Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review From Real User-Best Paid Traffic Courses for Marketers

Product : Super Affiliate System 2.0

Creator : John Crestani (also the creator of Internet Jetset)

Price : $997 and you also access SAS version 1.0 for free. This program is more expensive but it’s better a lot.

Do I Recommend : Yes,but definitely not for everyone. Don’t purchase Super Affiliate System 2.0 if you lack budget.

  • Recommended But Not For Everyone

Affiliate marketing is presently the easiest way for any marketer to make money online. And right now,it has improved a lot with a new type,CPA and lead generation.

It’s not a normal affiliate system,it’s much more difficult and it also requires a larger budget. Even if you spend more time and more money,it doesn’t mean you can earn big and scale your campaigns.

So,today,i will introduce you a training course that helps you make money with lead generation and CPA marketing,Super Affiliate System 2.0

I think i don’t need to introduce you because Super Affiliate System 2.0 is very famous and it’s also some of the biggest training on the internet. In this post,i will not talk around,let’s take a look on the training course.

What is Super Affiliate System 2.0?

At first,it’s an 8 week affiliate training course from John Crestani that helps you become a real super affiliate. In this training,he focuses on Paid Traffic,Presell Page,Ad Copy,Write Advertorial and Scale your Affiliate Business. The majority of content inside Super Affiliate System 2.0 is about CPA marketing,a higher level than normal affiliate.

Who is Super Affiliate System 2.0 For?


  • People who want to earn big from affiliate marketing and CPA marketing
  • You don’t lack budget
  • You are sick of the hype
  • Those who understand that only paid traffic is real and targeted
  • Maybe you have trouble getting approval inside big networks such as MaxBounty,Peerfly,Above All Offers,etc
  • And many more,..

Main Training of Super Affiliate System 2.0

Now,i will show you the exact training that John Crestani offers in Super Affiliate System 2.0. Please notes that it’s not a normal or low quality how I Make xxx Training,it’s a really advanced training and require you to take action. Orginially,in version 01,it’s a 12 weeks training course but right now,it’s now a 10 weeks training from John.

However,you will still access the old version 1.0 course for free of charge.

Inside Super Affiliate System 2.0,he focuses a lot about CPA marketing or lead generation,not normal affiliate marketing on Clickbank,Jvzoo,etc.

1.Lessons Inside

Firstly,you will do the system setup. The first thing to do is to use Bluehost as your main hosting service.

Besides,you must also join affiliate program. With CPA networks,it’s never easy to get accepted inside. He recommends you to tell the manager that you have been refered by John for better treatment.

a.Week 1

This week is a basic setup.

The main traffic he focuses is Facebook Ads and he recommends you some CPA networks and work with affiliate manager.

DFY Ad Swipe is a great value from Super Affiliate System 2.0. These are some required tools.

b.Week 2

As we know,CPA marketing is mostly for those who want to earn big. Even many experienced marketers can not make money or even approval in CPA networks. When studing,you will learn types of blackhat copywriting (not like blackhat seo,don’t worry)

The main networks he recommends are Ad4DOugh and AboveAllOffers. Besides,to get approval,he advises you to tell affiliate manager you know from John Crestani for better treatment.

To be clear,the majority of training is like you choose high converting CPA offers,then drive traffic from Facebook Ads,Google Adwords,Native Ads and then retarget again and gain until people buy products.

Then,you will learn about high converting presell pages that you will drive traffic to.

The key to successful with this program is to run retargeting ads and networking overtime. You will see a lot swipes file he recommends,that’s great for actionable.

3.Week 3

Copywriting and Salescopy are the key to success with the program. When learning from Super Affiliate System 2.0,you will create a lot landing page.

If you run advertorial with Native Ads,salescopy affects a lot to your ROI. In this week,you will learn from John and Ronnie Sandline.

The formula he provides are the combination of headline,copywriting,social proof,Bullet Point and Scarcity. Besides,the formula for copywriting is a kind of telling the deep brain of people.

People are affected if you tell high converting words,that’s so important for a salescopy.

Then,you can optimize for better conversion.

d.Week 4

He teaches you about both Facebook and Adwords this week but it seems like he focuses more on Facebook. In fact,he sees you members of Super Affiliate System 2.0 just combine Facebook Ads and presell pages.

About Google Adwords training,he will show you his entire campaigns promoting high paying offers such as student debt and solar panel (the highest paying out)
Besides,you will see his case study for woodworking niche.

Here’s the main strategies from this course.

And you will track campaign,optimize it again and again.

When we have a look,seems like he focuses a lot on Google Adwords. In fact,Adwords is better than FB when promoting high paying CPA offers.

Targeting is the main success key for Adwords and Super Affiliate System 2.0. Of course,if you run Adwords for niche like skin care,cost is lower than solar panel.

And as i say,remarketing and retargeting are his key to success.

After that,he shows you his definition of scaling your ads and you can implement right on your campaigns.

e.Week 5

Native Ads is like a magazine post,where he discovers about ContentAd,Outbrain or Revcontent. Besides,he recommends using Voluum as the main tracking software. If you can’t afford,you can use affordable options such as Thrivetracker,BeMob or Clickmeter,Clickperfect.

The major adnet are RevContent,,Taboola and Mgid. Native Ads is cheaper than FB Ads and Google Adwords but they convert really nice one.

As you can see,the images are true clickbait.

And you know,landing page is the most important factors for this training.

Sometimes,we think they are unethical when you make real money like me,you will understand about that.

This week also has training about Youtube Ads.

However,it seems to be the offers he recommends you to promote is Internet Jetset,a product of Bizopp types. Here are some landing page for solar panel niches.

