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Product : Product Dyno
Creator : Promotelabs (also the creator of Commission Gorilla,Post Gopher,Split Test Monkey,..)
Price : From $10 to $30/month depends on your plan
Do I Recommend : Yes,but only for those who sell Digital Product

  • Highly Recommended But Not For Everyone

Presently,selling digital products is one of the most lucrative online bussiness. More and more bussiness owner are earning 6 and 7 figures when selling products online. As you know,the demand of people to buy digital course,product are very high. Therefore,you are attacking the hungry market. Besides,selling digital can also help you build a massive list.
Before you sell products online,there are some requirement you need to have. We need a high quality product to sell,shopping cart,promotion strategies and most importantly,delivery. If you don’t deliver digital products you sell the correct way,people may think you are a scam or you are at risk of giving products for free.
One of the most effective way to deliver digital products online is to create a membership site. As we know,membership site is huge and it’s super popular towards 7 figures entrepreneur. Now,i will introduce you a software that helps you create and run a membership site to,Product Dyno. Product Dyno helps you deliver digital products,run membership site and many other benefits.
Notes : i am real user of Product Dyno who has tried and tested before.

What is Product Dyno?

Product Dyno
Product Dyno is a sales and delivery platform for those who’re selling digital products, such as ebooks, videos, membership sites, apps and similar items. Product Dyno has two key features that are designed to help sellers get their products to market more quickly and securely:
1. It makes it easy for sellers to securely deliver content. That’s because the platform contains dual-layer security to protect your content. This dual layer includes expiring download links and customer log ins. This means that only people who’ve purchased your content can access it, so you don’t have to worry about people sharing your download links on black hat sites.
2. Product Dyno lets sellers manage all their services in one place. Instead of constantly logging in and out of services such as payment processors and autoresponders, Product Dyno brings these services in one convenient place. Once you connect your services within the Product Dyno dashboard, you can use them with any product with just a click of your mouse.

Who is Product Dyno For?

  • Of course,people who are selling digital products online
  • Especially for those who want to build a massive list
  • If you lack budget to buy My Kajabi,Clickfunnels Membership,Fresh Member,Everlesson,etc,…
  • You don’t want hosting or wordpress setup when selling products (because Product Dyno can host)
  • Online course creator
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Real Demo of Product Dyno

Now,i will show you full features of ProductDyno before you buy. This is the member’s area once you login.
Product Dyno Review


This is a very important feature of ProductDyno. This app is not a shopping cart plattform,it’s a membership site creator and place to deliver digital products. Basically,it has integration with biggest affiliate management such as Jvzoo,Paykickstart,Clickbank,Zaxxa,etc.

Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review
Besides,it also has integration with email service provider.

2.Create Product

Firstly,click Create Product button.
Product Dyno Review
Then,choose the name and the subdomain of your products.
Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review
The format will be
Of course,Product Dyno will host your product,so no need to buy hosting if you don’t want. Then choose type of access and logo for your product.
Product Dyno Review
Product Dyno Review
Here are what you need to do when using.
Product Dyno Review
With the custom domain,you can either use this or add CNAME record with your own WordPress site domain.
Product Dyno Review
These are content you can manage together with this app.
Product Dyno Review
On the content setup,you can add video,audio,text,etc. However,Product Dyno will not host your video,you need to upload at other’s places.
Product Dyno Review
Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review

3.Product Customize

These are how your product display.
Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review
Product Dyno Review
After customizing like this,you can edit email when subscribers create account.
Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review
Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review

4.Payment and Email Integration

About payment,it has integration with big services.
Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review
Affiliate management is available on some of these services.
Product Dyno Review
With email marketing service,people who create an account with your product will automatically become your subscribers.
Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review
Besides,you can add new member and manage them.
Product Dyno Review

5.Product in Reality

These are what your subscribers see after they create an account.
Product Dyno Review  Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review
If he forgets his password,he can do this.
Product Dyno Review
And these are all you need to know before buying Product Dyno.

Price of Product Dyno

You can either select monthly or yearly plan with this product.
Product Dyno Review Product Dyno Review

Pros of Product Dyno

  • Affordable front end price when comparing with big membership site services
  • Full hosting together with SSL certificate included
  • Super easy to use and to manage
  • Can Protect your product
  • Work with All Page Builder
  • Integration with Payment Gatement and Email Service Provider

Cons of Product Dyno

Currently,i can not find any cons of this product.

Final Verdict

In summary,ProductDyno is a great product that helps you sell digital products on the internet. It doesn’t just help you sell products and deliver it but also protect it easily. What i like the most is that it has direct integration with affiliate management,shopping cart and email services provider. Besides,having a hosting with SSL included is a good deal for you. About the price,this one is almost lower than most membership generator on the internet. Of course,Product Dyno is a yes from me if you want to make money selling digital products.


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