Powerhouse Affiliate Review From Customer-Best CPA Marketing Course and my First Recommendation

Product : Powerhouse Affiliate
Creator : Joey Babbs
Price : $7 for the first 14 days to unlock full features and then $47/month recurring
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes (my first recommendation)

  • Highly Recommended (My First Recommendation)


Powerhouse Affiliate is so far the best affiliate marketing course that i have ever seen.It’s my first recommendation because it’s practical and it helps you earn real money.However,don’t buy this course if you lack budget,keep in mind,you need to increase ROI.

Presently,affiliate marketing is the most popular types of online bussiness that many people do. It doesn’t require much costs as Amazon FBA,Ecommerce and especially lower-risk than them. With affiliate marketing,you need to create a blog,build a list,create content,drive traffic and make money at last. Currently,a new model of affiliate marketing,CPA and Lead Generation appears and they become popular now. With this brand new model,you can even make money without having a sale but a lead,signup,action.
However,both of them are not easy as many people think. Firstly,you need to get approval to affiliate/CPA networks,which are always requiring skill and website. Secondly,you need to choose the right offers to promote. Thirdly,you need to create a landing page,tripwire page to build a list. Then,you have to build relationship and add valuable content frequently. In addition,traffic is a lifeblood of online bussiness,which is a must-have process for your campaigns. And lastly,you need to track and always improve your campaigns to gain revenue and ROI.
Of course,the big question is,can you do all of them and at the correct way. Some people are doing the wrong way as well as they think it’s an easy game. As a result,they wasted a tons of time,energy and budget without any revenue. Therefore,investing in a training should be in consideration. Currently,there are some big training courses that costs you hundreds and thoudsands of dollars to join. Certainly,many people don’t like that. They want to lower their investment as much as possible. Fortunately,you have Powerhouse Affiliate as an option,which only costs you $7 to join for full features. Powerhouse Affiliate is an affiliate and CPA training that helps you set up the correct way and it especially include bussiness in box. Now,let’s checkout my Powerhouse Affiliate review so that you know it’s my first recommendation.

What Is Powerhouse Affiliate?

Powerhouse Affiliate review bonus
At first,it’s an affiliate marketing and CPA training course that teaches you overally about what to implement with this online bussiness. Additionally,Powerhouse Affiliate have tons of paid traffic training and lessons on how to scale them up. Besides,you will get access to their pre-done landing page,tripwire page,bussiness in box,research,email swipes. Once becoming a premium member of Powerhouse Affiliate,you’ll have access to CPA Cash Vault 3.0,CPA Traffic Surge,CPA Mobile Mayhem and 5 Phase Email Listbuilding as a bonus. Unlike many training course,Joey teaches directly on what to do and where to start without talking around.
Best of all,you have a big chance of joining Vault Media,a private CPA network that is only available for Powerhouse Affiliate’s members. This CPA network includes multiple offers to promote,high quality but very low competition. Moreover,it has some unique lessons such as tracking campaign,mobile ads,native ads,In-Text Ads.

Who Is Powerhouse Affiliate For?

  • Newbie or Intermediate who want to find the correct way to start and stop from jumping around
  • Especially great for people who want to earn big,increase more traffic sources and scale up their income
  • You can’t get approval to some CPA networks due to lack experience,poor quality website
  • You are tired of get rick quick scheme,fake gurus as well as a training that has fake promision,claim to guarantee your success
  • If you want to lower cost as much as possible to increase ROI
  • People who are losing their money because they don’t track their campaign
  • If you don’t use Facebook Ads,PPC Ads,Solo Ads once
  • You are not patient enough for SEO and other free traffic
  • You are new to In-Text Ads,Mobile Ads,Native Ads,Banner Ads,etc
  • People who haven’t promoted Nutra,Gambling/Casino/Gaming,Flashlight,etc offers before or still doubting
  • You want to build a responsive email list so as to make money for a long-term

