Physical Product Affiliate Promotion Guide-All You Need To Know To Make Money

In the last article,i have you how to promote digital product. So,in this article,you will learn how to promote physical product as well as mastering it. While many online business owners have seen great success in selling digital product, physical product still have and do sell inside the marketplace. This blog post will cover what you need to consider before deciding to promote.

1.What Is A Physical Product?

Unlike digital product,which you can access entirely on the internet,physical product is something you can touch. A physical product will have a lag time between when a customer pays for it. After that,they receive it physically in their hands. A physical product most typically will be Amazon’s products or equipment on CPA networks. These sometimes carry more value than a digital product because of the physical “I am holding something I purchased” feeling your customer will receive when they hold it. Even though we’re in the age of the internet, many still prefer to touch something we buy.

2.CPA Marketing vs Affiliate

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The main different between physical product and digital product is that physical is good for both normal affiliate and CPA marketing. You may surprise but that’s the truth. Most of the income from professional marketers i know are from CPA marketing.
If you promote physical product with normal affiliate marketing,you will mostly promote Amazon’s products or ecommerce products. Normally,with this type of marketing,you can only make money once you have a sale. And the main traffic source you will use is free traffic such as SEO,youtube and fanpage. In other word,you are building an authority site.
On the other hand,with CPA marketing,it’s much easier for you. Despite requiring experience to join CPA network,your earning potential is much higher. For example,if you promote Garcinia Cambogia,it costs $4.95 to customers for a trial. Once they sign up for that trial,you get up to $33,95 and it pays you recurringly. However,you will mostly use paid traffic source for these offers. Cause you are targeting the high-buying intent audiences and to gain ROI.

3.Build A List

Normally,you don’t have to build an email list when promoting physical product. But you know,it’s great to monetize in the long-run. As you know,building relationship regularly is the best way to get more potential customers. You can whether create a lead magnet or just say sign up to the newsletter to build your list.
Imagine that if you promote CPA offers by writing email newsletter and you get paid without a sale,you have a massive list. As a result,you will make a lot money because it’s easier to convert than Cost Per Sale.
Make sure you have chosen the right niche. Also checkout my Convertkit tutorials to create an email campaign and how to create a landing page here.

4.Getting Targeted Traffic

Traffic is highly important when promoting physical product. You have 2 option: free and investment traffic. If you get free traffic,SEO is the best choice. You can sign up for some affiliate network like Amazon,Avantlink,Shareasale and Commission Junction. However,do not expect to make money fast. Besides,you should also get traffic from Youtube by creating a video. Here’s my instruction teaching you how to create a doodle animated video.
With CPA marketing,you will focus on paid traffic more than free traffic. The best traffic to promote physical product are PPC Ads,Facebook Ads and Native Ads. Always make sure you have prepared multiple landing page to split-test and get more conversion. Here’s my instruction on how to create a landing page that converts. Always track your campaign because not all ads display are good.
And these are all my instruction on how to promote physical product as an affiliate. This is not an overnight task,you need time,energy and effort to make money.

So,What’s Next

After reading my post,i hope it’s helpful and useful enough for you. And in order to promote physical product easier and take your bussiness to the next level,i highly recommend you to checkout some training below. They are all legitimate and they will help you avoid wasting your time.

1.Internet Jetset

The first training i recommend that helps you a lot on promoting physical product is Internet Jetset. This training has steps by steps lesson teaching you how to make money as an affiliate. You will get traffic training like Google SEO,Youtube SEO,Facebook fanpage and Facebook Ads. For those who want to find an affordable course but deliver great value,this is a choice. And if you buy an upgrade,which costs $187,you will see exactly the case studies from experts

2.Super Affiliate System

This is a 12 week training that helps you become a real super affiliate. Inside this training,he teaches you exactly how to do the research,copywriting methods,lander setup. Moreover,you will have traffic training like Facebook Ads,Google Adwords,Yahoo Gemini,Youtube Ads and Native Ads. Super Affiliate System is the best training about paid traffic and CPA marketing. Best of all,you have his ad swipes,landing page,whitelist/blacklist to promote CPA offers.

3.Powerhouse Affiliate (First Recommendation)

This is the best and affordable affiliate marketing that i have ever seen. Inside this course,you will learn step by step lessons and all-in-depth about affiliate. Besides,you have a whitelist to their high quality CPA network,VaultMedia. You also have predone landing page,ad swipes and especially sample campaign setup. Moreover,it teaches you a lot about email marketing and he always recommend you to build a list. The traffic training you have are free traffic,paid traffic like Facebook Ads,Solo Ads,Bing Ads,Google Adwords,Mobile Ads and Native Ads.

Final Verdict

In summary,after instructing you how to promote physical product,i hope you can find the correct place to start. Spend your time to run your website,build a list,getting traffic and split-testing to get the best result. Do not jump around,always focus on your bussiness and choose the right niche. And also checkout my recommendation above because they help you a lot to promote both digital and physical product.


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