Reevio 3.0 Review

Reevio Review-Nice Video Ads Creation for Marketers

Product : Reevio

Creator : Josh Ratta (also the creator of Clipman and Vidgeos) and Don Maynard

Price : It’s now starting from $25/month.

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

  • Recommended

According to some experts,video represents 75% of your traffic. So that if you miss video marketing,you are wasting your traffic. On the other hand,video helps you define who is the real customers you should target.
On internet marketing,free traffic is OK but it’s not really a good idea for those who want to gain massive ROI. In fact,almost all successful marketers pay for advertising because they know they will definitely get return back. Hence video advertising appear. With Video ads,you can make money with affiliate marketing,product launching and selling ecommerce product.

At present,marketers are using video ads more frequently because it helps them increase ROI and target better audiences. However,the only issue that most people have is that they are worrying about video production or they don’t have budget for a famous tool. If you are my audiences,you may see my reviews and demo of Doodly,EasyVSL and Clipman. Today,i will show you another video ads tool and it’s especially easier to customize,Reevio.
Comparing with Clipman,also created by Josh Ratta,Reevio has more unique features. On the other hand,it has various purposes to use than Clipman,which is mostly for ecommerce. So today,i will show you a full demo of Reevio,which i very love. Personally,i have an early review access of Reevio before it launches so you will read a real review. Most of the reviews you read are fake and complete trash,garbage. Well,let’s take a look at this software.

What Is Reevio?

At first,Reevio is a video ads creation software that creates a video from pre-formatted templates. In other words,you just need to customize text,images and music to fit the pre-done templates and scenes. Unlike Clipman,with Reevio,you can use more variously and of course more purposely. With Reevio,you don’t have to take a lot of time to brainstorm a scene because it offers done for you scenes. This software is created and developed by Josh Ratta,who is famous for video marketing and graphic templates.

Who Is Reevio For?

  • Any marketer (from newbie to expert) who want to get more traffic from video marketing
  • People who are serious about video advertising
  • Facebook advertiser,youtube advertiser or Instagram advertiser who want to scale up their traffic
  • Affiliate marketer or Product launcher
  • You want to increase conversion inside your landing page or presale page
  • Especially for those who are selling product online (on Amazon or Shopify)
  • You want to get more free traffic from social media or Youtube

Main Features and Full Demo of Reevio

Now,i will show you to full demo of Reevio. As i mention before,i have a review access account with Reevio so i know the exact features inside. At first,it’s a cloud-base software so it works on both Mac and Window. Of course,there’s nothing to install. Besides,the video you create will be in mp4 format,not an html video. Also notes that there is no limitation about video length or how much video you can create . Once you successfully create any video,it will automatically message you on Gmail.

In order to create a video from Reevio,it’s super easy and fast. But first of all,we need to have a view on the available templates.

1.Available Templates of Reevio

As you can see from the picture above,there are 7 modules from Reevio and you have all of them inside the front-end. So,upsells are not necessary to buy ๐Ÿ™‚

Now,let’s see all of these modules.

Firstly,this is the Logo Modules,which has various templates,each templates will have multiple scenes.

Presently,Reevio have both 2.0 and 3.0 Templates Editor.

This app is best usage if you get traffic from social media. As you know,Story is some of the most interactive free traffic.

So,it allows you to create video ads for Instagram Story and even Story Ads.

And these are all preformatted templates inside the front-end. Now,let’s see my instruction on how to create a video using Reevio. This is Promo Templates in 3.0 Editor.

Reevio also provides you various mockup video templates.

For live mockup,you can also use templates from 2.o editor.

Here’s another templates types for 2.0 Version.

As you can see,all these templates can support multiple video format on social media.

2.Create Video with Reevio

Here’s the video editor in reality.

As i mentioned before,you need to customize the pre-defined templates.

It has limitation about text because as a video ads,you need to make the animation make sense. You can add other scenes as you want.

For each scene,you can add Custom Background color,Background Images and Background Video.

You can import file from Computer or URL.

For a video,you can upload a 200 MB Maximum.

You can choose custom Audio. Here’s that specific video.

3.Video in 3.0 Editor

Reevio Review

Just like the version 2.0,the version 3.0 is also a kind of customize pre-formatted templates.

It has direct integration with free stocks services.

You can customize pre-formatted text here.

And upload your custom image file. Like the 2.0 Editor,this one allows you to add New Scene.

And simply customize the specific scenes.

You can add your Watermarkand Audio inside.

This is the real video after i render.

My Reevio Video Maker Review Video (Please watch)

In order to help you understand about this video maker,i have recorded a full demo video together with walkthrough demo about it. Presently,the member’s area has improved a lot since it first launched. Before you buy this app,make sure you read my full review and demo first.

Pricing and Upsells of Reevio

The monthly templates club  upgrade (originally $37/month) has now expired. So,you can acccess more DFY templates when using Reevio for a less price.

OTO 1 : Story Block ($79/onetime)

OTO 2 : Additional Template Club ($79/year)

Bonuses From Me

To make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Reevio through my affiliate link. These are not cheap PLR bonuses you are always seeing,they are high quality bonuses created by 7 figure marketers that i have the full right to share you 100% free.

Just visit the link below to see them.

 Pros of Reevio

  • No limitation about how much video you can create
  • Affordable price and lifetime access
  • Various Templates and Scenes
  • Can Create Video By Customizing Pre-formatted templates

Cons of Reevio

1.You Need To Follow All The Exact Scenes
This software allows you to create video by customizing its scenes but that’s annoying something. If you see the picture above,you may see that it has limitation about how many text for a scene. Well,sometimes you may feel annoying. That’s why Reevio is mostly for video ads rather than an educational video.

2.Doesn’t Allow Voiceover

Personally,i love voice because it makes a video more personalized. Most video viewers are visual views but sometimes adding a voice is better,right ๐Ÿ™‚

Final Verdict

In summary, Reevio is a great video maker that you should consider to buy. By 2020, video will represent 75% of your traffic so that if you miss ,it’s a wasteless. On the other hand, video ads help you get more conversion to sell products or promote them online. This tool is completely easy to use and it has removed hassle work when creating a video. Of course, i highly recommend Reevio for those who want to get more traffic, conversion and sales.

Reevio Review From Real User and Full Demo-How it works

This is the real Reevio review from a real customer who is currently using the app.Now,we will show you how the version 3.0 of Reevio works to provide you a

Price: 59

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Video Creator


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