Training Inside Powerhouse Affiliate

Powerhouse Affiliate
Now,let’s see the exact training that Joey teaches inside Powerhouse Affiliate. At first,i want to show you some screenshot to prove that i’m a real customer of this training.
Powerhouse Affiliate Member Dashboard
And this is my enrolled courses.
Powerhouse Affiliate Enrolled Course Powerhouse Affiliate Enrolled Course
Now,let’s take a look at the training library of Powerhouse Affiliate,which deliver great value together with actionable lessons. Remember,they are not the entire training of this product because there are some hidden content that i can not reveal (to protect the course’s content).
Powerhouse Affiliate Training Library
Powerhouse Affiliate Training Library Powerhouse Affiliate Training Library Powerhouse Affiliate Training Library Powerhouse Affiliate Training Library Powerhouse Affiliate Training Library Powerhouse Affiliate Training Library
Once again,this is just a small part of the training inside Powerhouse Affiliate that i can not reveal. Now,let’s take a look at the fast start step.
Powerhouse Affiliate Fast Start Step Powerhouse Affiliate Fast Start Step
Powerhouse Affiliate Fast Start Step Powerhouse Affiliate Fast Start Step Powerhouse Affiliate Fast Start Step Powerhouse Affiliate Fast Start Step Powerhouse Affiliate Fast Start Step Powerhouse Affiliate Fast Start Step
Let’s see specific training lessons inside Powerhouse Affiliate.

1.Affiliate Marketing Certification Course

Powerhouse Affiliate Online Marketing Certification
This is a 11 lessons fast-start on how to build a profitable affiliate campaign from scratch in the correct way. This course of Powerhouse Affiliate has 2 parts. The first part is about the correct setup while the second part is to create content,monetize your site. On this training,you will learn about creating a website,setup a landing page,tripwire page,tracking with CPV Labs and some explanation,advise from Joey. Once you finish the part 1,you can print the certification and then submit to Joey to access part 2.

a.Tool Inside This Course

The hosting service he recommends is Bluehost,which is the most affordable and easiest one to use now. Of course,if you need a better support,uptime hosting service,feel free to use Dreamhost and Inmotion Hosting. The landing page creator he recommends is OptimizePress,which costs you $97 for 3 site license.
These landing page on the member’s area are index.html file that is editable and customizable. Joey always recommends you to build an email list and the service he uses is Aweber. After that,he teaches you on how to setup a tracking with CPV Lab or Prosper 202. In my opinion,it’s an advantage of Powerhouse Affiliate because some course recommends Voluum,Clickperfect,etc. Tracking is a way to manage campaign and then scale it up and only high level training teach about that.
Powerhouse Affiliate Online Marketing Certification
Powerhouse Affiliate Online Marketing Certification

2.CPA Cash Vault 3.0

Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Cash Vault 3.0
This is a CPA marketing training of Powerhouse Affiliate and it is truly one of the best CPA course that i have ever seen. Inside this training,he doesn’t teach about getting traffic,he mainly focuses on building a CPA campaign in this course. There are some essential lessons on how to get approval inside CPA network,how to choose an offer and explain how profitable CPA marketing is. Normally,not many CPA training recommends you to build an email list but Powerhouse Affiliate is the only.
The landing page creator he recommends is Optimizepress and the autoresponder is Aweber. Inside this course,he provided some landing page hence you don’t have to buy Optimizepress. In order to make this training work,you must have affiliate link inside CPA network. I suggest you join Acnutryst and Vault Media (the CPA network of Powerhouse Affiliate) because they have multiple CPA,Lead Generation and Pay Per Trial offers.
Once you finish that training,you need to print your certification to access the part 2.
Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Cash Vault 3.0 Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Cash Vault 3.0
And hey,CPA Cash Vault 3.0 also includes some customizable squeeze page. For example,this is a squeeze page of skincare niche.
Powerhouse Affiliate Done For You Squeeze Page
Notes : The landing page inside CPA Cash Vault 3.0 works in any niche because you can edit/modify text as what you want. What surprises me is that all the landing page here has multiple options to select.
Powerhouse Affiliate Done For You Squeeze Page
Powerhouse Affiliate Done For You Squeeze Page
Powerhouse Affiliate Done For You Squeeze Page
Powerhouse Affiliate Done For You Squeeze Page
Powerhouse Affiliate Done For You Squeeze Page
Powerhouse Affiliate Done For You Squeeze Page
Everything you need is a Filezilla account (it’s free),your autoresponder code (API Access) and some technical work to upload them.

