Why Am I Not Making Money Online?-How To Build Trust with Readers

Internet marketing is very popular now but not all people know how to monetize from it. Certainly,it’s not an easy game and a get rick overnight with low effort. Many people are asking and asking a question : Why am i not making money online. That’s true,just 10% people who join internet marketing really succeed so that you need to be in that percentage. In addition,some of them ask : why my website is not converting.
Besides some people who are wasting time and falling for shiny object syndrome,someone take action but make no money. As a result,this may discourage and dishearten some people from making money online. The main reason why they are not making money online is that because they don’t understand how it works. Therefore,i am going to teach you what that misunderstanding is, and tell you what tools you should use to fix it. And i hope you can answer a question why you are not making money online.

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Why Am I Not Making Money Online?

In order to make money online,you need to be an action taker first and you understand that there’s nothing free. Before you create a residual online income,you should avoid some mistakes and follow what i advise in this post. If you are complete newbie,checkout my affiliate marketing fast start steps and how to choose your niche. After that,you need to build a wesite to make money. Feel free to checkout my Bluehost tutorials and Dreamhost tutorials together with fast-action bonuses. Now,let’s see the answer why you are not making money online.

1.You Need To Build A Relationship With Your Audiences

Why Am I Not Making Money Online Affilojetpack Book
One of the biggest mistake from inexperience marketers i have ever seen so far is that they forget to build relationship. Some people are just promoting affiliate offers without  providing value to their audiences. That’s why they are not making money online,because they don’t add value and build relationship. Please take notes that the more value you add,the more money you make.
On the other hand,they mistakenly think that creating a niche blog with random blog posts related to the subject will make them money. Besides,they are abusing banner. Some people just hope their visitors click on that banner and they will make money easily. But they were wrong,even if people click on banners, the traffic won’t convert because the traffic is cold. To make money,the website needs to build a relationship with the reader so that they will trust your recommendations.
If you have that suck mistake,you are having the reason why you are not making money online.

2.The Easiest Way to Build Trust with Readers is through Email Marketing

Why Am I Not Making Money Online Inbox Blueprint Book
Stop abusing banner and start creating an email marketing campaign. With email marketing,you can keep your audiences as well as your affiliate link for multiple products. When creating an email marketing campaign,you will need something to give away to encourage your audiences subscribe to your newsletter.
In order to build a list,make sure you have a flying popup and/or a squeeze page that looks attractive. Then you integrate your optin-form with an autoresponder service such as Drip,Convertkit,Getreponse or Mailchimp. No matter which way you are using to build a list,make sure you prepare a tripwire page (thank-you page that has your recommedation) to get best result. In other word,you are creating a funnel and then retarget your audiences by email marketing.
Email marketing builds trust because people read their emails. When they receive regular, high-quality emails they like, they will grow to trust you. To create a landing page and tripwire page,you can use Instapage,LPM or Profit Builder. You can also use Leadgrab or Conversion Gorilla to create a flying popup or notification bar.
When people get more than they expected, their trust will grow. And you can prevent from not making money online by this easy way 🙂

3.Write Email That Builds Trust

Why Am I Not Making Money Online Powerhouse Affiliate Banner
This is another reason you are not making money online,cause you don’t build trust. Don’t forget that people can unsubscriber your list whenever they want. Therefore,you always need to keep them. Always remember that the money is in the list only if you manage it the correct way.
To build trust, readers need to feel like you care about them and you know the answer they need. If you send too many hard-sell emails, readers will feel boring and they will certainly unsubscribe. Hard-sell emails are for promoting a product but they don’t provide value to your subscribers. For every 1–2 hard-sell emails, send 3–4 soft-sell emails first so as to build a relationship.
Soft-sell emails are basically high-quality articles emailed directly to them, with a brief product recommendation put at the start and end. In other words,you are promoting affiliate products undirectly. If readers receive quality emails before they are directly marketed too, then they will be less skeptical, as you have proved you know about the niche.
Checkout my post on how to write email swipes.

