Recastly Review From User and Full Demo-Voiceover Made Easy

Product : Recastly
Creator : Rohit Shah and Sam Bakker (also the creator of Videosly and Jvzoo Academy)
Price : It’s currently $37.
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

According to some marketing experts,video will represent your traffic sources up to 75% by 2019. So that sooner or later,you need to create a video marketing campaign. If you don’t create a video campaign,you are wasting your traffic. Currently,i personally use video to add value,display in Facebook Ads and create a video sales letter to display on my landing page. In fact,when i split test my campaign,the majority of  my high converting landing page includes video sales letter that includes voice.
At present,there’s a lot of video marketing software available like Explaindio,Doodly,Reevio,Clipman. In my opinion,they are all great but there’s one thing they lack,the text to speech feature. Currently,i just see Easy VSL adopts text to speech features but it’s expensive towards some people. Fortunately,we have an alternative choice that also adopts text to speech feature. And this special video software is Recastly,which i love very much.

What is Recastly?

Recastly Review
Recastly is the first ever app that generates subtitles for any video in almost all languages. With Recastly you can also burn these subtitles onto video so no special step is required to view these subtitles for your viewers (especially great for uploading to FB). Recastly also lets you reveal subtitles word-by-word which means, the subtitles will appear word by word as they are spoken in the video (A great way to ensure that subtitle readers won’t know what happens next in the scene). And that’s just getting started, Recastly comes with a powerful Text to Speech Engine that can replace the voice in the video with automated natural sounding voiceovers in 50+ languages (so you can convert your video into any language by having voiceovers and subtitles in that language). Recastly also has a ton of beautiful templates ready to use (prepare to see some of best-looking subtitles ever).

Who Is Recastly For?

  • Any marketer (from newbie to expert) who want to get more traffic
  • You have issue when adding voice to your own video
  • If you want to find a more affordable software than EasyVSL (it’s still unbeatable)
  • You already have videos (yes,Recastly is not a video creator,it’s a software that customizes available video)
  • You want to increase conversions for your landing page (yes,that’s the main purpose)
  • Those who want to go viral

Main Features and Member’s Area of Recastly

Once again,i’m a real user of Recastly so i have a review access with this software. Most of the review you read are fake and complete trash,garbage.
Recastly Review
Before you create any project,make sure you have some video. Once again,this is not a video creator,it’s a video software that helps you customize available video. I will give you my bonus video creator for you to create for your own.
On the top of the member’s dashboard,you just need to care about the button Create Project. Order Translation feature is for those who want human translations of their subtitles from one language to another and dont want to use automatically generated translations. This is a screenshot between my message and product’s co creator.
Recastly Product Creator

1.Create Project

Here’s an example video i create by Recastly.

This is a video before Recastly.

And after Recastly,please turn on your volume. I am new to Recastly so that i may have some fault when customizing video.

Any way,once i finish a great video created by Recastly,i will show you.
Firstly,Click on Create Project.
Recastly Review
Recastly Review
On this page,you will need to add video first. In this example,there are 4 ways to add your video:Youtube Url,Facebook URL,Vimeo Url or your own video.
Recastly Review

In this example,i will use the Youtube Video to upload to Recastly. Here’s an example video,which doesn’t have any sounds and voice. Now,let’s see how i add voice and speech to this video so easy.
Now,choose the sub-tittle source and Target Language.

Notes: if you use Youtube URL as a subtittle source,you are required to create your own subtittle on your Youtube video. But if you upload video from computer,it will automatically generate for you. Sam Bakker and Rohit Shah do that to avoid you from stealing other’s videos,which will make you at risk of being penalized.
Recastly Review
Here are all subtittles generated by Recastly.

This is step 3.

Next,simply choose any of these voice. Remember to customize speed,volume to make it fit your video.
Recastly Review Recastly Review Recastly Review
There are up to 50 languages so that you can choose voice very easy. And lastly,you just need to render,download or upload your video. Of course,you need to wait until Recastly finishes rendering.
Recastly Review Recastly Review Recastly Review
You can whether upload them directly on Youtube,Facebook or simply download as an MP4 video. Here’s the exact video i have customized by Recastly.

Personally,i am new to Recastly so that i have some mistake when generating voice 🙂
Here are some example video that can be created by Recastly.
Before Recastly.

And After Using Recastly

2.Auto Generate Subtitle

This feature is mostly used to create a social media video. As you want,when people watch video on Facebook,they don’t hear voice,they just see the text. And of course,the best way to add text is to add subtittle into your video. This app can automatically add subtittle to your video.
Recastly Review Recastly Review Recastly Review
However,it won’t generate subtittle immediately,you need to wait around 5-10 minutes.
Recastly Review
After generating,you can go to next step. I choose English in this example.
Recastly Review Recastly Review Recastly Review
Then,you need to edit subtitle on your video.
Recastly Review Recastly Review
As a result,all subtitle here will appear in your video.
Recastly Review Recastly Review Recastly Review Recastly Review Recastly Review Recastly Review Recastly Review
On the next step,you can either add their voiceover or use your own. The process is the same as i say above.
Recastly Review
And lastly,just export your video.
Recastly Review Recastly Review Recastly Review
Here’s the video after i generate subtittle.