3.Five Phase Email List Building Method

Powerhouse Affiliate 5 Phase Email Listbuilding Method
This is a list building course of Powerhouse Affiliate that mostly focuses on how to setup and monetize an email marketing campaign. In addition,this course includes the exact video case studies of Diet/Weighloss niche using email marketing from scratch. Besides,he gives you some customizable email swipes for the first 30 days of this niche. Best of all,he explains all you need to do to succeed any email campaign and how to increase conversion,open rates. Basically,these are the training inside 5 Phase Email List Building. Remember,you have the forum that is always ready to answer your question.
Powerhouse Affiliate 5 Phase Email ListBuilding

4.CPA Traffic Surge

Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Traffic Surge
This is another training course inside Powerhouse Affiliate that has sold over 500 copies at $67 each and it’s worth. There are 8 paid traffic sources in this training and you definitely don’t run some of these before. However,you should prepare budget to invest in CPV Lab,the most affordable clicktracking software that avoid you from losing your money.
Basically,CPA Traffic Surge mentions 8 models of advertising that works for CPA marketing. The core training and video tutorial are all inside the forum of Powerhouse Affiliate.
Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Traffic Surge
Stop coming up with an idea that you must have huge budget so as to use them. Just focus on three of them and then make your own effort of this. For example,with Bing Ads,you can still use the Adwords credit from your hosting. With In-Text Advertising,Powerhouse Affiliate has specific course inside the front-end.

5.CPA Mobile Mayhem

Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Mobile Mayhem
Presently,Powerhouse Affiliate is the only training that teaches about Mobile Ads and the traffic source is Airpush. CPA Mobile Mayhem is a mobile cpa training course that reveals the latest industry methods to monetize from mobile traffic. Actually,this is a sample campaign setup with the biggest online niche,dating. In addition,this technique only costs $21 to use mobile ads. However,beginner may feel overwhelmed so make sure you have some experience. This is the exact training of CPA Mobile Mayhem.
Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Mobile Mayhem
Tips: you can also use the landing page from CPA Cash Vault 3.0 because they are all mobile-friendly.

6.CPA Display Academy

Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Display Academy
This is an advanced training from Powerhouse Affiliate that teaches about Facebook Ads and Native Ads (mostly Native Ads). CPA Display Academy is the next training of CPA Cash Vault when it covers about traffic. Before learning,i suggest you complete the whole steps on CPA Cash Vault and Affiliate Marketing Certification.

a.Native Ads

Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Display Academy
Powerhouse Affiliate
At first,CPA Display Academy has 5 training lessons on how to use Native Ads. The native ads network he teaches is Revcontent and he uses his example campaign promoting flashlight offers. He explains you what is native ads and why it is better than traditional ads. In addition,he teaches about how to find a website to display your native ads. And more importantly,you learn about how to write advertorials. After that,he gives you the webinar training about native advertising for 3 hours. Now,let’s take a deep look inside.
Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Display Academy
Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Display Academy Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Display Academy
Inside these videos,the campaign he shows you is a health topics,which are perfect for native ads. Checkout this website as an example of native advertising and to see how they write ads.

2.Facebook Ads

Besides Native Ads,Facebook Ads is also perfect for CPA marketing. Once becoming a member of CPA Display Academy,you will access to his ebook the N-Bomb. That’s an ebook showing you the sample campaign he uses Facebook Ads. What surprises me is that he teaches you on how to start from scratch. Here are some screenshot inside this 64-page ebook.
Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Display Academy Nbomb Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Display Academy Nbomb Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Display Academy Nbomb

