Storyxy Review From User-Upgrade Version of VideoRobot

Product : Storyxy
Creator : Andrew Darius (also the creator of Live Vid Ranker,Explaindio,AscendPages)
Price :$67
Do I Recommend : Yes,this is an OK product you can buy.

Presently,we all know the power of video marketing,right. People love watching video and if they watch your video,they will most likely buy your product.
So,to convert audiences to customers,we need to provide a high quality video promotion to them. There’s a lot video creator launch on the internet but you should only buy 2,3 softwares in maximum.
VideoRobot is a spokeperson video creator that has text to speech and lip-sync technology. Today,i will introduce you another one,Storyxy.
Unlike VideoRobot,Storyxy has better usage about 3D characters and animation. Let’s checkout my Storyxy so that you know exactly what inside.

What is Storyxy?

Storyxy Review
At first,Storyxy is a software that focuses only about creating 3D animation video. It has7 0 characters each including facial, full 3D scenes, full 3D dynamic camera with many camera angles, full lip sync, text to speech features.
It’s not a spokeperson video,it’s like a filming video creator. On the other hand,it’s a desktop app,not a cloud-base.

Who is Storyxy For?

  • Of course,video marketer on the internet
  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Especially for local or agency video sellers
  • People who want to increase ROI from Facebook Video Ads
  • Those who never create a filiming video before
  • You want to get free and advertising traffic from video
  • And many more,…

Features and Demo of Storyxy

Now,i will show you real features of this video creator,which i have already tested myself. This is the member’s dashboard.
Storyxy Review
As i mentioned before,this app mostly focuses on animation video and filming,it’s not about other video types. Therefore,it can not be used as a presentation or educational video.
Here are some background you have inside this app.

1.Create Video

The first step when creating videos with Storyxy is to choose Background for your video. Right here,choose characters for your video.
Storyxy Review
Unlike VideoRobot,you can add multiple characters simultaneously and in the same video. Besides,adding voice with this one is still easier to manage.
Storyxy Review
Storyxy Review
For instance,i choose Alex.
Storyxy Review
Then i see this.
Storyxy Review
Now,enter your text to speech and add audio.
Storyxy Review
Then,choose your camera position.
Storyxy Review
This is the result after choosing position.
Storyxy Review
You can add other characters to this scene so as to make a real film.
Storyxy Review
I add Nala and then choose her camera position.
Storyxy Review Storyxy Review
You can still switch background after adding characters. Here’s how i switch backgrounds and add characters.
Storyxy Review
Storyxy Review
And lastly,just customize your video before rendering your filming content.
Storyxy Review Storyxy Review
And that’s all you need to know about Storyxy. Now,let’s take a look at the entire funnel.

Funnels of Storyxy

At present,this funnel has 3 upsells and one of them is recurring.

1.OTO 1 : Storyxy Pro ($99)

With this upgrade,you can add 13 characters per scene. Besides,you can automate camera angles based on speed.
And you get the ability to setup video background and foreground. Lastly,you have 360 degree background rendering. So in fact,he want you to buy this upgrade.
Therefore,the real price of Storyxy is $99 + $67 = $166.

2.OTO 2 : Storyxy Enterprise ($99)

This allow you to sell these video to your clients. You only have licenses to sell Storyxy video.

3.OTO 3 : Storyxy Library ($39/month)

It’s like a monthly templates club.
In my opinion,this funnel is somewhat expensive for some people. That’s a characteristic from Andrew’s products,always create an expensive funnel.

Pros of Storyxy

  • Easy to use and to manage
  • Can Create Video Fast
  • Use 3 Characters in the Same Scenes Simultaneously
  • Various Backgrounds and Characters
  • Real 3D Animated Film and Movie
  • Various Camera Angles
  • Text To Speech with Lip Sync Technology

Cons of Storyxy

  • Full Benefits and Potentials are only in upsells
  • Expensive Upsells Funnel (that’s a lot for some people)

Final Verdict

In summary,this is an OK software that you can buy and use. The only benefit from this app is to boost engagement because it uses a new technique,3D filming in marketing process. Buying or not is ultimately your decisions. It’s still a yes from me thanks to ease of use,text to speech and 3D filming.

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