Syndication Academy V2.0 Review From Customer-Does This SEO Technique Works?

Product : Syndication Academy V2.0
Creator : The Semantic Mastery Team (5 teachers)
Price : $67/month if buying on Samcart,price is $97/month on Jvzoo.
Do I Recommend : Yes But Not For Everyone. Syndication Academy V2.0 is only for those who intends to spend at least 1-2 hours/day or more. Besides,you are not a start-up,you need to have your pre-exisiting business.

At present,SEO is still one of the best free traffic source on the internet. If you don’t like Facebook Ads and Google Adswords,it’s Ok to switch to SEO.
Many people says content is king,keywords is queen,it’s true but not enough. In fact,the reason why some websites always rank is because they have strong backlinking strategies.
Guest blogging seems to be a free high quality backlink but not practical. Ordering backlink on Fiverr,Upwork is a suck idea and no more free traffic. Therefore,you can think of an idea DIY backlink.
Comparing with the above backlink sources,DIY backlink is not high quality as them but more actionable. But duplicating content or spamming content is the worst idea for DIY backlink. As a result,these webpage will outrank your site so that you won’t get rank on Google.
Currently,the best DIY backlink sources are live streaming and content syndication. I have talked a lot about DIY backlink on my site and now i will talk another one,syndication.
In order to rank,you must syndicate your content the correct way. So in my opinion,you should consider joining a course to apply.
Syndication Academy V2.0 seems to be the only course that teaches about content syndication and it’s also popular. Unlike most Jvzoo or cheap,low-cost internet marketing ‘s products,Syndication Academy V2.0 is in a higher level. Let’s checkout my Syndication Academy V2.0 review so that you know exactly what inside.
Notes : I got a review access account from Hernan and Chris so that i know exactly what inside.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review

What Is Syndication Academy V2.0?

Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
At first,Syndication Academy V2.0 is an advanced SEO training course that covers about content syndication. It’s not about website setup,competition analysis,it’s all about content syndication. You can think it as a way of DIY backlink sources,mean no guest blogging or ordering backlink.
This training doesn’t only teach about Google ranking,it also covers about Youtube ranking. As mention on the salespage,it has 6 main modules and additional bonuses about Live Streaming and RSS.
The idea of this course is to stay you away from duplicating content for backlink or Spammy backlinks.

Who Is Syndication Academy V2.0 For?

  • Of course,people who want to get free traffic from search engine
  • Especially for launch jacking marketers
  • Those who don’t want to be outrank (your backlink sources rank,not your site)
  • If you want to stay away from duplicating content for backlink or Spammy backlinks
  • Email list builder who want to grow a bigger list
  • You are ready to spend at least 1-2 hours a day or more
  • Those who want actionable,not theory as some suck Jvzoo’s trainings
  • If you understand that domain match exact keywords doesn’t work
  • People who dont’t intend to pay for Moz,Semrush,Ahrefs and other keyword research tool

Main Training Inside Syndication Academy V2.0

Now,i will show you exactly what you are getting when buying Syndication Academy V2.0. This training is very well-known because they run ads overtime on Facebook. Please notes that this review is only for those who are serious about SEO traffic and you already had a website.
About the support,don’t worry because it’s a monthly payment and up to 5 teachers.
Here’s the exact member’s area once you login.

And this is the training area. As you can see,6 main modules mentioned on the salespage together with bonus courses.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review

1.Getting Started

The first thing to do is to sign up for a social account. It’s like you are registering social account so as to share and syndicate your content.
To start,make sure you read the Quick Start Guide from the Semantic Mastery Team First. This is the outline of the course.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
Besides,they provides you a list of Account Templates and Iffts Applets. Sorry but i can not reveal and screen shot all to protect the content of Syndication Academy V2.0.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
Of course,you sign up these accounts free. IFFTT is a brand of thethe Semantic Mastery team.


This is the first training of Syndication Academy V2.0. Again and again,make sure you have a website and content in your site,it’s not a type of 100% newbie friendly training.
Firstly,it’s 36 video training lessons from 2016 to 2018.
Syndication Academy 2.0 Review Syndication Academy 2.0 Review Syndication Academy 2.0 Review Syndication Academy 2.0 Review
If you notice,these are some of the most popular free backlink sources. These are not spammy self-backlinking sources. Actually,it’s like you are creating new websites with these sources and then backlink your own website.
Weebly as you can see is an example,the domain will be and then you will create a source.
What does RSS Feed mean,it means you are sharing your blog post to these networks,just share,not duplicate content. Oh,don’t forget to save your account and password on the Excel file they provide.
Even after looking this session,you know clearly that it’s a time-consuming process and definitely not for lazy.
Here are some screenshot training inside.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
There’s up to 36 video lessons so that i can not show all in just one post,personally,i’m still studying,


