Reddule Review From Beta User-Get Free High Quality Traffic from Reddit

Product : Reddule
Creator : Ben Murray (also the creator of Vidmonial) and Rohan Chaudhari
Price : $26 for Personal or $34 for Commercial
Do I Recommend : Yes,it’s an OK product you can buy.

Reddit is now the 6th social network and so far the most “viral” network.
Yet, despite this network having over 500 million views per month, corporate businesses have struggled to “crack-the-Reddit-code” and run successful longterm lead generation campaigns there.
This is due to Redditors (or Reddit users) notorious disdain of big, pushy brands that do not interest in interacting with the Reddit community.
That makes Reddit a traffic goldmine for small to medium businesses who are willing to follow the rules and add value to the platform.
So that sooner or later,you need to start getting traffic from Reddit. Today,i will introduce you a product that helps you do that,Reddule.
Notes : i got a review access from Rohan so that i understand what i’m talking about.
Reddule Review

What is Reddule?

Reddule Review
At first,Reddule is a two part product that helps you get free viral traffic from Reddit. The part one of Reddule is the traffic training with Reddit.
Reddule Review
Reddule traffic training is a 9 modules video training course that shows you how to get traffic from subreddit,go viral with video,avoid spam trap,reddit PPC,automation and more,..
The part 2 is the cloud base software to help automate traffic and leads from Reddit while fully using the Reddit API. It’s the first to allow keyword alerts, scheduling, Karma analytics, and many more powerful features to help users safely get results and build long-term brands.

Who is Reddule For?

Reddule Review

  • Of course,people who want to get free traffic from Reddit
  • Those who want to go viral on Reddit
  • Social Media Marketer and Syndicator who want to boost reach
  • SEO marketer who want to boost their blog post or Video ranking
  • You need to save time while having free viral traffic
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Demo Reddule

Now,i will show you exactly what you are getting inside this product. This is the exact member’s area once you login.
Reddule Review
After creating an account,you will need to do the basic setup and integration with Reddit.
Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review
On the front end account,Reddule can be used as a service so that you can connect your clients’s accounts and post for them.
Auto Traffic WP Plugin is a feature for OTO 1’s user,the Reddule Platinum.
Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review
Now,let’s discover the main FE features of Reddule software.

1.Create Post

Manulally logging into multiple Reddit accounts and then post them is a time consuming process. But thanks to Reddule,you can save your time doing that.
Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review
One thing you need to understand about Reddit traffic source is that you need to pick subreddit. These are big commnunities and they have large sizes of subscribers. And you know,posting to these subreddit doesn’t just increase SEO but also getting real views,a good social signal for your wesbiste.
You can choose guarantee viral subreddit or pick your own,can be your local,country subreddit or your own communities. The idea of Reddule is to help you boost reach from Reddit marketing.
Besides text post,you can also add Link Post (an idea of social signal) and Video post.
Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review
About video post,you can pick viral video or your own Youtube,video URL.


To get real traffic from Reddit,you need to target the correct Subreddit.
Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review
Simply pick subreddit keyword and then Reddule will auto suggest subreddit. Another thing to know about Reddit is that the time when you publish post.
Reddule Review
Reddule Review
Reddule Review
Reddule Review
Reddule Review
Reddule Review
As a result for this feature,you will target the correct subreddit and post them at the correct time. This is a big time saver when you have Reddule.

3.Track Reddit

This allow you to track the exact post based on keywords and subreddit.
Reddule Review
It auto tracks keyword based on exact match on a specific subreddit.
Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review
So,spend your time researching subreddit in order to understand your trafic sources. Notes : Reddule will automatically send directly to your inbox whenever new idea from this subreddit is determined.
Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review

4.Idea Archive

To go viral on Reddit,we shouldn’t lack idea. Thank to Reddule,you can manually find idea and post simultaneosly.
Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review
The process is like you autosave a specfic Reddit post in a viral Subreddit. Then Reddule will save it inside the member’s area.
And after that,you can post by using these ideas.
That’s all you get inside a single time purchase of $26 or $34 and don’t forget you have commercial license and the Reddit traffic training inside. Let’s take a look at the entire funnel.

Funnels of Reddule

All products have upsells and so does this one. You don’t have to buy upgrade if you don’t need it.

OTO 1 : Reddule Platinum ($47)

This includes more features including Reddule AutoBlog upgrade, ability to find unlimited
videos, schedule more posts, and far more.
It’s a blog post builder,which curates content for you based on Reddit. The idea is to help you create content automatically by using Reddit viral post. Just simply enter the post URL and then setting up your rule.

Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review Reddule Review OTO 2 : Reddule Agency Reseller 1.0 ($97)

A reseller version of the app. Comes with training to help users find their first clients to sell Reddule to.

OTO 3 : Viral Mobilio 2 Special ($47)

A cloud app that helps users run viral referral campaigns on social and mobile platforms. Perfect for sharing Reddit threads and Reddit marketing.

OTO 4 : Vid Viral Special ($19)

A cloud app that creates viral video memes on Facebook with ability to add above and below captions to videos on social media.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Reddule through my link. This product is sold on Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will get immediate access to my bonuses. Of course,no cheap PLR bonuses as some scammers are doing.
Reddule Bonus Reddule Bonus Reddule Bonus Reddule Bonus Reddule Bonus Reddule Bonus Reddule Bonus Reddule Bonus

Viral AutoPost with Reseller Right

Have your curated or unique content auto shared on unlimited social accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr with this amazing app.
Just configure your accounts, define your content, and relax as the app does all the work syndicating your content out, increasing the audience, and making them go viral.

OTO 1 Bonus

1.Viral Recipe Creator with Reseller Right

The perfect software with Reddit, have users submit unique recipes right to your site you can then use to help submit to Reddit, bring traffic back to your blog, and eventually build a responsive list in the health/wellness niche (HUGE).

The food niche is the most viral today online, and this is the perfect software to tap into that.

Reddule Bonus Reddule Bonus Reddule Bonus

Pros of Reddule

  • Affordable Front End Price without recurring fee
  • Easy to use and Manage
  • Include Commercial Right (so that you can post Reddit for clients)
  • Realistic Reddit Marketing Idea
  • Schedule and Auto post Subredit
  • Include Finding Idea and Research on Reddit

Cons of Reddule

  • Too many upgrades and some of them are not related to Front end Product
  • Doesn’t have bulk post

Final Verdict

In summary,Reddule is a good software that you can buy and use. The main purpose of this product is to help you get free viral traffic on Reddit in autopilot. I like the idea of Reddule when we get traffic on Reddit and it saves us a lot time and energy. Of course,it’s a yes from me if you want to automate your Reddit marketing process and enjoy a lot free traffic. Reddit is huge and many successful marketers are getting free traffic by posting on subreddits everday and you can be the same.


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