c.Traffic Case Studies and Done For You Campaign

Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Display Academy Traffic Case Studies
Another great feature inside this course of Powerhouse Affiliate is the exact campaign he shows you. The traffic case studies he includes are with Facebook Ads and Content.ad (another native ads network). This is a fast-start step showing on how to launch a campaign within 90 minutes.
Powerhouse Affiliate CPA Display Academy Traffic Case Studies
Besides,there are two done for you campaign with one of the higesting paying out niche,gambling/casino. The traffic source in this package is Revcontent and the offers are inside Vault Media. They pay you per lead whenever your audiences signup means you don’t need a sale to get paid. Best of all,he gives you blacklist/whitelist to Revcontent,Images to use and display and landing page. In addition,there are 70 landing pages templates that you can upload to your webhost.
And that’s all of the training course inside Powerhouse Affiliate together with multiple single lessons and video training i mention above.

Done For You Bussiness In Box and Landing Page

The training are not only you get inside the front-end course of Powerhouse Affiliate because you will get access to fast-action bonuses. This will help you save time,energy and even budget to do some other task. Everything is ready for you just to customize and upload as your own interest. For instance,this is a done-for-you bussiness in box with anti-againg niche,a small part of skincare market.
Powerhouse Affiliate Biz In Box
Powerhouse Affiliate Bussiness In BOx
Besides,there are multiple landing pages that works in specific niche such as gaming,diet,weightloss,etc.
Powerhouse Affiliate Premium Landing Page Powerhouse Affiliate Premium Landing Page Powerhouse Affiliate Premium Landing Page Powerhouse Affiliate Premium Landing Page
In my opinion,with all of these pre-done landing page templates,you don’t have to buy Optimizepress anymore. Actually,it just make your life much easier and avoid some technical work.

The Forum of Powerhouse Affiliate (So Far The Best)

The next feature of Powerhouse Affiliate is the forum,which delivers the greatest value of this training. Personally,i haven’t seen any forum like this before. Inside this forum,there are multiple video trainining,case studies and pre-done niche research. In addition,there’s no unanswered question in this forum. Almost all forum of many internet marketing training is useless but it’s not in Powerhouse Affiliate.

Besides,there are many advices,tips and specific verticals trainining inside this forum. And hey,this forum is always active so ask whenever you need help.
Powerhouse Affiliate Forum
Look at some specific verticals inside the forum.
Powerhouse Affiliate Forum
For example,let’s see the training on 5 Phase Email Listbuilding with Diet Niche. It’s like a step-by-step training like some other courses.
Powerhouse Affiliate Forum
And like this.
Powerhouse Affiliate Forum
In addition,you will see lessons on how to track your campaign and keyword research with this type of niche.
Powerhouse Affiliate Forum

Free Webhosting

This is the main reason why Powerhouse Affiliate costs you $47. In fact,that’s a big money saver because webhosting with premium server (not Bluehost,A2hosting,etc) can cost you a lot.
Powerhouse Affiliate Review Powerhouse Affiliate Review

Discounted with AdSpy

If you are a super affiliate,spying ads is a must have process. Whatrunswhere and Adplexity are by far the best ads spy tool on the internet and they are recommended by top affiliate or marketers on the internet.
Of course,they are not cheap,thanks to Powerhouse Affiliate,you can save 25% buying these services.

Powerhouse Affiliate Review

If you calculate,that’s over thoudsands of dollars a year saving.
Notes : this is mostly for super affiliate who want to scale and earn big.

Vault Media

As i mentioned before,Joey Babbineau is the owner of VaultMedia,a high paying out CPA network. This network is only for Powerhouse Affiliate’s members or by refferal only. What makes VaultMedia different from other CPA Network is that it accepts newbie to join. However,it doesn’t mean it guarantees your approval. Before joining,make sure you have some convincing answers to all of their question and you are real.
Powerhouse Affiliate Vault Media
You should tell them what types of offers you are caring together with your maketing plan. Just like other CPA network,please wait 1 or 2 days for their review process. Once again,newbie can join if you provide the convincing answers. Now,take a deep look inside VaultMedia,the CPA network for Powerhouse Affiliate’s members.
Powerhouse Affiliate Vault Media Powerhouse Affiliate Vault Media
Vault Media is like many big CPA network,when it has Geo targeting,multiple landing page for specific offers. What impress me is the tripwire version they prepare,hence you can get paid after collecting an email. Remember,CPA pays you for each signup,not just sale and it still depends on offers.
Powerhouse Affiliate Vault Media
Besides,you can easily add tracking id about traffic sources or subid.
Once again,i remind,Powerhouse Affiliate doesn’t guarantee to accept your request but they will consider. And remember,do not lie anything because it accepts beginner.

