Robby Blanchard Commission Hero Review by Real User-What’s New in 2020

Today,we are going to give you a new Commission Hero review post as he has updated the course a lot since the first time Commission Hero launches. And now,it’s one of the most famous and best selling Clickbank training course on the internet. We have seen that’s there are numerous Commission Hero review post on the internet but they are mostly text-based and no sign of proof about learning before. So,if you are looking for a real user Commission Hero review,well,you have come into a good place.

At Daily Job Killer,we only give review to a product that we are actually use it,test it and learn from it before. This is to avoid risky before you want to invest in something. And the course is not cheap,we know,you want to consider to avoid risk.

Who is Robby Blanchard-The Owner of Commission Hero?

He is a gym fitness owner and a U.S Internet marketer. In fact,the reason why he focuses on Health/Fitness niche on the course is because he has good knowledge related to gym/fitness.

Content of Commission Hero

Now,i’m going to show you my personal knowledge after learning from Commission Hero strategy. The course is separated into 9 modules and this is a video course,not a kind of text-based.

The first thing that can be seen very clear is that Commission Hero does not have too many video lessons. In my opinion,this is to help you start the business as soon as possible instead of learning too much. And that’s my biggest advantages of Commission Hero when comparing with most high ticket courses because you will take action fast.

1.Module 01 : Getting Started

In the first module,you will watch about the initial process of this online business

Commission Hero Review

There are three main stuffs you need to do.

Commission Hero Review

For Clickfunnels,you can either buy or not,but of course,with Clickfunnels,you can start the business faster.

Commission Hero Review

What i really like about Commission Hero is that every video lesson,he has Animated Text so this allows us to easily keep in loop the lesson as well understanding the key point.

Commission Hero Review

Besides,he shows you some little information about Facebook Ads and your Business Account. As mentioned before,the main strategy of Commission Hero is about Facebook Ads + Presell Pages.

Commission Hero Review

In the first module,he introduces some little bit about Clickfunnels. Just like many others course creator such as Kevin David,John Crestani and Billy Gene,this man also promotes Clickfunnels as an affiliate 🙂

He will show you some basic stuffs when using this funnel builder.

In fact,you can clone his funnel in this 1 click because you access to the code he shared.

After that,you only need to edit with your affiliate link and add your Facebook Pixel.

On the other hand,he also has a brief introduction about Clickbank affiliate networks and Software Projects.

So,think like the course will not just about Clickbank,it’s also for CPA Marketing too.

In my opinion,it only takes you 1 days maximum to complete Module 1 as the lesson is too simple to understand.

Module 02 : Choosing the Right Offer

As an affiliate marketer,it’s always needed to promote the right offer as they work and they convert better than normal ones.

At Commission Hero,the primary niche you will target are Health and DIY Battery.

So,he will instruct you what offers to choose on Clickbank and A4D Networks.

The biggest bonus you will get is that you can place your Facebook Retargeting Pixel inside the salespage of Flat Belly Fix.

Remember,the daily visits of Flat Belly Fix can be thoudsands so you can run retargeting ads to the audiences of that products.

Module 03 : Finding your Ad Images

Before running your ads,you will need to have a converting ad. With Commission Hero,you won’t use video ads because video will cost you more budget to have (of course,custom shooted video instead of stock)

Robby is not a fan of Stock Images so he doesn’t recommend you to use free stock graphics from site like Pixabay and Pexels.

Therefore,the mindset is to outsource a freelancer on Fiverr to make your custom Ad images.

And he shows you the process of well the recommended Sellers on Fiverr.

As you can see,the best he recommends are Vectors and Illustrations (custom made)

In case you don’t intend to buy,you can still use his pre-done Ad Images inside the membership. And most of them are clickbait ad images.

Module 04 : Setting up Landing Page

After people click your ad,then,they will be redirected into your presell pages (Facebook doesn’t allow direct affiliate link)

As from my notice,it seems to be he is not teaching a lot about Facebook Ad Targeting,instead,he prefers using his Facebook Custom Audiences.

And he is also not recommending creating custom Pages,just clone his page instead or to copy the idea he is using into your new one.

So,he teaches you what to setup when using Clickfunnels. Normally,if you are a Clickfunnels user,you will get 1 year free domain names without Cloudflare integration to have SSL.

In my opinion,of course,you should use custom domain names instead of clickfunnels subdomain as it’s more professional.

He will show you how to customize his existing Clickfunnels landing page.

Module 5 : Setting Up Facebook

This is where you get traffic after learning from Commission Hero training course. In this module,he will breakdown what you need to care on your Facebook Business Manager.

After that,you will create account and setup your ad.

Don’t worry if you are new because the product creator will show you everything.

Module 6 : Settings Up Pixel

When people first time visiting your landing page,it doesn’t mean they will buy the product immediately.

So,you will target visitors in order to make them feel they want to buy.

In this module,Robby will show you step-by-step on how to create Facebook Retargeting campaigns.

As well to help you understand about Ad Conversions factors.

After that,just place your pixel into Header of landing page,websites.

As a result,you will get all the data in brief such as Pageview,Conversion,Add to Cart,etc.

Once you understand Pixel,now,you can create your Ad Set.

With Facebook Ads,you will not just run 1 Ad Set at a time,in fact,it’s recommended to run 2 or 3.

