Super Affiliate System Review From Customer-Advanced Paid Traffic Course

Product Name : Super Affiliate System
Creator : John Crestani
Price : It’s now $997 because John has launched version 2.0. However,you will access version 1.0 for free of charge
Website : Click Here
Do I Recommend : Yes (But make sure you are not a complete newbie or having a low budget)

  • 9.8/10
    Highly Recommended - 9.8/10

Table of Contents

What is The Super Affiliate System?

Firstly,super affiliate system is a 12 week training course that teaches about paid traffic ads. This training course is like the name,make you become a super affiliate marketer. The course contains 1-2 hours of material, delivered Monday through Friday, for 12 weeks. Secondly,you will get access to an additional 120+ hours of video content from John Crestani. In this course,he will go over ads on Facebook, Google, Youtube, and especially native ad networks. Unlike the internet jetset front end,you will get access to a new kind of affiliate marketing,CPA.
In addition,super affiliate system will give you downloadable high converting landing page template to run ads campaign on FB and Native.

Who Should Join The Super Affiliate System?

  • You are impatient with free traffic Google SEO
  • Intermediate and even Experienced Affiliate Marketer
  • You can not get accepted in some high paying out affiliate network so that you want to solve
  • If you are preparing to scale up your bussiness
  • Of course,you prepare enough investment
  • You want to be a super affiliate marketer
  • People who want to make money as a CPA (higher level than normal affiliate)
  • Those who are ready to scale their income

Who Should Not Join The Super Affiliate System?

  • You are a time kicker and you just jump around
  • If you are living paycheck to paycheck and can not save money for an online bussiness
  • You have a low budget
  • Complete Newbie who know nothing about affiliate marketing

Now,let’s go over what you get inside the Super Affiliate System


1.Week 1 : Basic Affiliate Marketing Knowledge

At first,he will explain the basic of affiliate marketing and paid advertising. In addition,he will know diffrent types of affiliate marketer and paid advertising. Secondly,you will know the right blogs,forums, people, and materials to surround yourself with. He will also talk about best affiliate network including CPA and discuss why promote nutraceuticals. Many people are scaring of some weighloss,skin care,muscle,ED niches because they are always full of competition. However,if you know how to use advertising and understand this affiliate niche,they will not scare about them anymore.
super affiliate system setup

2.Week 2: The Correct Setup

In this module,firstly,he will instruct you the best tools and softwares for his super affiliate system. Additionally,John will teach you about the right skill you have to learn. After that,he wants you to understand user intent so as to grow your advertising (user intent is John’s advantage).
super affiliate system tools

3.Week 3 : More About Tools and Lander Setup

In this week,you will know how to set up domain/hosting/clicktracking and postback pixels (for fb ads). In super affiliate system,your clicktracker is very important because it analyzes your bussiness. Besides,pixels is absolutely important in the gold mind Facebook Ads. Then,you will know about getting Voluum tracking with Clickbank affilite network. You may surprise but clickbank is the fastest way to help you approve in some high paying CPA and affiliate network. Finally,he will teach you how to work with your affiliate manager effectively. Normal affiliate marketer never ask affiliate marketer for help or information but super does. Certainly,you can take huge advantages from them to gain a lot of money.
super affiliate system copywriting

4.Week 4: Advanced Copywriting Method

Inside the Internet Jetset and Jetset CaseStudies,you have learned about copywriting basics and copywriting black hat and in this week,you know it even more specific. In week 4,he will give up 17 step story format that works everytime that make your audiences not only buy but also share your products. After that,you will know exactly how to write advertorial and identify pain points, and major problems your customers have. In other words,it seems like your audiences feel they need to buy the products and that’s what super affiliate system are doing.
super affiliate system research

5.Week 5: Advanced Research Tactics

Personally,one of the hardest part that i have ever seen so far since joining affiliate marketing is to do the research. In week 5,John reveals his super simple research process that almost eliminates chance of failure. Of course,he shows you the entire process step by step. After that,you will know how to find the right landing page and rip it(one of the most important parts). Next,he shows you how he ruthlessly destroy the competitor whenever he joined a new market.
super affiliate system optimization

6.Week 6: Optimization Tactics For Advertising

John explains some common problems such as click fraud,click loss and how to remove them. Then,you will know how to split test & optimize ads correctly (it’s a skill). In fact,this will affect headlines, body copy, formats, colors, devices, and calls-to-action. Lastly,John shows you how to increase profit margins on campaigns ( in order to make every of your investments become useful).