Facebook Community and Support

The last thing to talk about Powerhouse Affiliate is the support and Private Facebook Group. At first,i really love the support from Powerhouse Affiliate and no question in unanswered situation. The person who replies your question is Joey Babbs.
Powerhouse Affiliate Support
Proof,i don’t need an hour to wait for my question,request.
Powerhouse Affiliate Support
Of course,it still depends on he is online or not. Now,let’s take a look at the private Facebook Group. Whenever a forum,blog has new posts,he will notify you on this group. In addition,he shares some advices to scale up your campaign,traffic,etc. Best of all,he personally answer your question and gives some support.
He cares all of your questions and he supports as good as he can.
Inside this group,there are many people who are earning big now and the good new is,they are ready to help you. Look at this proof,a member of Powerhouse Affiliate shares his campaign using Native Ads in the forum and he notifies.
The communites of Powerhouse Affiliate is so far the best that i have ever seen.

Does Powerhouse Affiliate Have Upsell?

No,it doesn’t have at present. Originally,the upsell of Powerhouse Affiliate is Affiliate Bussiness Builder Program,which costs you $147. But right now,you can access to this course immediately after you buy the front-end of Powerhouse Affiliate
The price of Affiliate Bussiness Builder Program was $147/lifetime and it’s well worth the price. This is a 20 lessons training that teaches you on how to build a successful affiliate campaign from scratch. The paid traffic source in this training are Solo Ads,Bing Ads and Facebook Ads.
Powerhouse Affiliate Coursr Affiliate Bussiness Builder Program
These are 20 lessons inside Affiliate Bussiness Builder Program.
Powerhouse Affiliate Coursr Affiliate Bussiness Builder Program
Powerhouse Affiliate Coursr Affiliate Bussiness Builder Program

For example,this is a Facebook Ads training and lessons on scaling it up. Remember,whenever you need help,just simply ask inside the forum.
Powerhouse Affiliate Coursr Affiliate Bussiness Builder Program
Powerhouse Affiliate Coursr Affiliate Bussiness Builder Program
Powerhouse Affiliate Coursr Affiliate Bussiness Builder Program

My New Video Review (Please Watch)

The member’s area of Powerhouse Affiliate has changed a lot and i think it’s worth the price $47/month. I am lazy to screenshot the entire training because there’s a lot thing to say in this training and community.

Here’s another video from me.

What To Prepare Before Joining Powerhouse Affiliate?

Every bussiness requires additional costs and so does Powerhouse Affiliate. Budget always depends and here are some additional budget you may need.

  • Hosting and Domains : Currently,if you are a Premium member of Powerhouse Affiliate,you will access free web hosting for free,you only need to buy a domain next.
  • Autoresponder : He recommends Aweber as the main email provider. You can also use Builderall instead of Aweber.
  • Clicktracking : He doesn’t recommend CPV Labs anymore because it’s dead now. Right now,the most affordable click tracking service he recommends is BeMob,which is free to use for lifetime. You can also use some affordable option such as Clickperfect and Clickopia.
  • Paid Traffic (it depends) : Powerhouse Affiliate has training lessons about Facebook Ads,Solo Ads,Google Ads,Bing Ads,Native Ads,Mobile Ads,In-Text Ads,etc. It highly depends on how much you reach,target.

Therefore,besides the front-end course,you should prepare from $100-$300 to start a campaign. With all of the done for you research,resouces,bussiness in box,forget about outsourcing.

Why Joinining Powerhouse Affiliate Will Save Your Money?

In my opinion,buying this course will save you a lot money because of many factors. Despite mostly focusing on paid traffic,i think you will save you more money for a long-term.

