Sendiio Review

Sendiio Review from Real User-Email,SMS and Messenger all in 1 Place

Product : Sendiio

Creator : Joshua Zamora (also the creator of Syndlab,Syndbuddy,XRanker and DFY Chief)

Price : $27-$37 during launch and price will be $97 when launch ends.

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

Email marketing is so far the most popular internet marketing strategy from experts. Let’s face it,almost all Top Leaderboard of Product Launches are from successful email marketer. So,of course,if you want to make more money,you should never miss email marketing.

Besides email marketing,people are also use SMS Marketing and Messenger Marketing. When comparing with email,they are not long content but they have higher open rates. Therefore,combining Email,SMS Text and Messenger is a great idea for all marketers.

But wait,ask yourself a question,how much does it cost when using all of these. Of course,a lot and they are all recurring fee. You may need Getresponse,Aweber,Convertkit,Drip for email marketing,SMS Softwares or ManyChat for Messenger.

So what if you just pay as you go and using softwares for lifetime access,of course,this is what you want,right. That’s where Sendiio comes in. Sendiio is an Email marketing,SMS Text and FB Messenger plattform all in 1 place. And the best stuff is,it’s 100% lifetime access. After having Sendiio review access from Joshua Zamora,i would say it’s a great product worth buying. Let’s read my Sendiio review & demo and also have a check on my Sendiio review & bonus right on this post.

What is Sendiio?

Who is Sendiio For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Of course,email marketing who want better Inboxing Rates (Open Rates and CTR) thanks to SMTP Sender
  • SMS marketer and FB Messenger Marketer also
  • You don’t intend to purchase multiple monthly softwares
  • If you want better engagement and customer satisfaction for FB Fanpages
  • Especially for Agency Marketer (because Sendiio FE has agency license to charge clients for services you provide)
  • And a lot more,..

Main Features and Demo of Sendiio

Now,i will show you exactly how Sendiio works. This is the member’s area once you login.

1.Email Marketing

Now,let’s take a look at email marketing features.

a.List and Email Management

With Sendiio,you can create unlimited email list to unlimited contacts list. For example,i create this email list.

You can manually copy paste subscribers email or simply import it.

When using Sendiio,there’s no verification process for importing your existing email list. Besides,you must enable unsubcribe footer to make it not a spammy email.

But before you want to send something,you must choose your SMTP Connection.

For this example,all the email sent to this list will be from You can manage your email list at any time you want.

b.Add New Broadcast

Here’s the email editor as you can see from here. Now,i have already added an example email content.

And of course,you can easily add URL.

What makes Sendiio so awersome is that it can auto resend to people who don’t open the Broadcast.

This mean you will send the same email content after 24 hours if he/she doesn’t open but will be a different subject lines. Before broadcasting,you should send a test mail.

As you can see,this is the exact email i have sent. Please watch my Sendiio demo video below to understand where it from. And another thing to see is that it’s from Sendgrid exactly as i show in the list above.

Sendiio utilizes the power of SMTP server so that it has a great delivery. Before setting up resending to unopened,make sure you use a catchy subject line.

Here’s the exact email in reality.

And you can view your campaign stats at any time you want.

c.Autoresponder Sequence

If you are looking for a passive income or an automated campaigns,this is what you need. Of course,Sendiio can also create an automation campaigns for you.

Because it’s an automated sequence so you need to create multiple email for this campaigns.

And it has interval between each email,can be Days or Hours. I recommend should be 2-3 days for each email in order to avoid bad bounce and unsubscribes rate.

d.SMTP Domain and Setup

This is a must have process when you use Sendiio. That’s because the SMTP sender will do the hosting for email,not Sendiio.

With Domain Verification,it’s optional but certainly can make your company more professional.

Instead of via,it will be appear like via Just go to your domain registrant like Namecheap,Godaddy,etc to verify.

Here are services that works with Sendiio,i recommend Amazon Ses because it only charges $1 for each 10,000 email.

Mailjet and Sendgrid have free version but of course,with free you can only send 100-200 emails per day. When using Sendiio,you can connect as many SMTP account as you want.

e.Form Management

Lead capture is super important when running any kind of email marketing campaigns. And it has an built-in form with HTML code. So,it works for any landing page builder or Popup that accepts custom HTML code.

You can easily design your optin-form right here.

Here’s an example on XFunnels landing page builder.

2.SMS Marketing

In order to make this feature work,you must have Twillio connection.

Just like email marketing,you can add unlimited phone number and send unlimited SMS Text.

If you have an existing phone contact list,you can 1 click import from Excel.

3.Facebook Marketing

Before you make this feature works,what you need first is to integrate your Fan Pages.

There’s no Developer App Setup,just 1 click connection.

This is what you see once you connect.

This is the Welcome Message for those who first time chat with you.

And not just that,people who first time contacting will automatically in your FB Messenger Leads. You can set up FB Reply Based on Keywords.

Right here,you can create a FB Autoresponder Sequence,like an automated chatbot campaigns.

When you send campaigns,you can also add attactment like PDF.



My Sendiio Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you a full complete understanding about Sendiio,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy the software,turn on your volume and watch this video first.

Funnels of Sendiio

All products have upsell and so does this one. But buying or not,the choice is ultimately yours. According to my knowledge,most people will purchase the Elite (OTO 2) to bypass SMTP Connection. Booster is for those who want to scale their email list while Virtual Assitance is for those who have team.

Virtual Assitance here means you can create account for team member to allow him to do some process for you,it’s not selling Sendiio,please understand.

Email Ramp is a DFY Email marketing solution,you can read my Email Ramp review here.

Sendiio Academy is a training course that helps you get more email leads and more traffic. In the training,he focuses about SEO and Solo Ads traffic to help you get more subscribers legitimately.

This strategy will work for SMS Text,Email Marketing and Fb messenger.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonus if you get Sendiio through my link. This product is sold on Jvzoo so that after you buy,you’ll get immediate access to my custom bonus.

Pros of Sendiio

  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Connect multiple SMTP Accounts simultaneously
  • Email Marketing,SMS Text and FB Messenger All in 1 Place
  • Automatic resending to unopened with different subject line
  • Guarantee Email Reaching to Inbox
  • Can Import Email without Verification Process
  • Can Connect Custom Domain Name
  • Send as many email as you want to unlimited list,subscribers and contacts
  • Auto Reply to FB Commenter or Inboxer based on Keywords
  • Send Unlimited SMS and Messenger Broadcast
  • No FB and Twitter Developer App Required
  • Connect Pay as you Go Services (Amazon SES and Twillio)
  • Optin Form works for any page builder

Cons of Sendiio

  • Full Benefit is only for Upsells
  • Doesn’t Integrate Sendinblue (free for up to 300 Email Per Day)
  • Not Really Built-in for Personalization

Final Verdict

In summary,Sendiio is a great product for any marketer at any experience. It doesn’t just solve a huge problem people having but also have some unique features that not many competitors have. After having some test with Sendiio,i would say it’s a true must-have product for any internet marketer. Of course,Sendiio is a big yes from me.













































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