Pressplay 2.0 Review And Demo-Advanced Video Customization Software

Product Name : Pressplay
Creator : Mark Thompson (also the founder of Paykickstart,Social Kickstart,Provely,LiveReach and more,..)
Price : $27 per month or $197 per year
Do I Recommend : Yes (especially for people who want to build a massive list)

  • Ease Of Use
  • Price
  • Features
  • Support

As i always mentioned before,money in the list. Sooner or later,you need to build an email list to generate passive income for a long-term. Besides your giveaway reports,you really need to create a high converting landing page. Video landing page is a brand new method that is effective in term of collecting leads,emails.
But you know,we need to collect real email address from real audiences. So,the best way to do that is to provide value so as to make sure they feel interesting subscribe to your list. Video is a nice way to do that and that’s how lead generation gate is made. It’s like subscribe to continue watching and add clickable CTA link or share button.
However,this feature is only accessible for Wistia and Vimeo (paid version) and mostly used for big enterprise. Small bussiness like us also want to collect leads like that but we won’t like paying too much for that. So,today,i will introduce you a software that allows you to collect real leads and add CTA from your video without paying expensive hosting fee.

What Is Pressplay 2.0?

It’s a lead generation video software. Pressplay 2.0 is not a video creator and it does require you to have a video before using. The most unique feature of Pressplay 2.0 is to add CTA to your video (right on Youtube or Vimeo free hosting) and share,buy button,lead generation gate (it’s like subscribe to continue watching) without paying hosting free.
Normally,Youtube and Vimeo free hosting don’t allow this feature but these types of gates or clickable link is only from video hosting service. Therefore,the main selling point is to help you customize video and monetize from it without paying that expensive cost. Wistia costs you $115/month for that features while Vimeo (the $75/month) also allows that.

Who Is Pressplay 2.0 For?

pressplay banner

  • People who want to build a massive list
  • Amazon FBA sellers who want to develop their bussiness
  • If you are running an ecommerce store
  • If you are doing CPA or CPL marketing
  • People who want to try a new kind of landing page,video
  • You want to make a quiz during your video landing page
  • If you need Split Testing as well as Analytics ,tracking your video landing page
  • Especially if you love a tool that can integrates Google Analytics
  • You want to embed other’s video inside your video landing page
  • Those who don’t intend to buy Wistia or Vimeo paid plan

Main Features and Demo of Pressplay

Firstly,let’s take a look at the member’s dashboard. It’s not a desktop applicantion,it’s a cloud-based software so that no need to install.
pressplay member dashboard

Create New Video

Now,the first thing to do is to create your video,just simply click on the green button New Video.
pressplay create video
This is what you see once you hit the button create. There are 3 vertical : Video Behavior,Appearance and Watermark.
pressplay create video
pressplay create video
pressplay create video

Editing and Customize

Before you can start adding items on your video,i want you to see some basic elements in Pressplay first.
Video Behavior
pressplay video behavior
With this feature,you can easily add text your video as well as asking your audiences some questions. When video ends,you can redirect your customer to any URL (your squeeze page) or allow them to replay. This will strategically hit on your audiences’s mind. Of course,it depends on how attractive on your videos and your copywriting skills.
pressplay video end
Video Appearance
After editing your video behavior,then your next part is to customize video appearance. There are two elements:video controls and video skins.
pressplay video controls
The video skins of pressplay is actually how your presentation (configuration) should look like (for example : blackboard as Doodly).
pressplay video skins
After that,let’s move to watermark elements.
pressplay watermark
Just some basic customization in order to insert link,edit size,capacity.

My Example and Step-by-Step Guide

Now,i’m going to show you exactly how to create a high quality video squeeze page by Pressplay as well as customizing it.
At first,click on Parent Video (the blue button).
pressplay parent
Secondly,go to any video on Youtube,Vimeo and copy the embed code.
pressplay embed code
Just simply copy and paste after that.
pressplay embed video
This is what you see next (but hey,don’t embed copyright law video).pressplay embed video
After that,you can edit autoplay and video ends with your video.
pressplay when video ends pressplay autoplay
Let’s move to Video Appearance. For example,i will choose Arrow on the slides and graphic 2 as a video skin.
pressplay video skins
Now,let’s move to watermark,just a simple step (you can also add images or change opacity).
pressplay watermark customization pressplay watermark customization

