Publish Vault Review,Demo and Bonuses-Tool That Save You Lots of Time

Product : Publish Vault
Creator : Mark Thompson (also the creator of Provely,Leadgrab,EasyVSL,Pressplay,Email Spike,Social Kickstart,Graphic Kickstart,SEO Snapshot)
Price : $47 and of course,has upsells
Do I Recommend : Yes (but if you have more than 1 website)

  • Recommended But For People Who Have More Than 1 Website

On internet marketing,sooner or later,you have to create multiple websites to scale up your income. Clearly,you can not depend on one website in order to monetize. Some people are building even 10 or more websites to earn money online. However,this will cost you a lot of time to post and manage all of them. In addition,logging in numerous websites is really annoying and it wastes time and energy. If you are a member of some courses that has done-for-you bussiness,research such as Affilojetpack,Inbox Blueprint,Lurn Insider,FB Academy,Email Domination and FanPage Domination,you will definitely want to manage content fast.
Therefore,you will need a tool that helps you manage content in all of your websites. Publish Vault is a new software that helps you manage content on multiple websites simultaneously. Additionally,Publish Vault helps you avoid annoying log in process on each website. Let’s check out my Publish Vault review so that you understand how this software works.

What Is Publish Vault?

Publish Vault
Firstly,it’s a ¬†plugin that allows you to manage content,articles on unlimited website. Thanks to Publish Vault’s feature so that you can remove the annoying with logging into too many websites. Using Publish Vault,you will not only manage articles on WordPress sites but also in some other platforms such as Clickfunnels,Instapage,ec. Moreover,this plugin helps you find and hire writer from Iwriter,textBrokers and Ineedarticles much faster. Besides,you can publish articles based on calendar.

Who Is Publish Vault For?

Publish Vault Affilojetpack 5 Steps

  • Any internet marketer (from novice to professional) who want to save time and energy
  • You have too many websites to post a lot articles
  • Email List Builder who want to build relationship towards subscribers much faster
  • You want to post frequently on your fanpage (from articles to fanpage is a great idea)
  • Members of some done for you research training such as¬†Affilojetpack,Inbox Blueprint,Lurn Insider,FB Academy,Email Domination and FanPage Domination
  • People who are running multiple authority site
  • If you are running CPA,CPL,Pay Per Call and Pay Per Trial offers
  • People who are running multiple social media or paid traffic source
  • You are tired of outsourcing low quality writers

Main Features of Publish Vault

Social Kickstart Banner Publish Vault
Now,let’s see how i use Publish Vault so as to publish article in one place. At first,it’s a plugin that has membership account. This is Publish Vault’s member area once you log in.
Publish Vault Member's Dashboard
Now,the next thing to do is to install plugin.
Publish Vault Install Plugin
Simply download that zip file and then upload to your wordpress site.
Publish Vault Activate Plugin
Simply connect Publish Vault after that.
Publish Vault Connect Plugin

1.Create Campaign

Publish Vault Inbox Blueprint Ebook
Once you connect your website with Publish Vault,the next thing to do is to create campaign.
Publish Vault Create Campaign
Publish Vault Edit Campaigns
Now,the next thing to do is to select post/page to import. Certainly,you have to prepare them first.
Publish Vault Import Posts Publish Vault Import Pages
After you import posts,pages,this is what you see next,there is a list of them.
Publish Vault Manage Posts and Pages

2.Edit Posts,Page

Publish Vault Fanpage Domination Book
Of course,you can edit as what you want. For example,i will edit this post. Hey,Publish Vault will automatically duplicate this post so that don’t worry if you think you lose posts.
Publish Vault Edit Posts Pages
And hey,you can also edit post by scheduling or just simply on draft. Choose a website,select whether post or page,choose types of posts and then schedule if you select.
Publish Vault Manage posts
If you want to schedule post,this is what you see.
Publish Vault Schedule Posts
Remember to choose at calendar.
Publish Vault Schedule Post


Publish Vault Amazon FBA Ninja
The next feature of Publish Vault is to help you create ideas,which is great. Brainstorming is always a must have process no matter what kind of topic you are in.
Publish Vault Ideas
If you have some PLR articles (but scare of being Google),you can add here. Affilorama Premium is a training that gives you PLR articles of multiple niches monthly. Using PLR articles is not duplicating,it’s like you are copying ideas (not duplicate the PLR articles) to enlarge your niche.
Publish Vault Ideas Publish Vault Ideas

4.Hire Writer

Some people avoid posting articles themselves because this will cost a lot of time,skill and energy. Therefore,outsourcing a writer is a good way to faster your bussiness. Publish Vault allows you to integration with Iwriter and Text Broker,which are two of the best outsourcing places.
Publish Vault Hire A Professional
For example,i will connect an iwriter account with Publish Vault.
Publish Vault Iwriter Balance Publish Vault Iwriter Balance
You can hire directly from Publish Vault without needing to go to Iwriter and TextBroker.
Publish Vault Hire Writer
And that’s all features inside a single purchase of $47. Clearly,it worths more than its price and it’s very useful that saves you a lot of time and energy.

