OmniWebinars Review From User-Can It Boost your ROI through Video?

Product : Omniwebinars
Creator : Alex Costan
Price :$37 during launch and $47-$67 when it ends
Do I Recommend : Yes,this product is good.

At present,video marketing is very powerful and it can be the main traffic source on the internet. Recently,there’s a lot video creator launch that promises to help you create different kind of videos. However,i think you should stop spending time to buy video creator again and again. I strongly advises you to own 3 video creator in maximum,don’t waste your money to buy too many. It’s time to use your video,not to create a video.
When using video marketing,there are popular techniques such as streaming,free youtube traffic,video ads,etc. Today,i will introduce you the higher level,webinar marketing.
Normally,webinar is a technique that advanced marketers are using to boost sales and ROI online. However,it’s not easy as you think,it requires a large base of traffic and audiences to actually profit. Moreover,the price of the best services such as Gotowebinar,WebinarJam is not cheap. Omniwebinars can be an alternative for those who want to run webinar technology. It’s especially much more affordable than the two services above and somewhat easier. Now,let’s checkout my Omniwebinars review so that you know exactly what inside.

What Is OmniWebinars?

Omniwebinars Review
Omniwebinars is a next generation webinar technology that enables anyone to run a truly 100% automated webinar.
What really makes this technology the-first-of-its-kind is, unlike other apps that claim to do automated webinars, Omniwebinars can run a LIVE webinar with everything that actually happens during a regular webinar like taking questions and answers from attendees, redirecting attendees to a page of your choice and a call to action button on time you specify…
…all of it even if you are away taking a vacation with your family making it extremely powerful.
Plus most importantly, it features a never-seen-before TruLive™ technology.
Other so-called automated webinar apps start again from the beginning of a webinar if an attendee leaves the event in the middle and tries to join it later.
But thanks to TruLive™ and TruRep™ technologies, with Omniwebinars, you can broadcast your webinar in ‘cuts’ so if a person leaves the webinar after 10 minutes and comes back later on, you can play the cut or a shortened version of your webinar so the attendees could join back almost exactly at the time they left of before, making your event look like truly 100% live.

Who Is Omniwebinars?

  • Of courses,people who want to try to run webinar marketing techiques
  • Intermediate and Super Affiliate who want to sell high ticket product
  • Ecom and Amazon FBA sellers
  • Video Marketers who want to get more traffic (both free and advertising)

Features and Demo of OmniWebinars

Now,i will show you step by step on how to create a live webinar event together with Omniwebinars. Notes : i got the Jv access from Alex so that i know exactly what inside.
This is the exact member’s area once you login.
Omniwebinars Review

1.Add Your Webinar Event

At first,click on Add New Event.
Omniwebinars Review
Now,add your event by clicking Click Here.
OmniWebinars Review
Then,enter the number of movies you intend to add in this event. If you subscribe to Anik Singal,Anthony Morisson and biggest name’s list,you will see they have around 7-9 movies including replay.
For example,i add 2 movies.
OmniWebinars Review
After that,you need to enter information for your webinar event. However,what i don’t like is OmniWebinars doesn’t add MP4 video,it can only add the URL of that video.
OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review
Normally,the length of a webinar video should be higher than 30 minutes and mostly training video. Another thing i don’t like from OmniWebinars is the accepted movies url,it must be MP4 or FLV file. They recommend you to use AmazonS3.
You can use Vidello as an alternative. Therefore,OmniWebinars doesn’t turn any video into webinar.
OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review OmniWebinars Review
And just click on Send after that.

2.Event Stats

To manage your campaign,you should see stats in order to know how your campains work. And Omniwebinars allows you to do that.
OmniWebinars Review
I haven’t created an event yet so that there’s no stat. Once i master it successfully,i will show you the usage of it 🙂
And that’s all you need to know about OmniWebinars at a single time purchase. Now,let’s take a look at the entire funnel.

Funnels of Omniwebinars

OTO 1 : DFY Webinar Deluxe Package ($37)

A complete DFY package that will help you create your webinar easier and faster. This package has everything you need to not only create webinar presentation itself but also drive tons of traffic for your webinars. This package includes, fill-in-the-blanks webinar slides templates, webinar registration page templates, email sequence for maximum signs ups, a follow up sequence for replays and to make even more sales and a lot more.

OTO 2 : Pitchmaker Webinar Edition ($27)

Pitchmaker is their products and with the Webinar Edition, you can create a ready-to-record, ready-to-broadcast high-converting webinar scripts in very fast. Using their 12 step framework, all they you got to do is to click few times, replace the placeholders inside framework with your own info. In the end  you can export the entire script as PowerPoint/Keynotes slides. You also go full unrestricted access to all the other frameworks inside Pitchmaker including VSL framework, social video ads framework and a lot more.
This funnel is not too expensive and it’s affordable to buy 2 upsells. Of course,choice is ultimately yours.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get OmniWebinars through my link. This product is powered by Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will get immediate access to my bonuses. Of course,i don’t offer cheap PLR bonuses as usual.

1.Webinar Authority

OmniWebinars Bonus

2.Back Control

OmniWebinars Bonus

3.Global Countdown

OmniWebinars Bonus

4.Webinar Jackpot

OmniWebinars Bonus

5.Video Focus

OmniWebinars Bonus

6.The Perfect Webinar Funnel

7.Webinar Marketing Made Easy

And that’s all my high quality bonus if you get Omniwebinars through my link.

 Pros of OmniWebinars

  • Affordable price without monthly fee
  • Funnel is not too expensive and complex
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Advanced Order Form and Redirecting Link
  • Allow Repeated Video
  • No Limitation about Viewers

Cons of OmniWebinars

1.Must be MP4 or FLV Format Video

That’s somewhat annoying for some people including me. HTML and even Youtube videos are not allowed inside Omniwebinars. Therefore,don’t buy this app if you don’t have places to host Mp4 file video.

Final Verdict

In summary,Omniwebinars is an OK product for those who want to try webinar marketing technology. This app makes your life much easier when creating a video webinar campaign. Currently,this is a strategy that many super affiliates and advanced marketers are using to boost conversion and sales. It’s easy to understand,just potential customers join your webinar.

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