4.Driving Traffic To Your Website

The last reason why you are not making money online is because you don’t send traffic to your site. No matter how good your content,email campaign is,without traffic,you can’t make even a dime. Therefore,you must drive targeted traffic to your website.
At present,you can use both free and paid traffic to your website in numerous ways. With free traffic,you will save money but it costs you time,energy and even skill to get result. You can use Google SEO,Youtube or Facebook Fanpage to drive free traffic.
With paid traffic,it costs you money but you get results very fast. Moreover,you don’t have to pay a lot for paid traffic as many people think. And best of all,you can avoid bad leads,fake and suck subscribers and get better audiences. Presently,the most popular paid traffic source are Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. You can also use Bing because it’s friendly but doesn’t lack effectiveness. Besides,Native Ads is a new traffic that converts like crazy now.
To avoid losing money,you should setup tracking to know where the clicks,sales,impressions from and improve your ad campaign after that. You can try BuildRedirects,Clickperfect or CPV Lab to track your campaign.

And these are my answers on why you are not making money online. Basically,you should avoid some mistakes and then run your online bussiness the correct way.

So,What’s Next

After reading my post on why people are not making money online,i hope you can think of some ideas in your mind. But you know,it’s a big world and you are still not making money online if you have a good setup. Therefore,you should consider joining some courses that helps you make money online. They are not scam,fake guru and they provides great value for you.

1.Chris Farrell Membership

This training is perfect for newbies and people who want to save a lot budget. Chris Farrell Membership was the best online training from 2011-2015 and it’s affordable. What i likes about this training is that it includes hosting,done for you website,landing page. Moreover,he focuses a lot on email marketing and strategies to make money for a long-term. The traffic source he focuses are video marketing,Facebook Ads,forum marketing and guest blogging. If you want to master video ads,build a list through Facebook Ads,i think this training is perfect.

2.Lurn Insider

This is a 21 days fast track training helps you master affiliate marketing. Inside the training,you will learn about copywriting techniques,email marketing,both free and paid traffic. The paid traffic he focuses are Google Adwords,PPC Advertising,Solo Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you get his pre-done niche research for profitable niches.

3.Inbox Blueprint

Besides Affilojetpack,this is also one of the greatest training about email marketing. He teaches very step-by-step on how to create profitable email marketing campaign. Moreover,he seems focusing a lot about building relationship and list segmentation. The traffic training he focuses are Twitter,Google SEO,Google PPC,Solo Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you have access to Traffic Academy (his previous product),his landing page cretor software,done for you swipes. And more importantly,he provides ebook to giveaway,niche research and tracking,optimization course.


It’s not really a training course,it’s an 80% percent done for you bussiness that helps you build 5 websites as fast as possible. Inside this training,you have done for you niche research,ebook to giveaway,articles to post,1 year email newsletter,keyword packs. In addition,you will get 1 year hosting for 5 domains, Affiloblueprint and Affilotheme as a bonus. The additional traffic training are Solo Ads,Amazon Kindle and Youtube.

5.Super Affiliate System (Highly Recommended)

This is so far the best training about paid traffic source you should consider. Super Affiliate System is a 12-week training that helps you become a real super affiliate and it’s great for those who wants to earn big. This training is all about CPA marketing and Lead Generation rather than Clickbank. The paid traffic sources he focuses are Youtube ADs,Yahoo Gemini,Native Ads,Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. He also teaches you properly about niche research,tracking,how to write ads,copywriting and the correct setup. Best of all,you have access to whitelist/blacklist to native ads network,landing pages for best CPA niches,frequently asked questions and his own Ad Swipes.  And hey,if you buy through my link,you have my valuable bonuses and you don;t have to buy as an upsell of Internet Jetset. Checkout my Super Affiliate System review.

6.Powerhouse Affiliate (First Recommendation)

This is my first online marketing recommendation training and it only costs you $7 to join. Powerhouse Affiliate has multiple lessons about paid traffic such as Facebook Ads,Bing Ads,Google Ads,Mobile Ads,Native Ads,Solo Ads,In-Text Ads,etc and how to optimize them for higher ROI. In addition,you have access to premium landing page,best marketing forum ever,done for you bussiness in box and whitelist to their CPA network,Vault Media. Checkout my Powerhouse Affiliate review and bonuses.
And these are all legitimate training that helps you make money online in the correct way. Basically,they are not fake guru or get rick quick scheme so that you can join them.


After reading my post on why you are not making money online,i hope you can choose the right path. Affiliate marketing is never easy and they requires you to spend budget,time and energy. Always remember that if you don’t focus on your bussiness,you are jumping around or you are falling of shiny object syndrome,you will never make money online. Once you join this bussiness,keep focus and build your online empire the correct way.

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