SuperStores Review From Real User-Best Way to Monetize with Affiliate

Product : SuperStores
Creator : Dr Amit Pareek (also the creator of Xmails and Tappit)
Price : $39,95 during launch and price will be $69,95 when lauches ends
Do I Recommend : Yes,but only for eCom Affiliates. Besides,make sure you have Affiliate Key from Amazon,Ebay,Aliexpress,Walmart and BestBuy.

Ecom affiliate is currently one of the easiest online income for internet marketer. Let’s agree this,there’s a lot people earning thoundsands of dollars promoting Amazon and other affiliate program.
One of the best way to make money with this business model is to create an affiliate store. In fact,this is the fastest method to bring us traffic,leads and sales.
Today,i will introduce you a useful affiliate store Builder that i really love,SuperStores. After having SuperStores review access from Dr Amit Pareek,i would say it’s a nice to have product for internet marketer.

What is SuperStores?

With this software,there’s zero domain and hosting required. Just create your affiliate stores and then you can make money from it.

Who is SuperStores For?

  • Of course,eCom Affiliate Marketers
  • You have affiliate key with network like Amazon,Ebay,Aliexpress,Walmart and BestBuy
  • Viral marketer and SEO Authority Marketer
  • You are building a PBNs for your existing niche site
  • And many more,..

Main Features and Demo of SuperStores

Now,i will show you exactly what you are getting inside SuperStores. This is the member’s area once you login.

After creating an account,then you will need to add subdomain. There will be SSL Certificate Included and they also host the store for you.

1.Key and Integration

Before using SuperStores,you will need an affiliate key first. Without affiliate key,your store won’t work. You can choose every of them or just some of them,choice is still yours. Just like his other product,this one also require Developer App Setup for each social media.

Besides,you can setup your social media account to enlarge your Fan Page reach.

It also has direct integration with autoresponder,Marketing CRM and Webinar services. As you can see,this include XMails,a 700K product from him.

Demio is something new that he integrates. Newspaper API is a way to help you go viral with your affiliate store. As a characteristic of eCommerce Affiliate,Authority is the key to success.

2.Store Designer

A catching store will affect to the converion of your store. So,this can encourage people to buy product on your affiliate store.

As an eCom store,you can either advertise your product or add Collection.

So,this mean if you have a Shopify store for example,you can use this way to advertise that store.

You can also make money with Google Adsense if you want. A lot people are making money with Adsense while running niche site.

Of course,your store is 100% GDPR Compliance with Cookie Consent Bar and Privacy Page 🙂

Then,you will need to add category where you import Collections.

Another thing you can do is to create Top Page,Arrival Page.

This is your Affiliate Store in reality.

This store is built-in for conversion. As you can see,it’s multi-lingual.

3.Add Product

In order to make money from your affiliate store,you must import products from 5 Networks.

Here’s where you can manage all products on your eCom Affiliate Stores.

When you import products,your product page will auto generate info. But the good thing is that you can edit as what you want.
Here’s an example product page i have imported.

It collects almost all info you need to convert.

Customer can also leave a review after they buy product.

Of course,you can rate product yourself. And it also show related product.
With SuperStores,there’s 90 days cookie duration this mean if people click on your affiliate link to a product page and he doesn’t clear cookie within 90 days when he visit again,you still make money. This is the product page editor.

It has its pre-built content spinner so that you make your content unique for SEO.

Of course,you can setup SEO for a specific product page. If you are lazy,you can leave by default.

SuperStores also curate Images and Videos from product page. But anyway,you can also add your custom,no problem.
Here’s the process when you add product.

So,pick your network and then enter keyword. For example,i enter Lige Watch.

Just tick any of these and publish them.

Done,product already imported.


If you don’t intend to add product manually,it’s OK to automate the process.

The best part is that it keeps updating frequently. So,your store is guarantee to be viral.

So,sit back and relax 🙂

5.Get Traffic

No matter how good your store is,if you don’t get traffic,you will never make a single dime. Fortunately,SuperStores helps you generate free traffic from both SEO and Social Media. The best part is that they are all automated.

a.From SEO

The SEO Settings of SuperStores are all automatic. Of course,you still have the choice to edit whatever you want.

SuperStores can auto generate XML Sitemap for you. After that,you can submit and verify sitemap into Search Console.

As a result,your affiliate store is SEO Friendly. Besides,it also auto generates RSS Feed. This mean you can syndicate your product page from this store accross social network. For example,IFTTT is a free service that accepts RSS to Social Sharing. You can also use for premium paid services.

You can also insert Google Analytic Code and FB Remarketing Script.

The benefit from it is that you can have a full control on your store perform on SEO and you can create a custom audiences based on their action.

b.From Social Media

This will auto syndicate your product page accross social network. As a result,audiences will reach your product page.

Of course,syndication is what authority site marketers are doing to make money. It can also be your quality backlinks and no way spamming.
Just pick category and you are done.

Also remember to choose your social accounts. With 1 store,you have 7 social accounts. But you can create other accounts if you have multiple stores.

For FB,you can post to Timeline,Fanpage and Group that you are an admin,this is to avoid spam from FB rule. This time,you have preview on how your social post look like.

For Pinterest,the number of timeline you create is the number of social account. That’s why you need to pick some of Pinterest timeline,don’t pick all.

Besides,you can post manually. As a result,you can add whatever body text you want.

For this option,you must choose Product Page.

You can tick whatever account you want.

As you can see,you can add custom Body Text and Image,unlike the automation.

6.Library and Report

Library allows you to save image for later usage. Report will show you how your affiliate stores performs.

And that’s all you need to know before you buy SuperStores. In fact,it’s a great product for eCom affiliate marketer.

My SuperStores Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to bring you a full complete understanding about SuperStores,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy the software,turn on your volume and watch this video first.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonus if you get SuperStores through my link. This product is sold on Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will have immediate access to my bonuses.

Funnels of SuperStores

All products have upsells and so does this one. But buying or not,the choice is ultimately yours.

Pros of SuperStores

  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Integration with Autoreponder,CRM,Webinar,Social Network and News API
  • Premium Hosting with Fast Loading and SSL Certificate
  • Automate Syndication and Post Social Networks Manually
  • Can Advertise your own product or Monetize from Adsense
  • Built-in SEO Friendly
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Automate Importing Products
  • Work up to 5 Networks (not just 1 Amazon or 3 like Amazon,Ebay,Aliexpress like competitors)
  • GDPR Compliance and 90 Days Cookie Duration

Cons of SuperStores

  • A lot upsells
  • Require Developer App Setup

Final Verdict

In summary,SuperStores is a great to have product for eCOm affiliate marketer. As you know,products from eCom Affiliates network are always hot and they pay you really high. To my personal opinion,the combination of SuperStores and authority methods will produce you consistent passive income. If you already have affiliate key with any of these 5 networks,SuperStores is a yes from me.


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