Reasons Why You Should Start Building An Email List

On internet marketing,certainly you have heard a quote : the money is in the list. So,sooner or later,you should consider to build an email list. It doesn’t only help you keep your audiences but also your profit as an affiliate. On the other hand,it helps you monetize your campaign for a long-term by educating audiences. Email marketing is like social media but through email instead of just sharing. However,some people seem avoiding and ignoring email marketing. Not only should you invest time and effort on email marketing, you must also build an email list. Here are top reasons why building a list you need to know.

Reasons Why Building A List

Before we start,make sure you have created a website. If you haven’t done that process,feel free to checkout my Bluehost tutorials and Dreamhost tutorials. Besides,checkout my Convertkit tutorials to learn how to create an email campaign using Convertkit. And make sure you choose a profitable niche. Now,let’s see reasons why building a list.

1.It Keeps Your Audiences

The first reasons why building a list is that it helps you keep your audiences. When people come to your website,they will not trust you and your recommendation immediately. Normally,many of them will exit your website after a while if they don’t see what they need. Therefore,building a list is good on this scenario. By doing that,you can educate your audience as well as building relationship frequently. And people will gradually trust you and credit you as a result. Of course,sending valuable email swipes is a great way to do that.
Besides,Email has more information than social media posts and it is also more private. Both attributes make email marketing effectively and an email list more quintessential than you think. Once people subscribe to your list,they will receive your newsletter and even follow everything that your brand does or intends to do.
Social media is a good way but it costs too much time and i don’t think you are patient enough. You can use social media to expand your email list. Your social media followers who don’t find a place on your email list will exponentially expand your database or your massive email database will help your social media following and hence enhance your influence.

2.It Gives You A Ready Or Waiting Audiences

The second reasons why building a list is that an email list gives you a ready or waiting audiences. Don’t go out looking for a database or wait for the impending traffic because it’s no need. Sometimes,when people trust you,they will not buy products through your affiliate link immediately. It’s easy to understand,because they still need more information and advice from you. Remember,it’s not easy to persuade people to buy if you don’t build relationship.
On the other hand,some people even share your website and spread the word verbally. So,you will have even more subscribers when building a list. And remember,the more subscribers you have,the more chance of making money you get.
By sending email newsletter,it may not immediately presuade people to buy a product but it has something on their mind. And if you do this frequently,including add value to people,they will gradually think you are the man who have their answer. They will trust you,they will credit you and more importantly,they will come to your website again.

3.You Get Profits For A Long-Term

The core reasons why building a list is that you can earn a residual online income. If people buy a product through your affiliate link,it doesn’t mean they will buy again. Therefore,by building a list,they will trust your recommendations and they tend to buy a product again. In Affilojetpack,you have a pre-done 1 year email newsletter with 5 profitable niches and it has already chosen affiliate offers for you to promote.
So,why not building a list while it’s the ultimate way to get long-term revenue. And more importantly,you have year to come revenue and won’t worry about just promoting 1 product.

4.You Get Paid Even Without A Sale

If you have experience about affiliate marketing,you can come to the higher level,CPA marketing. With CPA marketing or Lead Generation,you make money without needing a sale. You can make money for a trial,pay per call or pay per lead offers.
Let’s imagine if you have 5,000 subscribers and 2,000 of them are good. You just send emails to promote a free trial offers,you make money without needing a sale.

For example,you have a campaign promoting weight loss product. You promote Garcinia Cambogia that costs $4,95 for customers for a trial. The consumer pays $4,95 for a bottle and the company pays affiliate $35 in commission. Then it will automatically rebill,means you profit for a long-term. Let’s calculate,that’s up to $70,000 in commission for just a trial product.
And if you promote insurance,student debt,personal loan,real estate offers,you can get paid even hundred of dollars in commission just for a phone call.

5.It’s Not Expensive As Some People Think

One of the most popular reasons why building a list is hard for some people is because they don’t like the monthly fee from autoresponder. But let’s think,with Getresponse,it costs you only $15/month for up to 1,000 contact or Convertkit costs you $29/month for the same contact. It’s just a small amount of anyone’s income. Why not investing in an autoresponder instead of paying money for something you don’t need.
Landing page is OK but you don’t have to invest in this. For instance,Instapage is a great service but it’s mostly for experienced affiliate marketer. You can invest in an affordable landing page like Profit Builder and Landing Page Monkey.

So,What’s Next

After reading my tops reasons why building a list,i hope you understand and you will consider to do that. But guys,that’s not all you need. Once you build a list,the next thing to do is to manage your list. You can’t profit from email listbuilding if you don’t send high converting email or an autoresponder plan between soft-sell and hard-sell newsletter. These training is great for you to create an email campaign and how to add more subscribers by driving targeted traffic.

1.Chris Farrell Membership

This training is perfect for newbies and people who want to save a lot budget. Chris Farrell Membership was the best online training from 2011-2015 and it’s affordable. What i likes about this training is that it includes hosting,done for you website,landing page. Moreover,he focuses a lot on email marketing and strategies to make money for a long-term. The traffic source he focuses are video marketing,Facebook Ads,forum marketing and guest blogging. If you want to master video ads,build a list through Facebook Ads,i think this training is perfect.

2.Lurn Insider

This is a 21 days fast track training helps you master affiliate marketing. Inside the training,you will learn about copywriting techniques,email marketing,both free and paid traffic. The paid traffic he focuses are Google Adwords,PPC Advertising,Solo Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you get his pre-done niche research for profitable niches.

3.Inbox Blueprint

Besides Affilojetpack,this is also one of the greatest training about email marketing. He teaches very step-by-step on how to create profitable email marketing campaign. Moreover,he seems focusing a lot about building relationship and list segmentation. The traffic training he focuses are Twitter,Google SEO,Google PPC,Solo Ads and Facebook Ads. Best of all,you have access to Traffic Academy (his previous product),his landing page cretor software,done for you swipes. And more importantly,he provides ebook to giveaway,niche research and tracking,optimization course.


It’s not really a training course,it’s an 80% percent done for you bussiness that helps you build 5 websites as fast as possible. Inside this training,you have done for you niche research,ebook to giveaway,articles to post,1 year email newsletter,keyword packs. In addition,you will get 1 year hosting for 5 domains, Affiloblueprint and Affilotheme as a bonus. The additional traffic training are Solo Ads,Amazon Kindle and Youtube.

5.Powerhouse Affiliate (First Recommendation)

This is my first online marketing recommendation training and it only costs you $7 to join. Powerhouse Affiliate has multiple lessons about paid traffic such as Facebook Ads,Bing Ads,Google Ads,Mobile Ads,Native Ads,Solo Ads,In-Text Ads,etc and how to optimize them for higher ROI. In addition,you have access to premium landing page,best marketing forum ever,done for you bussiness in box and whitelist to their CPA network,Vault Media. Checkout my Powerhouse Affiliate review and bonuses.
And these are all the training that i recommends to you. Certainly,if you focuses on your bussiness and follow their training,you can’t waste your time and money.


In summary,after reading my reasons why building a list,i hope you have an idea about email list building in your mind. It’s highly important for both of you and your online bussiness. Spend your time to build an email list because it’s great for you to profit for a long-term. And don’t forget to checkout my first recommendation to enhance your email marketing campaign to the next level.


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