My Recastly Review Video (Please Watch)

To help you understand about the software Recastly,i have recorded a full demo about the product. If you are interested in the software,make sure you watch my video so that you understand the usage.

Upsells of Recastly

With this affordable price,there is no doubt when this product has upsells. Basically,this is the entire funnel.
Recastly Funnel
If you intend to buy upsells,i just recommend you to buy the first upsell,Recastly Pro version. The agency license is only for those who intend to sell videos,of course,they have experience. Recastly Video Player is a video hosting service,means you don’t need to upload video on Youtube,Facebook.

Bonuses From Me

To make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy this product through a real user review on this page. In fact,these bonuses will help your life and video marketing bussiness much easier.
1.Video Drill

Recastly Bonus
2.Video Sales Blueprint

3.WP Profit Doubler Software

4.Wordpress Testimonial Pro

5.WP Tube Monetizer

6.WP Tube Maximizer

7.Marketing Graphic Toolkit

8.Facebook Remarketing 2.0 Made Easy
Recastly Bonus
9.Youtube Ads 2.0 Made Easy
Recastly Bonus
10.Auto Video Creator

You are all set to personalize and customize your videos to boost visitor’s engagement with Recastly and we are giving you an additional booster to enhance its value.
Inside this package, we are giving you a useful software that enables you to create your own professional videos without using cameras, PowerPoint, Camtasia and even voice overs. This package can be used as your own business booster and increases the value of your purchase of Recastly through my affiliate link.


Inside this package, you will get super useful video editing software that is widely used by professional video editors on 3D movies. The software is called DaVinci Resolve.
And the video tutorials will help you teach how you can effectively use the DaVinci Resolve Software fast and professionally so you can immediately work on your own project.

12.Editing Video For Free

Videos are the best marketing medium to build trust, relationship as well as authority towards your customers. If used in the right way, they certainly reap in great results without spending a fortune.
Keeping this in mind, here’s an exciting package that comprises of 8 helpful videos will especially enable you to edit videos using this amazing online software for your video marketing campaign.
It will enhance the value of your purchase with Recastly from my affiliate link. Take its benefit in order to become a success story.

Pros of Recastly

  • Affordable price and it doesn’t charge monthly fee
  • Automatically generate subtittle any video
  • Text to speech features (especially great for those who can’t add their own voice into video)
  • Various ways to upload or render your video
  • Preview And Edit Subtitles (so that you can edit instantly)
  • Generate Captions In All Languages
  • Automatic Timestamp Generator and Automatic Caption Generator
  • Professional Translation and Transcription Services
  • Change Video Sizes And Add Watermarks
  • Add Professional Voiceover Into Your Video

Cons of Recastly

1.The Maximum Video Length on the Front-end is just 10 minutes

If you just buy the front-end,keep in mind that you have limitation about video length. In my opinion,if you use Recastly so as to create a video ads,video sales letter or short video review,it’s ok for you. But if you want to create educational video,this may somewhat annoying.

2.Upsells are expensive

This is a characteristic of most Jvzoo’s products and so does Recastly. But what i really don’t like is that why they don’t charge lifetime instead of recurring fee. So,if you take all these upsells,this will certainly cost you a lot.

3.You Will Need Time To Master This Product

Well,not all software are easy to master and so does this one. As you can see from the video above,i have some mistakes when generating voiceover. So,in fact,you need to get accquaintance with all characters voice,their speaking speech.

Final Verdict

In summary,Recastly is a great video marketing software that you can have a try. It solves the problem of almost video creator,the text to speech feature. On the other hand,what makes Recastly become unique is that it can automatically generate subtittles from any video. Always keep in mind that video is the great way to get traffic,increase conversion,build trust especially if you add voice into your video. Don’t forget to check out my Bonuses products after buying Recastly. Good Luck!


    • 5 years ago

    Thanks for your review,that’s an honest review site that anyone should read.Most people just copy paste the features of a product on the salespage and then offer some cheap and garbage bonuses.But what i really not understand is that why Google always rank them.

      • 5 years ago

      The only reason why Google rank these websites is because they have very strong backlinking strategies.I will post an article showing you exactly how they rank on Google so that you know why they always rank.In fact,they backlink their own website by creating multiple fake website,fake account and stealing other’s video,content,etc.

    • 5 years ago

    Great review,man,you always provide an honest review when reviewing product online.That’s completely different from many bussiness out there,you always show the full demo of a product.Keep working,man.This is a website that is needed on the internet.

      • 5 years ago

      What i can guarantee in this website is that i just review a product if i check it out,test it and use it myself.Fake reviews will never be included in this website 🙂

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