7.Week 7 : Mindset Expansion

There are two tasks in this week. Firstly,John explains why most people fail and how to prevent. Secondly,you will know how to maintain focus and productivity working from home.

8.Week 8 : Network and Coding

At the end of second month,you start by understanding how to leverages others’ success to fuel your own. After that,a super affiliate Tim Burd reveals his ‘social hack’ to getting a facebook representative to help him get preferential treatment on his advertising campaigns on the facebook platform. Next,he teaches you 3 programming languages you need to learn step by step on 3 days.
google adword super affiliate system

9.Week 9 : Google Adwords

Firstly,he informs you how to target, remarket, copywrite, and optimize on adwords. He spends around 6 figure a month in order to advertise his products. Of course,he will teach you about this technique very informative. Best of the best,he will give you campaign example or in other word “real life case studies” . Those campaigns are belonging some of the niche such as investment,weight loss and domain hosting.
facebook ads super affiliate system

10.Week 10 : Facebook Ads (The Gold Mine)

In this special week,there are 4 main things for you to take action. At first,Master facebook marketer Tim Burd shows you how to structure your campaigns on facebook for the maximum amount of success. Secondly,you will learn about an Advanced Custom Audience Monetization Strategies very details. Especially you will see the real life case studies of Facebook Ads in Woodworking niche. Of course,you can start that campaign from scratch. Finally,you will understand how to stay compliant on facebook with affiliate ads.
super affiliate system native ads

11.Week 11 : Native Advertising (I love this one the most)

In this super affiliate system week,you have a chance to implement one of the most effective kind of ads so far. If you don’t know it,don’t worry because John will explain you what it is and how to use it. With native ads,you can enhance ROI  fast because you are displaying ads in some famous companies such as CNN,KFC,McDonald,etc. Before displaying,you need to know The Most Expensive Mistake Most Native Ads Affiliates Make. Once you understand this methods,you will see his 3-tiered bidding strategy for native ads. It’s easy to understand and he will certainly help you lower cost bids and get higher ROI.
Notes : Using Native Ads,you are also working with mobile ads. That’s a kind of CPA affiliate marketer where you can get paid without a sale but a lead. Of course,your payment will be higher if you have a sale.

12.Week 12 : Scaling Your Media Buying Bussiness

There is no doubt when successful and experienced affiliate marketer never write swipes or salescopy,content or some setting up themselves . They are always outsourcing outside with a very expensive price because they know they will eventually take that money back.
In this last week,the first thing he wants you to do is to scale your campaigns. It’s like you are scaling your campaigns from $100/day to $10,000/day in profits and he will discuss about that. Afther that,he will teach you about outsourcing designers,developers and hiring media buyers. Therefore,you can spend your money effectively without scaring you are doing wrong.
And Those 12 Weeks Are Not All You Receive Inside Super Affiliate System
John Crestani will give you 6 exclusive bonuses from himself

My Super Affiliate System Review Video

I have recorđe a full walkthrough demo and explanation about the training,make sure you watch my video first before taking any action. Price is now $997,it’s not cheap.

Number 1 : Ten Recorded Coaching Session

In this super affiliate system bonus,he records 10 hours sessions which address some question you may ask to him

Number 2 : Custom Audience Buyer Lists

It seems like you researchs who you are targeting and is it correct. In addition,you will receive custom audiences from some niches :Skincare buyers US, skincare buyers CA, Skincare buyers UK, Skincare buyers AU, Gamblers US, Blood pressure medication buyers US, Diet US, Diet CA, Diet AU/NZ, Brain enhancement US, Sleep aids US, Hair care US. As you know,many people have a wrong opinion like just US/UK is a good market,No,there’s a lot of highly potential markets that makes you become millionaire.

Number 3 : Black Lists For Many Major Ad Nets

In this bonus,he will go over specific about Native Ads Network. This bonus will work effectlively once you become a massive,media buyers or in other words,you will never scare about wrong or fake audiences targeting. The process of Native Ads is,choose a website that you share your landing page (mostly article or news)

Number 4 : White Lists For Many Major Ad Nets

Super Affiliate System Native Ads Whitelist
Together with black list,white lists is very important. Having a whitelists will bring high quality traffic to your ads. Of course,it supports nativeads . Beginners may feel overwhelmed but they are highly great for increasing ROI. The picture above is an example of whitelist inside Revcontent,the biggesst native ads network at present.

