Resell Titan Review From Real User-5 Figures Selling Products Online

Product : Resell Titan
Creator : Chris X (also the creator of Traffic Titan)
Price : $7 and has upsells of course
Do I Recommend : Yes,but before you buy,i want you to fully understand about it. However,i don’t like the funnel of Resell Titan. But i think the price of $7 is OK for this product.

We all know that selling products online is the most profitable online bussiness at present. However,it’s just correct for professional marketers,it’s not actionable for inexperienced.
There’s a lot thing to do when selling such as products,ideas and a sales letter. If you take action the wrong way,certainly you will fail.
Today,i will introduce you an alternative solution,which is sold on a $7 packpage,Resell Titan. Let’s checkout my Resell Titan review so that you know what inside.
Notes : i got a review access from Chris X so that i know what i’m talking about.
Resell Titan Review

What is Resell Titan?

Resell Titan Review
Resell Titan is a packpage of 5 DFY products that helps you sell products easier.They are premium WP Theme,Traffic Database,Resell Database,Rapid Video and T-Shirt Titan.

Who is Resell Titan For?

  • Of course,people who want to sell products online
  • People who are selling T-Shirt on Teespring
  • Those who want a bigger list
  • And more,..

Main Features and Demo of Resell Titan

Now,i will show you exactly what you are getting inside Resell Titan. I have also checkout and tested them. This is the download page after you buy this product.
Resell Titan Review

1.Reseller Theme

This is a premium wp theme collection that you can use in order to create a salespage (or front page)
Resell Titan Review
This is an example theme after i install.
Resell Titan Review
Actually,an idea from him is to help you resell some products that have reseller license.
Resell Titan Review
They are customizable.
Resell Titan Review
For just $7,it’s hard to get a flexible or drag and drop theme but i think this one is still OK.

2.Resell Database

Resell Titan Review
Resell Database is a list of products that you find to resell. However,they are mostly PLR or MRR products.
Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review
In my opinion,you can even find it yourself.

3.Traffic Database

Resell Titan Review
These are traffic resources you can find when reselling products.
Resell Titan Review
They are large Facebook Page that will share your content if they request.
Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review
It’s like you are requesting with their email. Think it as both will benefit,they share for you,you share for them,somewhat similar to guest blogging.

4.Rapid Video Creator

Resell Titan Review
This is a desktop application and it’s compatible with both Mac and Win. It’s a video sales letter creator software.
Resell Titan Review
Just simply insert your text and then render. Of course,it’s hard to create a high quality video with this app. Besides,you can not add voice,you can only upload MP3.
Resell Titan Review
Resell Titan Review
Resell Titan Review
Resell Titan Review
Resell Titan Review
What i like about Rapid Video is the ease of use together with fast rendering. But remember,it’s a text video and no kind of animation here.

5.T-Shirt Titan

This product is the best value from Resell Titan. It doesn’t just a software package,it also includes his T-Shirt bussiness training. I think the main purpose that makes people buy Resell Titan is to get T-Shirt Titan.
Resell Titan Review
There are 4 softwares as you can see.
Resell Titan Review
For example,if you lack idea,you can do this.
Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review
After that,you can generate your T-Shirt Design. You can also upload your own images if you want.
Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review
Then you need to come here. Oh,these are PNG file so that you need to download it and upload it.
Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review
You can either add your own background or use its background. Here it is.
Resell Titan Review
I strongly recommend you to create a proper text design before coming here. And lastly,go to your T-Shirt bussiness training. He shows you step by step on how to run a Teespring bussiness from scratch and it has advanced lessons about Facebook Ads,marketing technique,etc.
Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review Resell Titan Review
That’s over 8 hours of video training from Chris.
And that’s all you get inside a single time purchase of $7. I will ask Chris X about the funnel and then explaining you about that.

My Resell Titan Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to help you understand about Resell Titan,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy this tool,make sure you watch my video first.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get Resell Titan through my link. This product is powered by Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will get immediate access to my bonus. These are premium from Chris X and he only provides for his trusted partners.

1.One Click Sketch

2.Video Extractor

As a video marketer, your starting point is looking at the top-performing videos in your market, and understanding what makes them engaging. That’s where my Video2Image tool (for PC/Mac) comes in. It extracts images every 1-10 seconds from any MP4 video file, so you can easily scan through the key frames of any video at your own pace

3.Video Watermark

This PC only tool allows you to quickly add clickable images and videos on top of ANY video. This boosts engagement, but also lets you add buttons/ecovers/etc and other clickable elements, then when you add annotations on YouTube you can use these links to drive traffic from YouTube to your website!

 Final Verdict

In summary,Resell Titan is an OK product that you can buy and use. Despite some big cons,it can still help your online bussiness somewhat easier. Besides,i love the Rapid Video and T-shirt Titan product,which is the major value of this product. Buying or not,the decision is ultimately yours but the price of $7 is high affordable for you.

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