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SiteGround Review From Real User-Best WP Hosting Ever

Siteground as you know is one of the most popular hosting service on the internet. In fact,it’s the biggest competitor of Bluehost and Hostgator. It doesn’t only have a reliable hosting but also have a humanistic support team. Being a user of Siteground in the long run,i’m pretty happy with my purchase. And today,i want to show you my experience as a user of Siteground. In this Siteground review post,i also show you every features so that you have a correct understanding.


SiteGround Review


My website is presently hosted on Siteground 🙂

Here’s the dashboard of Daily Job Killer.

1.Member’s Area of SiteGround

Just like other hosting,Siteground has their own hosting panel. Here’s an overview of my hosting account.

At this service,you will get free SMTP Access.

Not just that,you have a premium Site Builder (Not WordPress) and they will host that site for you of course.


Most WP Hosting company provides Cpanel and so does Siteground.

As you can see from here,the Cpanel of this one is super easy to navigate.


When you choose a hosting service,uptime is one of the most important factors. Of all WP Hosting services,the host that has highest uptime is Bluehost and Siteground is the second.

Therefore,you don’t need to worry about the uptime of this service,it’s 5 Stars.

4.Best Support Ever

When talking about Siteground,we talk about the great support team. In fact,they are knowledgeable and they are always supporting exactly what you say.

Besides,they have free services about Site Migration so this mean you can start your Business at Siteground Hosting as fast as possible.

5.SSL is Free

In case you don’t use Siteground Name Registrant,Namecheap,Namesilo, or Goddady,all domains must have SSL Certificate without the need from Really Simple SSL.

Inside the Cpanel as i show you above,it has features to enforce SSL. In case you don’t have,just chat with their support team and then they will install for you.

6.Siteground Optimizer

In order to help you maximize page loading speed,it enables Siteground Optimizer features.

One of the best way to improve page speed is to minimize Page Response (mostly seen from external HTMl Script Code)

Besides,it can reduce image size (500 KB -> 400 KB for example) so the pages will load faster.

And with this plugin,you can view Performance Test whenever you want.

Always keep in mind that Page Speed is an important SEO Factors according to new Google Search Engine’s algorithm.

7.Create Sub-Domain and Add-on Domain

As a shared hosting services,i know it’s important to connect multiple domain inside on Panel.

So,just enter your domain details,then point that Name Registrant into Siteground’s DNS and wait 30 minutes for domain propagation.

For each websites,you can create subdomain root do whatever you want after that (Install WordPress,Magento,Prestashop,etc)

8.One Click Installer

Love WordPress?

Well,you can install WordPress Site (for primary domain,addon domain and sub-directory)

Just wait for a few seconds and then you have a new site without needing to create mySQL Database,mySQL User or upload file and then extract manually.

After that,you can do some basic setup.

At here,there’s a lot of SEO Optimized Free Themes you can install.

It’s also recommended for you to activate Elementor Page Builder.

Besides,they also recommend some free plugin.

Once we finish,here’s the WordPress Dashboard whenever we login.

Here’s an example site i have installed.

As you can see,it’s the true 1 Click Installer 🙂

9.Free Site Builder

In case you don’t use WordPress,you can use this free site builder. Firstly,choose the themes.

Now,here’s the Front Page Editor where you can drag & drop.

Every single page from this builder can be optimized for SEO Friendly.

If you run an Ecommerce Business,you are welcome.

As you can see,you can accept payment through Paypal,Stripe and Square.

You can setup automated emails to customers who bought products from you.

When you setup eCommerce Store,you can setup Tracking for multiple page at the same time so you can run retargeting ads a lot simplier.

Besides optimized Page Ranking,you can also optimized Home Page to be SEO Friendly too.

10.Other Features

At first,they provide you Super Caching Technology that allows you to improve Site Speed.

Of course,everything is automatically so that you don’t need to manually do anything.

If you feel annoying for spammers,hackers and trollers for your website,you can ban their IP Address from accessing your site

If you want to determine the IP of these scammers,just simply activate plugin Wordfence to your site and you can easily view. Free WordPress Migration from Siteground is only available for 1 site,additional costs you $30 each.

But don’t worry,you can still migrate others one by using WordPress Migrator without the need to backup the whole Panel.

Besides,you can manage how much unique visits and visitors you get on daily and monthly basis. Another cool features is that Siteground has an autoresponder.

So,if you setup mail content,it can automatically send email to subscribers using PHP Mailer.


















  • Uptime
  • Support
  • Page Speed
  • Price (First Year and After That)
  • Features
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