Smart Video Metrics Review From User-Adanced Video Tracking Technology

Product : Smart Video Metrics

Creator : Joshua Zamora (also the creator of Syndlab)
Price : $7
Do I Recommend : Yes,this price is Ok for Smart Video Metrics.

We al know the power of video marketing as well as its profitability. But guys,you need to know how your video performs to make improvement. In fact,the reason why some video marketers success is because they track their video performance.
When you have VSL,landing page,track video campaign is super important. At present,the best video split testing service is Vidello,which is primarily a video hosting service.
But its price is somewhat expensive for those who need split testing only. So today,i will introduce an affordable option,Smart Video Metrics.
Notes : i got a review access account from Joshua so that i know what i’m reviewing. You are reading a real user review.

What is Smart Video Metrics?

Smart Video Metrics
Smart Video Metrics is a web-app that allows you to be able to know EXACTLY how much profit your videos are making, how well your videos are converting, and/or how many leads your videos are producing.

With Smart Video Metrics you will be able to:

  • Know exactly how much each view is worth and how much your videos are making
  • Be able to see how long your viewers are watchingyour videos and at what point they’re dropping off
  • Know exacting How Well your videos are converting
  • Know exactly how many leads your videos are producing
  • Be able to see extremely detailed data on where your viewers are located and from where in the world your conversions are coming from
  • Be able to run automatic video split tests from your videos by determining which video is converting best!

Who is Smart Video Metrics For?

  • Of course,video marketer on the net
  • Especially for webinar marketer
  • People who display video on their landing page,salespage
  • FB,youtube,Adwords and Bing advertiser
  • People who want more free trafic from video

Main Features and Demo of Smart Video Metrics

Now,i will show you exactly how Smart Video Metrics works as a user. Basicaly,this is the member area once you login.
Smart Video Metrics review
With the front end version,there are some limitation a month on how much video campaigns you can add and track.

Track Video Campaign

The idea of Smart Video Metrics is to add Youtube,Wistia and Vimeo video into this app,then it will generate embed code. As a result,you are tracking video that is embeded into your website,landing page,etc.
At First,click Add New Video.
Smart Video Metrics Review
Smart Video Metrics doesn’t host your video,it just generate tracking code. Now,enter your information.
Smart Video Metrics Review
Here’s what i do.
Smart Video Metrics Review
Just click on Add Video,the you will see 2 code options.
Smart Video Metrics Review
The video below is the exact code i have copied.
After getting code,the next thing to do is to watch video conversion.
Smart Video Metrics Review
And that’s all you need to know inside a single time purchase of $7. In my opinion,this price is OK comparing with the value of it. Make sure you watch demo video from Joshua to see how he uses this app.
Let’s take a look at the entire funnel

Funnels of Smart Video Metrics

At present,this software has 2 upsells and they are not really expensive.

OTO 1 : Smart Video Metrics Agency ($37/month or $47)

There are 2 offers you will get

  • Unlimited Video Tracking Campaign
  • Access Agency Right to track video for your customers

OTO 2 : Syndlab 2.0 ($27/month or $37/quarter)

Syndlab is a cloud-based app that allows you to automatically syndicating your content and video. Actually,it’s a software that saves you time sharing content to social account to self-backlink your content.
Notes : you will get 25,000 syndications a month.
Full Syndlab 2.0 Review Here
However,cancel this upgrade,he will offer a downsell,which costs you $47.
And that’s the entire funnel of Smart Video Metrics.

Bonus From Me

Pros of Smart Video Metrics

  • Affordable Price
  • Lifetime Access without recurring price (include the upsells)
  • Reliable Tracking Technology
  • Can split test video campaigns
  • Can be embeded to any page builder and website

Cons of Smart Video Metrics

  • Just 3 Video Hosting Plattforms
  • Limitation on F/E Account

Final Verdict

In summary,Smart Video Metrics is an OK app that you can buy and use. It’s affordable but useful to track and split test video campaign. In fact,creating too much video but don’t track it is wasteless and you are just losing your time. Of course,the decision is ultimately yours and i would say yes for this app,it’s super affordable.


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