Socioffer Review From User-Make Money with Facebook Offer

Product : SociOffer
Creator : Daniel Adetunji (also the creator of FastEye,ViddyGenie and SociLiveStream)
Price : $97
Do I Recommend : Yes,but only for Facebook marketer overtime.

At present,Facebook is the biggest and most powerful social network. And of course,it’s also a great place to sell and market products online. In order to get reach and boost engagement,setup Facebook Ads is definitely the best way.   Besides Facebook Ads,you should also market products with free originial traffic.
But you know,a normal image post or video post is boring. On the other hand,it’s also a time consuming process because you need to manually upload and post everytime. Facebook offer seems to be a good way to fix this issue. With facebook offer,people’ve likely to view it rather than scroll down. And it could be better if you can schedule and syndication it ousite,more reach and views.
Today,i will introduce you a useful software that especially helps you a free sponsored Facebook offer and save your time posting,SociOffer. SociOffer is a super useful app and it also saves your time a lot while marketing on Facebook free traffic. Let’s checkout my SociOffer review so as to know how it works.
Notes : i get a review access from Daniel so that i understand the usage.

What is SociOffer?

SociOffer Review
Firstly,Socioffer is a cloud base app that :

  • Create free native offer post inside Facebook pages and sharing your all other pages, groups, profile and auto liking the post by other pages.
  • Create offer post with video, single video offer post, images…. and these images are clickable, and also schedule offer multiple times, and automatically post over a period of time to get more and more engagement.
  • Allow you to share the post across all other pages, groups and your profiles, Auto like on your post by other pages that you own.
  • Automatically share your offers, and people can claim their discount, which will in turn generate massive sales for you in return

Who is SociOffer For?

SociOffer Review

Main Features and Demo of SociOffer

Now,i will show you step by step on how to create a Facebook Offer campaign together with SociOffer. On the front end account,you will access to Facebook Image or Video Offer. Facebook Carousell offer is only for those who buy OTO 1 account. You can integrate 3 Facebook Accounts and unlimited pages/groups of these accounts. Besides,you can scheduele and post unlimited,but don’t post too much,this will violate spamming.
The first thing to do is to integrate your Facebook Account.
SociOffer Review SociOffer Review SociOffer Review

1.Create Facebook Offer

On the front end account,you can add unlimited offers post. But of course,don’t post too many,the distance should be around 1-2 hours for each post on a Facebook Page to avoid spamming. Besides,you can only add image and video post. One thing you need to know about SociOffer is that they are free sponsored post. If you want to advertise it,you can use Boost Post features of Facebook.
SociOffer Review SociOffer Review

a.Image Post

There are 4 types of post as you can see.
SociOffer Review SociOffer Review SociOffer Review SociOffer Review
Remember to choose when offer expires. As a result,it won’t display. I strongly recommend you to say many towards your audiences,the more detailed the better.
SociOffer Review SociOffer Review
After that,i upload image for my offer. It should be a clickbait or catchy image. For example,include doodle and sketch or CTA Text inside.
SociOffer Review SociOffer Review
After that,simply schedule and post it.
SociOffer Review SociOffer Review
And you only need to view social sharing report after finishing all. When you post offer on FB,it could be better if you use tracking software,not direct linking.
SociOffer Review SociOffer Review SociOffer Review SociOffer Review
Very simple,right,they will provide you the exact link for that post.

b.Video Post

The process is the same with image post.
ViddyGenie Review ViddyGenie Review ViddyGenie Review ViddyGenie Review
And just see the result after creating and sharing campaign. Therefore,to maximum full benefits of SociOffer,you need to create multiple related fanpages. No limitation about fanpages and groups on the F/E account.

c.Carousell Offer

This is an OTO 1 upgrade,which costs you another $97. Besides,if you buy OTO 1,you can import unlimited FB accounts. If you cancel this upgrade,then he will offer a downsell of $47 to get this feature but 10 FB Accounts only.
You can add as many images for carousel offer as you want. However,there’s just one offer link.
SociOffer Review SociOffer Review SociOffer Review SociOffer Review SociOffer Review
Here’s the Facebook Offer i have created.
SociOffer Review
And that’s the FE and OTO 1 features of SociOffer. Let’s take a quick look at SociNotifier,the OTO 2 features of it.


SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier
This upgrade costs you $97 for personal campaign and $197 for agency campaigns. On the other hand,you can create 10 SociOffer account for clients or your team if buying $197 package.
At first,it’s a product that helps you build a list of FB audiences. Before using this features,you must setup Facebook App first.
There are only 2 process when using SociNotifier,add subscribers and send messege towards your subscribers. Via this way,you will not only chat with audiences but also collect their email.
SociOffer OTO 2 Socinotifier
Everything you need to do next is to share the button URL. As a result,if people click on the generated link,he will see this in his Facebook Account.
SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier
Results,you have collected his information and email. Besides,you also have the right to chat with him automatically.
SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier
Now,you only need to create new chat campaign next. But remember to add category and list subscribers first. Each list subscribers will require its own sign up button.
SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier
Just create FB Notification campaign like this.
SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier
You can either post now or schedule it. Here’s the result.
SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier
This is another campaign i create,of course,it’s hard for people not to see the notification. If he clicks on it,he will be redirected to the action links.
SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier SociOffer OTO 2 SociNotifier

And that’s all you need to know before buying SociOffer.

Funnels of SociOffer

Now,let’s have an overview about the funnel of SociOffer. At present,SociOffer has 3 upsells and 1 downsell.
On the front end account,there are two pricing plan : $9,95/month or $97 for lifetime access.
If you buy the monthly option,you can only access 1 FB account while lifetime access 3 FB Accounts. Besides,SociOffer monthly version has limitation about Post,Pages and Campaigns.

OTO 1 : SociOffer Pro ($97)

Socioffer Pro
With this upgrade,you can import unlimited FB Accounts together with Facebook Carousel Offer. If you cancel this upgrade,then he will offer a downsell of $47,for 10 FB Accounts,not unlimited.
SociOffer Review

OTO 2 : SociNotifier ($97 or $197)

Here’s the full details of SociOffer OTO 2.
SociOffer Review SociOffer Review
The feature of SociNotifier has been described above. This upgrade require Socioffer’s account.
There are three main benefits : get FB’s subscribers,collect their email (real email of course) and send notification campaign to ensure traffic.

OTO 3 : SociOffer Agency ($97)

This upgrade allows you to create SociOffer’s account for client and no limitation about account for that.

However,you can just manually add account for them,not a kind of auto delivered account creation. And that’s the entire funnel of SociOffer,which is quite expensive.

Pros of SociOffer

  • Super simple to use and manage
  • No Limitation about Campaigns
  • Add Unlimited Facebook Pages and Groups (for 3 accounts on FE and additional on upsell)
  • Have a Full Preview
  • 100% Facebook Approved
  • Can Syndicate your Post to Multiple Pages you have
  • Host Image and Video for you
  • Save time and energy with schedule features
  • Not just 1,up to 4 Offer Types

Cons of SociOffer

  • Very expensive Funnels

Final Verdict

In summary,SociOffer is a great software that helps your Facebook marketing campaign a lot. It uses the power of wow your audiences and make them feel they need to take action. It doesn’t just help you sell or promote products overtime but also go viral on free facebook traffic. Of course,SociOffer is a yes from me if you want to get free high quality traffic from FB.


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