂
But i think you understand how the system works.


NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
For example,i want to sell Iphone product in this category.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
What i really love about NinjaShoppe is that it’s 100% SEO friendly.


To make it even more SEO,you also need to add tag to your store,here’s how to do.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
In my opinion,you will need around thoudsands of tags when creating your store. Again and again,we want to make them SEO friendly.


This feature helps you automate your affiliate campaign so that you can focus on multiple store. As a result,NinjaShoppe will automatically curate products from your keywords.
NinjaShoppe Review
And the best part,it does everything automatically and manually so that you can easily go viral.
NinjaShoppe Review
Here’s what i enter.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review

6.Get Traffic

No matter how good your store is,without traffic,you won’t make any dime. Thanks to NinjaShoppe,you can easily get free traffic. In this product,he focuses on SEO and social media traffic sources.

a.SEO Settings

NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
Not just the home page,but also the product page.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
They even generated for you the sitemap,which is proven to get index.
NinjaShoppe Review
Https included,having a webmaster,as a result,your store is Google Friendly.

b.Social Traffic

NinjaShoppe Review
Sharing and syndicating content is a must have process when getting free traffic. But you know,this process costs you a lot time and energy. But thanks to NinjaShoppe,you can save your time doing this process.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
Just enter your schedule and automation,then create your social account. As a result,your product will automatically syndicate to these network. You should know that this process is a must have for SEO or free traffic.

7.Library and Report

The last thing you need to know about NinjaShoppe is these additional features.
NinjaShoppe Review NinjaShoppe Review
With Library,it will host your image on the cloud. While with Reports,you will know the conversion and how well your campaign is.
And that’s all you need to know before buying NinjaShoppe. In my opinion,it’s worth the price itself. When launch ends,price increases to $39,95 for unlimited store. Let’s take a look at the entire funnel.

Funnels of NinjaShoppe

All products have upsells and so does NinjaShoppe. However,this funnel is quite expensive for some people. Of course,you don’t have to buy upgrade if you don’t need.

OTO 1 : NinjaShoppe Elite ($57)

NinjaShoppe Review

OTO 2 : NinjaShoppe Enterprise ($97)

This is an addon for your bussiness for more SEO traffic and also has team access.
NinjaShoppe Review

OTO 3 : NinjaShoppe Reseller License ($97)

I don’t recommend this upgrade because i don’t like an idea of reselling products. It’s like affiliate with 100% commissions.

OTO 4 : NinjaShoppe Agency ($27/month)

NinjaShoppe Agency
Don’t buy this upgrade if you don’t intend to create NinjaShoppe account for client or sell your services.

Pros of NinjaShoppe

  • Affordable Front end Price
  • Super Easy To Use as well as To Manage
  • Real 1 Click Store Builder
  • Full Hosting and Subdomain on the Cloud (especially SSL included)
  • Integration with Autoresponder,CRM and Webinar Services
  • Fully Automation with Your Store
  • Up to 7 Social Media Integration (but just one account each)
  • Built In SEO Friendly
  • Schedule and Post Products on Social Media Automatically

Cons of NinjaShoppe

  • Very expensive Upsells Funnel
  • Must Have Affiliate Key First (if not,you can not add products)
  • Require Social Media Apps Setup (not 1 click integration)

Final Verdict

In summary,NinjaShoppe is a great affiliate store builder for Amazon,Aliexpress and Ebay affiliate. Agree or not,this is a powerful technique that lets you boost viral and make more sales on these network. In my opinion,NinjaShoppe is an OK software that you can buy and use. What i truly love about this software is the automation and SEO friendly,which saves you a lot time and money. And hey,this one is only for affiliate marketers of Amazon,Ebay,Aliexpress or ecom seller who want to self promoting their own products.


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