Pricing and Upsells of Publish Vault

Certainly,a highly affordable product like that without any limitation and offers future updates will have upsells. You don’t have to buy the upsells because it’s not compulsory and there is no limitation with the front-end
OTO 1 : Agency License ($17/month or $197/lifetime)
It’s just an agency license,means you can monetize from your content,ec. Don’t buy this upsell if you don’t need.
OTO 2 : DIY Links ($197)
Publish Vault DIY Links
If you are using Google free traffic,then i highly recommend you to buy the second upsell of Publish Vault. This is a link building service that helps you manage your campaigns’s link and track it. Watch the following video in order to understand about DIY Links. I will not goes detail on this post because there’s a lot of thing to say.

Remember,it updates daily and there is no limitation on this updates. Besides,it has White-Label service.

Bonuses From Me

To make your life much easier,i will add some special bonuses if you buy Publish Vault through my affiliate link. Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your receipt,i will check and give you. I don’t require you to buy the upsells to get all of these,just the front-end.
1.Video Affiliate Pro
Publish Vault Video Affiliate Pro Bonus
2.Youtube Squeeze Page
Publish Vault Youtube Squeeze Page
3.Legally Uses Other’s Youtube Video
Publish Vault Legally Use Other Yotube Video
4.How To Generate 10,000 Views On Youtube
Publish Vault How To Generate 10,000 Views On Youtube Bonus
5.WP Video Optin
Publish Vault WP Video Optin Bonus
6.Membership Income Course
Publish Vault Membership Income Course Bonus
7.Done For You Niche Packs with Profitable,Buyer-Intent Keywords
8.Social Signal For SEO (video course)
9.Quick Guide To WordPress SEO
And that’s all you get if you buy Publish Vault through my affiliate link. This will especially help you a lot in your online bussiness.

Get PublishVault + My Exclusive Bonus

What’s Next

Don’t lose your money wastelessly. After buying Publish Vault,then you should benefit it maximum. Here are some training that has done for you research so that you just need to post articles. Clearly,with all the research done for you,you just need to add value,post article to monetize as fast as possible.


This is an 80% done for you that helps you build 5 websites fast. Mark Ling has prepared reports to giveaway,fully-research articles,a list of keywords and 1 year email newsletter to monetize year to come. If you buy this course,you have to post 100 articles that are researched for you,therefore,using Publish Vault will help you a lot. Read my Affilojetpack review so that you understand.

2.Anik Singal’s courses

I have joined 3 courses of Anik Singal and i see all of them has the done for you niche research. With all the research done,why not using Publish Vault to boost your bussiness faster. Read the exact Inbox Blueprint review,Lurn Insider review and FB Academy Review.

3.Anthony Morrisson ‘s courses

Together with Mark Ling and Anik Singal is Anthony Morrission,who is also one of the biggest name in the industry. FanPage Domination has the done for you research while Email Domination has the done for you profit cycle (email swipes,reports to giveaway and landing page).
Despite saying that these training has done for you bussiness,it doesn’t mean they are get rick quick scheme. They are all legit and they helps you maximize the benefits of Publish Vault.

Pros of Publish Vault

  • Super simple to use as well as to manage
  • Affordable Price Together with Lifetime Access
  • There is No Limitation in terms of the amount of sites,licenses
  • Direct Integration with Iwriter,TextBroker
  • Can Schedule Post
  • Manage All of Your Sites Simultaneously
  • Can Import Post,Page Very Fast
  • Upsells are not compulsory to buy
  • Can Publish in Multiple Plattforms (not just WordPress)
  • Great For Storing Ideas


Cons of Publish Vault

  • Just Iwriter and TextBroker (where is Upwork,Fiverr,ec)
  • Can Not Integrate With Yoast,All in One SEO Pack (clearly,it’s impossible)

Final Verdict

In summary,Publish Vault is a great plugin that any internet marketer should own. It helps you save a lot of time,energy to do some other’s task. In addition,it is highly affordable and there is no limitation. Moreover,you don’t have to log into too many website,which is annoying. Of course,i recommend Publish Vault if you have more than 1 website and you have a lot of work

Get PublishVault + My Exclusive Bonus


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