Firstly,he still introduces you on how to create your Custom Ad Targeting yourself.

If you notice from him,you can see that Robby hardly targets young audiences as they are not ready to buy.

Here’s an insight of his winning Ad.

Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to target exact buyers.

So,Robby gives you his custom audiences,you only need to import the CSV file into your FB Ad Manager.

After that,he helps you understand about Ad whose conversion goal is Pageview and Ad whose conversion goal is Engagement.

Then,you can optimize your Audiences data and only focuses on audiences who have visited an exact page before.

As you can see from his dashboard,he runs multiple Ad Set at the same time.

Once you have some success,you can scale to earn more. Always keep in mind,Facebook Ads is 80% Testing and 20% Customizing.

Module 07 : Tracking

Tracking is super important for those who run ads online. In fact,all super affiliates track their ad so that they know what works,then,focus on what works only.

You will not need to invest in Voluum,it’s still OK to follow his method when using tracking strategy.

When you run tracking,you will track on the Ad that lands to landing page and how much Clicks,Visits as well Customer Purchases.

As you can see,you will need to copy paste Tracking Code into Landing Page header.

And each tracking will be set up for each Ad Set.

Module 08 : Scaling

After tracking,you have already known what works and what not,so,you only scale the good performing ad. There are five scaling methods,and you will scale for the winning Ad Set.

Module 09 : Ninja Tactics

In this module,he will introduce some little bit about legal stuffs.

Ad Account Getting Shut Down is very usual in the internet marketing space. Some people may feel panic but if you are experience enough,you’ll not really feel panic about it and you can do some request to make it Live again.

After that,he introduces an Ad Spy software called “Social Ad Scout”

You can see Data about Ad Image,Ad Copy and Ad Targeting. So,again,the mindset Commission Hero is bringing to you is all about to do something Pre-Done.


This may be the reason why most people want to buy Commission Hero

The first thing you have is a list of CSV file where you can run Facebook Custom Audiences for Health and DIY Battery Niche.

You also have pre-done Ad Images,and of course,he will update new images for you frequently.

This is an example Presell lander as an article.

Quiz works very well for Facebook Ads,so,you have presell lander from Clickfunnels.

And when he provides page,he not just provide the targeted one but also the thank you page and legal pages.

Commission Hero Review from Real User ⛔ with Demo Inside 👌 and HQ Bonus 😂✨

A guarantee real Commission Hero review video only made by real user

Pricing of Commission Hero

There are two main pricing plans : you can either pay at $997 or $597/2 parts split pay.

Of course,most people will choose the first option. In my opinion,this is a final price and there’s no discounted as well price may not increase soon.

For some people,price may a little bit expensive but it’s worth. As you know,always being a student and learn new stuff so that you can make more money and achieve better results.

Pros of Commission Hero

  • Easy to understand video lessons
  • Methods are all legit and compliance
  • The training is 100% Real (No Gurus)
  • Include Example Campaigns plus Case Studies
  • Can Start Business Now and Take Action Fast
  • Video Lessons have Animated Text Overlay

Cons of Commission Hero

Despite being a great training course, it still has some disadvantages

1.Creating a Mindset of Having Stuffs Pre-done instead of DIY

When you run an online business and you want to make money in the long-term,it’s better recommended to have all the stuffs done by yourself. However,it seems like Robby leverages the word “DFY” a lot so he has some predone Excel File for FB Custom Audiences and some Example Ad Images as well Pre-sell pages inside Membership. Even for an Image Illustration, he just recommends outsourcing from Fiverr.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Commission Hero is a great affiliate marketing training course and definitely not a scam. After learning from Robby, we can easily see that what he taught are all real training and you can make real money as an affiliate marketer using his methods. Of course, you are still required to take action and prepare business expenses but this is usual on the Internet Marketing space. Of course,Commission Hero is a yes from me.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Commission Hero?

Well,it’s a training course brought to you by Robby Blanchard that focuses mandatorily on Clickbank Affiliate Marketing & Facebook Ads

Can Commission Hero Guarantee my Results?

No,and of course no other course can guarantee for that.

What is DFY inside Commission Hero?

Basically,he provides you Presell Pages (for WordPress & Clickfunnels) that you can use immediately.Besides,he also gives you access to his Facebook Custom Audiences and Pre-Done Facebook Ad Image

Does Commission Hero Have Refund Policy?

Yes,they have refund policy.You only get the fund if you don’t satisfy with the strategy when you take action.Remember,this is not an usual 14 days,30 days or 60 days money back guarantee as many products

Are Robby Blanchard and Commission Hero Legit?

Yes,all the methods he teaches you are legit and they work.Don’t believe,well,take your time reading the article

How Long Does it Take to Make my First $1,000/Day after Commission Hero?

Well,it’s hard to say and it depends on numerous factors.If you are not an action taker and you don’t run ads,well,even a dime can not be made to you

Does Commission Hero provide Support?

You don’t have to worry about that.Besides,you can also run your Facebook Pixel into Flat Belly Fix websites in order to have better Facebook Retargeting.

I Don’t Like Clickfunnels,Is it OK?

Yes,you don’t have to worry about that. If you don’t like Clickfunnels or not ready to invest,you can use WordPress instead.

Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero Review from Real Customer

Welcome to our latest Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero review post.We have already learned from it and found it amazing.At Daily Job Killer,we guarantee only bring you real user review.

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