RankandRent.club Review

RankAndRent.club Review-Rank Keywords in any Local Search Engine

Product: RankandRent.club

Creator: Todd Spears and Herc Magnus (also the creator of Pixel Scout)

Price: $1000-$2000 during launch and cart closes after launch

Do I Recommend: Yes, but mostly for Local and SEO Agency Business.

What is RankandRent.Club?

Before you buy this course as well to proceed further from this RankandRent.Club review, you should understand the definition what is it at first.

Who is RankandRent.Club For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Those who are utilizing Rank and Rent SEO Methods
  • Especially for Local and SEO Agency Business
  • You are not thinking about submit spam or manipulate Google Search’s Algorithm (basically, you have a correct mindset)
  • And a lot more,..

Basically, if you are any from this list above, then, congratulation, because the course is definitely for you. In case you are not in the list, then, you should read this RankandRent.Club review so details.

Main Features and Training of Rank and Rent Club

Now, we are in the most important part of this RankandRent.Club review. This is the member’s area once you login.

rankandrent.club review


This is an 8 modules video training course as you can see. To understand what is Rank and Rent model, you can search on Google and there are many high authority blogs are talking about. The purpose of RankandRent.Club is to help you implement that model.

Please note, this course is not about to make tons of spam backlink and then call it’s a rank and rent model, it’s only about whitehat and the process of submitting site to Local Search.

The idea of the course is to spy and rank easy niche, low competition niche in a specific location. With this idea, you can rank local keywords in a specific City, State fast and then rent it to Local Business Owner (Dentist, Swimming Pool, etc..)

My RankandRent.Club Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you a correct understanding about the course RankandRent.Club, i have recorded a RankandRent.Club review and walk through demo video about it. So before you buy, turn on your volume and watch these videos first.

RankandRent.club Review-Price and Funnels

During launch, there are two options: one is 2 parts split pay at $1,000 while another is at $2,000.

RankandRent.Club Review-The Pros

  • Easy to understand training course
  • No violation of Google’s Algorithm and No Blackhat, No Spamming
  • Work very well for Local Ranking

RankandRent.Club Review-The Cons

  • Somewhat high price

Final Verdict

In summary, after reading this RankandRent.Club review, i hope you have understanding about the product. And in my opinion, this is a great mastermind training especially if you want to get more leads and more traffic to a specific locations.

RankAndRent.club Review from Real User - Daily Job Killer

This is the real RankandRent.club review from a real customer who has RankandRent.club premium access from the product creator. After using the product,

Price: 1000

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: SEO

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