Pips Wizard Pro Review From Real User and Demo-Trustable Fx Indicator

Product : Pips Wizard Pro
Creator : Karl Dittmann (also the creator of Rapid Trend Gainer,Infinity Scalper)
Price : $87
Do I Recommend : Yes (it’s OK)

At present,forex trading is one of the most profitable work at home investment. Everyday,there are thoundsands of billions dollars close trade in the forex market. Thanks to how lucrative it is,people are joining forex more and more frequently. But there’s one thing to know,Forex trading is never an easy as some people think. In fact,just 10% of forex traders can actually become a full time trader as well as quitting their job. There are two kinds of Forex analysis such as fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Of course,you will focus mostly on technical analysis to trade forex.
However,you always need time to become a successful trader. Forex trading is a game of psychology so that no way you can 100% profit on this market. But you can remove loss as much as you can if you know how to use signal indicators. Forex Scorpio Code and Forex Master Levels are great forex signals but they are expensive towards beginner. Therefore,you can consider investing in an indicator to trade forex easier. Today,i’m gonna show a new forex signal indicator,Pips Wizard Pro. Checkout my Pips Wizard Pro review so that you understand how it works.

What Is Pips Wizard Pro?

Pips Wizard Pro Review

At first,Pips Wizard Pro is a powerful trend indicator that is equipped with a highly accurate modern trading algorithms that enable it to generate BUY/SELL signals right BEFORE the price starts going up or down. “Pips Wizard Pro” knows IN ADVANCE where and when the price will go. There is no other indicator with such smart and accurate trend prediction capabilities…
Signals NEVER REPAINT and it also works on M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1. This indicator works with all currency pairs, but we recommend to use it on EUR/USD, GBP/USD,USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and USD/CHF. Besides,it adopts pop up sound alert, email alert and a push notification sent to your mobile for every signals. When you attach “Pips Wizard Pro” to your charts, you will see blue and orange signal lines and diamonds at the beginning
of every signal line. Also, you will see informer in the top left corner which says indicator name, current trading style,
current signal (buy or sell), time left until next candle and current time.
On top of that, you can switch between 4 different trading styles. You can trade using the default Safe style or switch to Medium,Aggressive or Custom (if you want to use your own settings). Each trading style has a different set of settings to best suit your trading approach. Pips Wizard Pro works on MT4 platforms and it’s not an EA as well as robot.

Who Is Pips Wizard Pro For?

Pips Wizard Pro

Main Features and Demo and Pips Wizard Pro

Pips Wizard Pro
Now,let’s see the full demo of Pips Wizard Pro. I’m not going to add a presentation about its features like some fake reviews,i will show you example on how it works. At first,make sure that after you complete your purchase,you will upload it into your MT4 plattform’s broker. You can join notable broker like Robo Forex,Etoro,Thinkforex or Avatrade.
Firstly,you must know that Pips Wizard Pro just works with M15,M30,H1,H4 or D1 time frames.

1.Example 1

The first example is the EUR/USD pair together with M15 time frames.
Pips Wizard Pro review
In this scenario,the last signal you can see is Buy,which has blue color. As you can see very clearly on the picture,Rapid Trend Gainer can detect reversion signal.
This is an example of Sell trade as the last signal.
pips wizard pro review
Of course,signal will automatically appear once it feels it’s time to close trade or to order. If you can notice,it’s a kind of swing trading,which many people expect in forex unlike stock.
Let’s have a closer look at this example.
pips wizard pro review
If you have experience about technical analysis,you will certainly know that it’s a correction time. When a bar chart have a signal to reach a resistance price,Pips Wizard Pro will alert you with an orange color. In contrast,if it seems reaching the support price,Pips Wizard Pro will alert you a blue color. Clearly,that’s a breakout price.
This is how the alert looks like.
pips wizard pro review
Looks at this example,that’s up to 300 pips.
pips wizard pro review
Let’s take a look at the Moving Average when using Pips Wizard Pro. Please note that this signal is like a normal indicator,it just enhance your trust before ordering.
pips wizard pro review
Normally,people still think that if a candle touches the Moving Average,that’s a signal of reversion. I do agree but it’s not always correct. You can see very clearly on the picture that they don’t touch the correct price.
But if you see a signal that is created from Pips Wizard Pro touches a moving average,it means a strong trend will appear.
pips wizard pro review
On the other hand,if you see a drawing signal reverse its direction,it can be a correction price.
pips wizard pro review pips wizard pro review

2.Example 2

Here’s a funny situation. In this scenario,you can see that’s the market price is in correction place. And here’s how Pips Wizard Pro draws signal.
pips wizard pro review
There are up to 3 Sell Signals in a row while it’s in the correction price. So,it means that Pips Wizard Pro can even help you profit every single pips or point. Here’s another example,the market price is in a down trend and it draw sell signal.
pips wizard pro review
When a market price seems accumulating,Pips Wizard Pro draw multiple sell signal in a row. And then you can see that the price go up very strong,that’s more than 500 pips.
And these are all my knowledge about Pips Wizard Pro that i can review and provide to you. Basically,this signal indicator is highly legit and trustable for forex traders.

Pros of Pips Wizard Pro

  • Affordale price without any recurring fee
  • Trustable indicator
  • Removing Complex Technical analysis process
  • Highly Accurate when detecting the latest support/resistance
  • Can even detect Accumulate price and Correction Price
  • Very Safe when you take profit,so you can avoid burning your account

Cons of Pips Wizard

  • Not always correct (of course,forex is a game of psychology)
  • Really need time to actually profit

Final Verdict

In summary,Pips Wizard Pro is a great and dedicated signal indicator. It’s really a good system for you to protect your profit and prevent loss. Additionally,this indicator is highly affordable and super friendly for all traders. Moreover,it’s trustable when it detect support/resistance and reversion signal. I highly recommend Pips Wizard Pro for those who are serious about forex trading. And remember that it’s not a get rick overnight,you need to profit.

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