Number 5: Downloadable Landing Pages

Landing Pages are the key for you to get massive ROI and conversion. Those landing pages are created inside Super Affiliate System and they are in various verticals in order to make you control your ads. There are landing pages in some best niches such as weight loss, skincare, flashlight, solar power, eyelash lengthener, casino, and beard oil. They are customizable index.html file that John has created,tested and exported.

Number 6 : John’s Swipe File of Ads

They are ad swipes that he used in order to improve conversion of your Facebook and Native Ads. Ad Swipes are graphics,images,video that you can display on Facebook or your articles when using Native Ads. These ad swipes work in specific niches.

Screenshots Inside The Super Affiliate System


What You Should Prepare Before Buying Super Affiliate System?

Because this course is mainly about paid advertising,there’s a lot of money you have to prepare. On the other hand,there’s something you need to have

  • Hosting and Domain Name (He recommendes Bluehost)
  • Tracking Software ($99/month). He recommends Voluum but you can use the more affordable one like Clickperfect,BuildRedirects and CPV Labs.
  • Facebook Ads,Google Ads and Native Ads (it depends on how much you target).
  • Outsourcing (it depends)

Bonus From Me

In order to make your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you buy Super Affiliate System through my affiliate link. Currently,you can only buy Super Affiliate System as an upsell of Internet Jetset but through my special link,you can redirect to an order form without buying Internet Jetset. Hence if you buy through my link,you save $47. Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your Clickbank receipt,i will check and give you. Of course,these are high quality bonuses,not cheap PLR bonuses as some scammers are offering.

Bonus 1 : 50 Customizable Facebook Ads Templates

Besides Facebook Ads training inside Super Affiliate System,you should also get my customizable templates. You can use to upload on your Fanpage or to increase click rates,conversion rates on your Facebook Ads. Certainly,all Super Affiliate System love it. Here a sample picture of one of these.
Super Affiliate System Bonus Super Affiliate System Bonus Super Affiliate System Bonus

2.Facebook Remarketing 2.0 Made Easy

3.Facebook Remarketing 3.0 Made Easy

Viddyoze Bonus

4.Google Adwords Made Easy

5.Media Buying Made Easy

6.Facebook Ads 2.0 Made Easy

7.Facebook Ads 3.0 Made Easy

Super Affiliate System Bonus

8.Youtube Ads Made Easy

9.Youtube Ads 2.0 Made Easy

10.Video Ads Made Easy


11.Youtube Ads Made Easy Upgrade Video Training

12.Video Marketing Made Easy

Viddyoze Bonus

13.Bing Ads Mastery Training

14.Effective Paid Traffic Sources

Driving targeted traffic to boost conversions and sales is one of the topmost concerns of every online marketer. If overlooked, this can be quite fatal for your growth prospects.
Fortunately, you don’t need to worry as I got my hands on this wonderful video series that includes helpful tips and tricks for driving huge amounts of traffic using paid sources.
Now you can easily drive enough traffic to your website and use it to boost sales and profits hands free.

15.Easy VSL 101

Super Affiliate System Bonus

16.Facebook Ads Audit

17.On Demand Traffic Generation

18.CPA Marketing Genius

19.Google Adwords Mastery

And these are all the exclusive bonuses if you buy Super Affiliate System through my affiliate link.

Pros of Super Affiliate System

  • It’s easy to follow because of step-by step training. John anticipated it’s highly advanced so that he chose a plan for you for each days.
  • He goes very detail in some of the best niches of affiliate marketing.
  • He teaches you about advanced copywriting methods that people do nothing but buying the products
  • You also know how John do the market research
  • You have a good chance to get accepted in high paying affiliate network as well as CPA networks
  • John instructs you how to outsoure without scaring in order to save a lot of money
  • You can even get paid without having a sale with his strategy but a lead (it’s a lead generation)
  • You also get downloadable high converting landing page and ad swipes
  • He even give you custom buyers so that you understand what is a good market and which niche for that

Cons of The Super Affiliate System

  • A lot of cost required (like Voluum,Ad Budget and Even a funnel builder if needed)
  • Doesn Not Teach About Solo Ads,Mobile Ads and Instagram Ads 🙂

Final Verdict

In a nutshell,Super Affiliate System is one of the best affiliate marketing training course that i have ever seen. However,i do not recommend this for complete newbie or low budget although John says beginner can start. If you are finding the best training course that teaches about paid advertising,this course is ideal. In addition,you will also get access to some kind of done for you tools to promote effectively in some best niches. Besides,not many teacher talks about CPA affiliate marketing or native ads.

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