This is a setup training before you actually get backlink yourself.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
Actually,it’s like you are using Proxies and clearing some unused addon. They recommend you to use Firefox tool as the web browser.
I have learned some videos inside this course and i see many technical stuffs to do. Guys,Syndication Academy V2.0 is an advanced training 🙂
According to one of these 5 teachers,they recommend you to use Firefox for SEO activities,not Google Chrome.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review


This is the most important modules of Syndication Academy V2.0. Without these social account,no way you can backlink as well as getting rank on Google,Youtube.
This is a 66 video lessons course as i see inside the member’s area.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
I have counted on the member’s area,that’s over 20 social accounts that you need to sign up for syndication.
Lessons in this module will go with a text training so as to make sure you implement.
It’s like you are connecting these social profile with your website. The idea is to combine RSS Feed so as to share your content (you share your own campaign)
They recommend Buffer as a way to schedule post into social account,which is free to sign up.


IFTTT is a brand of the Semantic Mastery so that everything is created by them. Actually,it’s a like a tool that helps you save time and energy.
Syndication Acacademy V2.0 Review Syndication Acacademy V2.0 Review
These IFTTT accounts will automate your process and save you time. Once i understand,i will explain more details.
Firstly,IFTTT is their software and SEO recipes and this strategies is used by large brands in the world. Of course,the main purpose of IFTTT is to increase your social signal,which is proven for SEO traffic. Here’s an example social signals.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
As a result,all yout YT Likes will auto bookmark to these networks. Here are recipes from their team.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review


This is a 9 video lessons that discover about advanced link building technique. In this module,they will mention Serpspace,which is there own software.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
Curation Mastery Training is Content Kingpin,which is another product from them.
RSS Feed is still the core thing they teach you and want you to apply. In fact,duplicating is a bad idea,you should only use RSS Feed or share content yourself on social network.
What i really like is that you will get access to their premium plugin,RSS Plugins Option.
It’s a useful tool that you can use to create feed for social sharing and then syndicate it outside. Here’s an example. This page is
The custom URL will be :
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
Now,just publish your content.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
Feed is important for SEO because it auto connects IFTTT,the training above.


This is a 7 video lessons that shows you how to rank your content for specific usage.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Here are some screenshot training.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
IFTTT is a high Domain Authority and as you know,the better quality of backlink,the better traffic you have.

8.LiveStream and Social Hub Site

This is a 4 video training lessons.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
I haven’t used these backlink sources before but it’s worth trying.
However,the Dipity as you can see can not be benefited anymore cause it’s not valid now.
Alternion is a social hub account,where you can share and feed. Like Dipity, is not valid at present.
About live stream training,it’s a bonus course from Semantic Mastery course and they recommend you OBS,the free software. OBS is a free software that allows you to post pre-recorded streaming video on Youtube and Facebook and Semantic Mastery will instruct you for 45 minutes. Of course,this will cost more time than paid products.

9.Advanced RSS

This is the last training inside Syndication Academy V2.0 and it’s also about RSS Feed.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
In fact,it’s a super effective way to rank your content on Google and other search engine. The main thing they want to focus is to collect these feed and then share to social profile.
Syndication Academy V2.0 Review
And each month,you will access new training lesson from the Semantic Mastery team. That’s all you get inside Syndication Academy V2.0 for a price of $97/month. In my opinion,it’s well worth the price you are paying.
This training is highly practical and actionable for those who are ready to take action.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will provide some extra bonuses if you get Syndication Academy 2.0 through my link. The bonus i provide are premium softwares so that you need to email me at contact@dailyjobkiller and then i can provide you bonus. And these bonus are only accessible if you don’t refund within 30 days of purchase.

1.Account with FastEye

This is a premium Landing Page Builder that you will need after buying the training program. It provides you premium web hosting with fast loading,so,you can create your own PBN or use this software to embed your video.

2.Auto Syndication Web App

This software allows you to 1 click syndicate your URL (any URL) into social networks. So,you can use it as a combination with IFTTT Recipes to make your campaign rank even faster.

Pros of Syndication Academy V2.0

  • Really Step by Step Training and Explain Clearly
  • Practical and Actionable Lessons
  • Multiple Social Account Revealed and How To Use Them As Well
  • Fast and Dedicated Support Team
  • Multiple Advanced Lessons But Easy To Apply

Cons of Syndication Academy V2.0

1.Some Tools They Mentioned Are Not Available Now
This training first launched on 2016 so that some of the backlink sources are old. So,of course,you will not benefit the full features and lessons inside.
2.Expensive Price
It’s a team of 5 teachers and it combines some highly advanced and mastermind course. I’m not surprise with this price. Therefore,i don’t recommend this course for everyone. Don’t pay $97/month if you don’t intend to take action.

Final Verdict

In summary,Syndication Academy V2.0 is a great SEO training that you can consider to buy. It’s the only syndication training course i see on the internet. DIY backlink is more practical and actionable than guest blogging or outsourcing backlink on Fiverr. Of course,i recommend Syndication Academy V2.0 for those who spend at least 1-2 hours/day or more to build campaign and syndicate their content on Google.


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