And your entire process when running ads for this. The landing page he shows you a million dollars landing page,of course,it’s not created by him,he hires top copywriters to write code,not like drag and drop page.

Personal Injury is also a high paying niche on this training.

f.Week 6

Funnel is a new marketing method for advanced marketers. It’s now a trend because if you have funnel,it’s easier to redirect customers into actions.
Solar and Student Debt are high paying affiliate niches and they pay you for a lead. But this will depend on your presell pages and your targeting ads.

g.Week 7

These are new advertising training from John. You can skip this week if you only want to focuses on Facebook,Adword and Native. I recommend you to focus entirely on Facebook,Adswords and Native Ads,the training in week 7 is totally optional training to make you intend more likely to purchase Super Affiliate System 2.0

h.Week 8

After having the correct understanding,you can now take his course into action. You will need budget as he mentions on some of the first week.

Save budget is not the most important thing,the most one is to enhance your Return on Invesment.

For the ready to launch campaigns,they are DFY Ad Swipes (images),DFY Ad Copy and Example Landing Page with his chosen offers,ad networks. Here are some example ads campaigns you will create with his comple pre-done campaigns.

2.Course Material

You have Ad Swipes and Presell Page for his recommended CPA networks.

Targeting here is absolutely different from Solo Ads. This data is like blacklist,whitelist to Native Ads or Data used to target audiences on Facebook.

When you run ads campaigns,the key to successful ROI is to target the correct buyers. That’s why he teaches you about tracking.

Presell page is highly important in CPA marketing. You have 2 options : 1 click clone his presell funnel through Clickfunnels or Upload his Index.Html file into your webhost.

As you can see below,these presell pages work with multiple marketing niches.

This is an example Optin Presell Page from John Crestani.

Buyer here are emails from customers he has already targeted and have a lot success. They are not for email marketing,it’s like to target them through Ad Words and FB Custom Lookalike Audiences.

Here are example good converting salescopy he is going to to teach you.

3.Weekly Training

Every week,Super Affiliate System 2.0 can watch his live webinar for free and they can also watch replay. I have personally watched a lot training and it seems like he combines content of the course the he shows you his Advertising campaigns.

4.Old Super Affiliate System Course

As i mentioned before,members of Super Affiliate System 2.0 can access Super Affiliate System version 1.0 for free of charge. This is the outline of the course i have screenshot from my Ipad.

The content and training inside these courses are really different.

5.His 1-on-1 Coaching

This option is available for version 2.0 members.

I haven’t applied yet because i don’t really need this. But i think for those who want to start CPA marketing,you should consider applying.
And that’s all you need to know about Super Affiliate System 2.0 before you buy the course. In fact,it’s not a scam and it’s worth the price of $997.

What to Prepare Before Joining Super Affiliate System 2.0

As i show you,there’s a lot budget required to implement this training. It is created to help you build a 6 figures affiliate business.

  • A hosting with Bluehost (he recommends this service,if you have other,feel free to use them)
  • Click tracking with Voluum. Voluum is presently the best tracking service,no one can deny that. Despite the expensive price,it provides the best data for you. If you don’t intend to buy Voluum,it’s still OK to use others.
  • Advertising Budget (it depends on you,i see many people just run FB Ads or some just FB and Native)
  • Clickfunnels to clone his presell page (this is complete optional,if you don’t want to buy Clickfunnels,it’s OK to  upload his html file to your webhost)

My Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review Video (Please Watch)

This is my latest review video about SAS 2.0,please watch to see everything you need to know about the training and DFY Business Setup.

Bonuses From Me

This course has almost all training you need to be a successful affiliate or CPA marketer. So,i won’t add bonus training here,i just add relevant bonuses that support you after buying Super Affiliate System 2.0. I offer this bonuses for those who purchase Super Affiliate System 2.0 through my link. Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your Clickbank Receipt. I will manually check and give you access after that.

1.Two Accounts with FastEye

This bonuses is great if you don’t intend to purchase Clickfunnels. But even if you buy Clickfunnels,you know that you have limitation with the $97/month plan. So,you will need a landing page builder where you can drive your traffic.
That’s a great value for you,feel free to read my FastEye pages review here.

2.Affiliate Marketing Checklist

3.Social Media Marketing Checklist

super affiliate system 2.0 bonus

4.Access to High Quality Ad Images ($2997 Value)

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Bonus

When you join Super Affiliate System 2.0,you should understand that your success is from advertisement from Adwords,Facebook and Native. Don’t waste your time outsourcing elsewhere,access to my high quality Ad Image for CPA offers instead. These will range from niches that John teaches such as Diet,WeightLoss,Muscle,Brain Booster,Student Debt,Acne,Solar Energy,Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Male Enhancement and i will constantly update.

These are main bonuses from me if you purchase Super Affiliate System 2.0 from my link. But if you want more,feel free to contact me and tell me what it is.

Pros of Super Affiliate System 2.0

  • Easy to understand video training
  • Practical Training that you can take action
  • Focusing on Multiple Paid Traffic Sources
  • Include Targeting Data,Ad Swipes and Presell Pages
  • Showing the Exact Campaigns He is Running


Cons of Super Affiliate System 2.0

  • Require a Lot Budget (that’s why i don’t recommend this one for all)
  • Expensive Price

Final Verdict

In summary,Super Affiliate System 2.0 is one of the best affiliate marketing and CPA marketing courses i have seen on the internet. The system and training really works and it’s practical to help you get good results. Of course,if you can afford all the budget he mentions,i think Super Affiliate System 2.0 is great for you. This training is a yes from me,absolutely no hype.














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