Rank Hijack Review,Demo and Bonus-Affordable Tool For Google SEO

Product : Rank Hijack
Creator : Matt Garrett (also the creator of Niche Reaper and Vid Reaper)
Price : $67 but through my link only,click here if you want to buy at $97
Do I Recommend : Yes (especially for people who want to focus on SEO)

  • Recommended

On internet marketing,if you don’t have traffic as well as visitor,no money you make. Therefore,you need to drive traffic into your website with both free and paid traffic. With Free traffic source,certainly Google SEO is the first one you should consider. Moreover,it makes your campaign stable and monetize for a long-term. Rank Hijack is a powerful SEO tool that helps you get rank with Google.
SEO requires research process and Rank Hijack helps you research much faster and easier. This software works by using Parasite SEO techniques so as to do niche,keyword research. Now,read my Rank Hijack review and see the demo so that you know how it works.

What Is Rank Hijack?

Rank Hijack Review
Firstly,it’s a SEO tools locates powerful “Parasite SEO” properties with high Authority in Google. Parasite SEO Properties are websites that have high “Authority” in Google’s algorithm that also allow users to set up their own pages that can then be used to target a niche or specific keyword, effectively levelling the playing field with the dominant high authority sites. Besides,Rank Hijack is an “SEO Crystal Ball” which finds and filters highly profitable ranking pages. Once you buy this software,you will get access to the Rank Hijack SERP Domination as a bonus.

Who Is Rank Hijack For?

Rank Hijack Affilojetpack Book

  • Any marketer (from newbie to professional) who want to scale up their traffic as well as visitor
  • You don’t have enough budget for tracking and paid traffic so that you want to focus on free
  • Especially if you are running an authority site
  • People who want to save time and energy while doing the niche research and creating content (not duplicating,OK)
  • You want to build and find a profitable parasite pages that has high search volume,buyer intent but low competition
  • You hate guess work or fool SEO strategies so that you want to fix

Main Feature and Demo of Rank Hijack

Now,let’s see how to use Rank Hijack in order to create and build a Google friendly’s site. At first,it’s not an application,it’s a cloud-based software so you only need to log in. Once you logging into the member’s area,this is what you see first.
Rank Hijack Member Area

1.Get Profitable Keyword

The first thing to do when using Rank Hijack is to get a profitable keyword to target. It’s not a keyword research tool like Kwfinder,Jaaxy,Keyword Supremacy,Keysearch or LTP,it only give you some profitable keyword to get rank. For example,i will click on the number 16 on the first topic.
Rank Hijack Get Keyword
Then,it will automatically download a list of keywords for you.
Rank Hijack Get Keyword
With each keyword,you post one articles,imagine if you use all of the keyword you get,you will get rank very fast. Of course,it depends on your content and how frequently you post. According to Google’s algorithm,the more post the higher chance of getting rank. But this is a gardening topic,which is not really a big market. If you do it with a sub niche of health topic,you will get hundred of keyword to target.


In order to make your life much easier,Matt Garett add Filter as a feature of Rank Hijack. How to use it is super simple,you can filter by domain,traffic,etc. For instance,i will search on wikihow,let’s see what happens next. Every of the domain inside Rank Hijack is a great place to find content,idea to customize as your own.
Rank Hijack Filter
Rank Hijack Filter
Unlike the previous example,there are tons of keyword that Rank Hijack detects for you. Moreover,you get the idea for posting content that Google loves (not duplicate). Now,let’s see i choose a tittle Bitcoin and this is what after that.
Rank Hijack Filter
Or like this,see,hundred of keywords together with content. If you are patient,sooner or later,you will get rank on Google and keep it stable.
Rank Hijack Filter
Besides,you can enter value like equal,not equal,less than,great than,etc. For example,i will do this with Word.
Rank Hijack Filter Rank Hijack Filter

3.Reserved Pages

The next feature of Rank Hijack is to reserve pages,which his other products such as Vid Reaper and Niche Reaper can do. For example,i will reserve this topic.
Rank Hijack Reserved Pages Rank Hijack Reserved Pages
Now,i will click on the purple buttton and then,Rank Hijack will automatically download a text file. Clearly,this is an unfair SEO advantage.
Rank Hijack Reserve Pages Rank Hijack Reserve Pages
If you click the blue button,Rank Hijack will download keyword.
Rank Hijack Reserve Pages
Or the yellow button to download backlink.
Rank Hijack Reserved Pages
In order to check that keyword,simply copy and paste into Semrush,the free service is enough.
Rank Hijack Reserve Pages Rank Hijack Reserve Pages
And that’s all the features of Rank Hijack in the single purchase of $67. In other words,you can say it’s a competition analysis or niche research tool.

Training inside Rank Hijack

To make your life much easier,Matt Garrett adds 30 video training about SEO,traffic,etc inside the member’s area that help you a lot. Basically,these are the essential training that you have to learn to get rank with Google SEO. Content is king and that’s what Rank Hijack and the training inside help you.
Rank Hijack Training Rank Hijack Training Rank Hijack Training Rank Hijack Training Rank Hijack Training Rank Hijack Training Rank Hijack Training Rank Hijack Training Rank Hijack Training

Pricing and Upsell of Rank Hijack

On internet marketing,upsell is normal and so does this product. This software is just like his other product,they work with the same funnel. The front-end price of Rank Hijack is $67 and upsells are his other products that are sold and recommended wisely and related to SEO.

OTO 1 : Vid Reaper Pro ($97/one time)

This is a Youtube research tool that helps you find backlink and content from other. Many big name on the internet are still using it for their video marketing campaign. Of course,it’s great for Youtube SEO. I will not go detail about this product in this post because there’s a lot of thing to say. Checkout my Vid Reaper review.

OTO 2 : WP Toolkit ($67/lifetime access and updates)

The second upsell of Rank Hijack is WP Toolkit,which is a package of powerful themes and plugins. If you buy this product directly,it cost you $97/year or $147/lifetime but as an upsell of Rank Hijack,it only cost you $67.

OTO 3 : Niche Reaper 3.0 Pro ($47/lifetime)

This is a keyword research tool that has lifetime access and it especially detect new keywords,metrics everyday. It’s great for people who want to save money for a long-term. Checkout my Niche Reaper 3.0 review.

Bonuses From Me

To make your life much easier,i will add some exclusive bonuses if you buy Rank Hijack through my affiliate link. It’s a Warrior Plus product so that i have added into the member’s area. Just buy and then benefit from them.
Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses Rank Hijack Bonuses
And that’s all you get inside a single purchase if you buy through my affiliate link. Certainly,they will help your life much easier for your campaign.


Pros of Rank Hijack

  • Super simple to use and to manage
  • Affordable Price together with Lifetime Access and Updates
  • Include the SEO training
  • Can Give You An Advice of What to do
  • Ability to download keyword,content immediately
  • Great For Doing The Niche Research and Finding Content that Google love

Cons of Rank Hijack

  • Can Not Grab Metric (hence you have to see the a keyword’s stat in a different places)

Final Verdict

In summary,Rank Hijack is a cool and affordable SEO tool that you should consider to get. It’s super simple to use and it saves you a lot time and energy to do the niche research and find content. With SEO,Content is King,Keyword is Queen and this is what Rank Hijack is performing for you. Of course,i recommend this keyword tool if you are serious about getting traffic with Google SEO.


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