1.The Front-End Price

Now,let’s compare the price of Powerhouse Affiliate and some high ticket training available. At first,the front-end of price of Powerhouse Affiliate is $7 for the first 14 days trial and then $37/month recurring. Hence it costs you $118 for 3 months,that’s enough to earn big.
Currently,the best SEO training is AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp,which costs you up to $597 just to start,that’s too much for newbie. An 80% pre-done for you bussiness training Affilojetpack costs you $797 while Powerhouse Affiliate also has bussiness in box.
Some top pick training from Anthony Morisson,one of the biggest name in the industry all costs you more than $1,000. Fanpage Domination and Email Domination are great training but they are too expensive to some people.
Besides,training from Anik Singal like Inbox Blueprint ($997),FB Academy ($697) and Lurn Insider ($67/month + multiple upsells) are also expensive.


If you don’t track your campaign,you are losing your money and you won’t know how your campaign works so as to scale. In addition,tracking helps you avoid losing money from paid traffic sources. Currently,not many course teaches you about that.
And Lastly,Super Affiliate System is a course that teaches about tracking. However,John recommends Voluum,whose price is going around $99-$399/month,too expensive. I know Voluum is the best tracking service but too expensive for newbie.
Fortunately,the tracking software that Powerhouse Affiliate recommends is Bemob ,which is free or costs lower than most services outhere.

3.Doesn’t Require SEO Software (SEO is not free as you think)

If you are a member of AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp,you may feel unhappy with the reommended software. Inside that SEO training,he recommends Ahrefs ($99/month),Kwfinder ($49/month),Thrive Membership ($228/year),which are too much.
Currently,most affiliate marketing training recommends you to buy Leadpages or Clickfunnels as a landing page creator while Powerhouse Affiliate doesn’t require. All of the landing page from Powerhouse Affiliate works in multiple niches and it’s free for members.

How Much You Can Earn And How Long To Make Money

Scammers always claim to guarantee your success but the truth is,no training can do this. Despite offering great value and training,it doesn’t mean Powerhouse Affiliate can guarantee your success. If you are not an action taker or you are falling for shiny object syndrome,you will certainly fail. If you follow step-by-step the training from Joey and you take action,i think success is in your way.
Results always vary and it highly depends on your own effort and budget. With CPA marketing,the earning potential can be +$5,000/day and many people inside Powerhouse Affiliate are earning that just in Vault Media network.
If you ask me a question how much time can you expect,the only answer is that it depends. With done for you bussiness in box,landing page,paid traffic lessons and video real life example from the forum,beginner can make $2,000 in the first 30 days.
Once again,i remind,results always vary and it depends on your effort. Therefore,please take time to keep track of your bussiness and always take action.

Pros of Powerhouse Affiliate

  • Step-By-Step training together with his explanation
  • Multiple Lessons About Paid Traffic Source
  • No Unanswered questions inside the FB Group,Forum and Email Support
  • The best marketing forum so far
  • He tries to Save your money
  • Lessons on tracking,optimizing,scaling up
  • The only training that teaches about Mobile Ads,In-Text Ads,etc
  • A CPA network which streamline your approval
  • Done For You Bussiness In Box and High Converting Landing Page
  • Real Resulted Training Course
  • Video Case Studies and Real Life Example

Cons of Powerhouse Affiliate

  • Some lessons are advanced that you may feel overwhelmed
  • Expensive Price For Newbie

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Powerhouse Affiliate is a great training that any marketer should checkout. It only costs you $7 to join but the value inside the training is much more than that. If you are finding the best affiliate and especially CPA marketing training,Powerhouse Affiliate is my pick. All of the content,training is actionable and they are all up-to-date. You will definitely love the predone bussiness in box,landing page and the video training with sample campaign inside the forum.
The forum of Powerhouse Affiliate is much better than the rest and none of your question becomes unanswered. Moreover,your chance of joining a CPA network (VaultMedia) is higher than ever. Best of all,this training is perfect for those who want to keep cost low,avoid bleeding budget and increase ROI.



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