Revyoo Review From Real User-Passive Income from Videos

89 / 100 SEO Score

Product : Revyoo

Creator : Tom Yevsikov (also the creator of ReachTreat,PointRank and Live Event Blaster)

Price : $27-$37 during launch and price will come back to $57-$67 when launch ends

Do I Recommend : Yes,it’s an OK product you can buy.


Video review is one of the most effective way to promote product. If you look at Daily Job Killer’s channel,you can see that review videos are playing highly important role for us.

So,if you run an online business,sooner or later,you will need a review video. But normally,it’s a time consuming process and i’m sure that most of you want to do the process as fast as you can. Therefore,you can market as many product as you want and then make passive income from them.

That’s where Revyoo comes in,a useful app that helps you profit instantly from a video review. After having Revyoo review access from Tom Yevsikov,i would say it’s a nice product you can have a try. Let’s read my entire Revyoo review so that you know how it works.

What is Revyoo?

Revyoo Review

Revyoo – the first ever software to create an entire profitable review business in just a few clicks – Create stunning review videos for amazon, walmart and more – just slap your aff link and watch your profits and traffic come using this new tech.

Who is Revyoo For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Especially for Affiliate Marketer or Ecommerce Who Do Product Review
  • You want to save time creating and publishing video
  • And a lot more,..

Main Features and Demo of Revyoo

Now,i will show you exactly how Revyoo works. This is the member’s area once you login.

Basically,the app helps you create a passive Amazon,Ebay,Walmart affiliate campaigns and then you promote the video directly to Youtube and Vimeo.

So,you will need key in order to make the software post your affiliate link.

1.Create Video

At here,enter your search term and in 1 click,Revyoo will display an affiliate offer.

You will need to choose products here.

By default,it will grab all the details and descriptions of that specific product page.

Not just Amazon but also Ebay and Walmart.

Here’s the video editor in reality.

It will automatically collect info of a product and you have options to customize as what you want.

Here are some example slides.

It has 7 themes to choose from.

After that,you need to wait until the rendering finished. In fact,Revyoo can render video really fast. This is the video i have created.

These are other ones.

As you can see,it’s mostly a short video promotion. I think that’s enough for people to take decision and purchase through your link.

If you run authority site,you will be grateful to these.

2.Publish Video and Post Affiliate Link

Here’s the video i want to share.

At the page,you can customize Youtube Detailed.

Here’a the description and affiliate link it auto generate for you.

You can save time getting tags for video in 1 click.

Here’s the video when posted on Youtube.

Here’s the direct affiliate link where it show case products with your link on Amazon,Ebay and Walmart as a result from Access Key.

And that’s all you need to know before you buy Revyoo. In fact,it’s a great product worth buying.

My Revyoo Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to help you understand about the software,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy the app,turn on your volume and then watch these videos first.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get Revyoo through my link. This product is sold on W+ so that after you buy,you’ll get immediate download link.

Revyoo Bonus



Pros of Revyoo

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Fast Video Rendering Process
  • 1 Click Publish to Youtube and Vimeo
  • Built-in Accurate Analytics

Cons of Revyoo

  • Just Amazon,Ebay and Walmart

Final Verdict

In summary,Revyoo is a nice video creator for internet marketer. Thanks to the help from this software,you can create a true passive review video for internet income. That’s really possible because a beautiful and quality review video can boost your conversion and make people feel they need to buy the product from you. Of course,this app is a yes from me.





















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