Adding Lead Capture Form

Pressplay is a software to help you create a video squeeze page and collect leads after that. Click on Parent Video and then click Lead Capture Form.
pressplay lead capture form
Enable Lead Capture Form and customize as you want. Like other landing page creator,Pressplay also allow you to edit button,text and add optin form.
pressplay optin form
But hey,please remember that your video’s content must be interesting or being an adding value content video. If not,it’s really hard for your audiences to subscribe,please keep in mind. After they sign up,you can allow them to continue to watch or redirect to any url. For instance,if you are adding value,it should be continue and if you are offering a bait,redirect them to your landing page.
pressplay optin
pressplay lead capture form

Social Sharing

Besides driving traffic by email,you can also drive traffic by people share your video. Clearly,the higher quality and the more valuable content of your video,the more chance of being shared by people.
pressplay social sharing

CTA Button

If you are promoting a product or you have a tripwire page,i highly recommend you to use this feature. When people sign up to your email list,you will redirect them into your thank you page. Instead of just giving the ebook,you should create a video and recommend your first recommendation at the end.
pressplay CTA pressplay CTA

Target The Specific Audiences

Another cool feature from Pressplay is that it can help you target specific audiences by offering buttons. For example,if you are in dating advice niche,you can not send autoresponder email about male to female. This is the interaction button,once your video play and in a specific time,it will automatically ask your audiences.
pressplay interactive button
Simply click on the Add Video Button and then,button will appear,just edit text on it.
pressplay interactive button pressplay interactive button
And this is what you see after creating your own video.
pressplay finished video
Lastly,just simply Publish your video. Pressplay is a landing page video creator so that you will get the HTML code.
pressplay publish video


Being a video squeeze page,certainly pressplay has direct integration with autoresponder software.
pressplay integration
Normally,video on pressplay are in HTML code,hence you can copy paste into any autoresponder. However,it seems like the direct integration of Pressplay is not too various (i use Mailchimp).

Additional Feature of Pressplay

Besides creating video and optin form,interactive button,Pressplay also offers analytics feature. You always have to track your campagin,squeeze page so as to see how effective it is.
Engament Graph
pressplay engagement graph
This will measure something such as click,unique visitors or impression. Of course,it can track how many visitor watch video.
Viewer Based Tracking
pressplay viewer
It’s like you are tracking where are those clicks from. For example :solo ads,facebook ads,youtube,bing ads,native ads,ec.
Split Testing
pressplay split testing
When you do video marketing,you really need to create multiple videos,not just one. Therefore,you should split test them to see which one converts better. PressPlay will automatically rotate your videos based on the split test % that you selected. After that, declare a winner for the video that outperforms the other!
Google Analytics Integration
pressplay google analytics
That’s what makes Pressplay different,because it’s an only video creator that has integration with Google Analytics. You can track views and add tags for important engagement metrics.

Pricing and Upsell

That’s all the features of Pressplay,now let’s take a look at the pricing plan.
There are two pricing plans of this product and they has the same features (no limitation between them). With Yearly plan,you will save nearly 50%.
pressplay pricing
On internet marketing,upsell is normal and so does this software. Actually,you don’t have to buy the upsell if you don’t need.
pressplay upsell
OTO number one is just a video templates pack while the number 2 is like the most pricey packages (Doodly as an example). The upsell number #3 is EasyVSL,another best-selling video software from Mark Thompson.
In my opinion,it’s ok for you not to buy the upsell if you don’t need because the front-end features are awersome.


In order to make your life much easier,i will give you some special bonuses if you buy Pressplay through my affiliate link. It’s simple,just buy this product through my affiliate link and then go to the contact page with your name and your receipt. There are up to 10 bonuses and you don’t have to buy the upsell to get all of them.
Video Profit Blueprint (PDF files)
pressplay bonus 1
Viral Email Optin (plugin)
pressplay bonus 2
Video Ads Biz In A Box (plugin)
pressplay bonus 3
Vid Analytics (Plugin)
pressplay bonus 4
Inside Mark’s Home Video Studio (training)
pressplay bonus 5
Video Affiliate Pro (plugin)
pressplay bonus 6
Youtube Squeeze Page
pressplay bonus 7
Legally Uses Other Youtube Videos
pressplay bonus 8
How To Generate 10,000 Views On Youtube (PDF)
pressplay bonus 9
WP Video Optin
pressplay bonus 10

Get Pressplay + My Exclusive Bonus Here

Final Verdict

In summary,Pressplay is one of the best video squeeze page creator that i have ever seen. It’s not a simple kind of explanation video,it’s a software to help you collect leads by video. I highly recommend this product because it helps you build a massive list and even to target the right audiences. In addition,it’s friendly to all users and it can embed other’s video into yours. Of course,it still depends on how you add value and interesting your content is. Please always take notes that it can not guarantee your success.

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