Syvid Review From Real User-Get More SEO Traffic from Video Syndication

Product : Syvid
Creator : Abhi Dwivedi (also the creator of VidCurator Fx)
Price : $67. But you can buy at the price of $27 by entering the coupon code special40. I privately get this coupon code from Abhi.
Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes.

Video marketing is not the ultimate way to make money if you don’t get traffic with it. Recently,there’s a lot video creator launches on the internet but they just help you create video. Without traffic,certainly you can’t make any dime.
Besides video ads,you should also get free traffic from video marketing. And of course,we will get free traffic from Video SEO. In order to rank your video on Google and Youtube,there’s a lot factor. One of them is a whitehat backlink.
Syndication is an example of whitehat backlink and it’s also a must have process when uploading video. The more high quality,the better right. But you know,outsourcing is a bad idea while we can do it ourself. And the best DIY backlink and syndication is social sharing.
When syndicating content on Social Media,the worst mistakes is to duplicate content or use blackhat. It doesn’t just make you penalized on Google but also not ranking in the future. Because you are a spamming. Therefore,each social sharing description must be unique to get free high quality backlink.
However,that’s a time consuming process. Think over and over,creating a high quality video and logging into multiple channel costs you a lot time and energy. Besides,creating unique descriptions for each social sharing  and then share it is also time consuming. So,it could be better if you can spin unique content and automate uploading,syndication in one place,right.
Today,i will introduce you a software that especially automates all process for you,Syvid. Currently,Syvid is the most affordable video syndication tool and it does help me a lot. Let’s checkout my Syvid review so that you know exactly what inside.
Notes : i got a review access account from Abhi so that i understand what i’m getting.

What is Syvid?

At first,Syvid is a video syndication software that helps you get free traffic from video. This software allows you to upload your video to 8 video plattforms and syndicate your video to 15 social accounts.
Each week,you can upload 500 videos and then syndicate them to these social accounts. Besides,it has spinning content features,which allows you to rewrite descriptions and avoid duplicating.
Of course,you can also add tags to your video if you want and you can schedule your uploading video.

Who is Syvid For?

  • Of course,video marketer on the internet
  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Especially for launch jacker
  • You find annoying when login to multiple Youtube,Facebook accounts just to upload video
  • People who want to get free traffic on Youtube,Google and Facebook
  • SEO marketer on the internet
  • You can not rank video because of duplicating content or blackhat,low quality backlink
  • Affiliate marketer,Product Creator,Ecom Seller,etc
  • And much more,…

Main Features and Demo of Syvid

Now,i will show you exactly what inside the software,Syvid. Always keep in mind that this software is created to mainly save your time and get more traffic.
This is the exact member’s area once you login. Personally,i got this product from a shared review account but in the future,i will buy it myself.

1.Connect Social Account

The first thing to do when using Syvid is to connect your social media account.  Here are 8 places where you can upload your video.

For example,if i want to connect Youtube,just simply click Connect. Then just choose account and allow Syvid to connect.

With Facebook,just do the same.

This software doesn’t require complex ads setup.
Syvid is a video syndication app so that you will need to connect social account to share. These are 15 social accounts for you to syndicate.

These social accounts are free to sign up so that no additional fee for you. If you connect social sharing account for Facebook,you will also connect its pages,groups you have administrator rights.

None of these social media requires app setup if using Syvid. Here’s an example with Tumblr.

2.Creating Campaign

After connect places to upload video and social sharing accounts,it’s time to create your syndication campaign. Notes that with the front end account,you are limited to upload 500 videos per week.
This is where you add your new campaign.

When creating your new campaign,i strongly recommend you to add a detailed and as informative as possible.
The more detail description,the easier for Syvid to spin description. After that,pick your video accounts.

Then,add tittle and description for your video again.

The next thing to do is to upload your video file from computer. So,instead of logging into multiple accounts,Syvid will automatically post for you. Besides,it can also schedule post for you,that’s a saving of time and energy.
And hey,you don’t need to pick social account because Syvid will automatically share to these sites. On the other hand,this app will also automatically spin your description. Actually,you don’t really need to view them. The main benefit of this software is to save your time sharing and spinning video content,which will enhance SEO.

Funnels of Syvid

All products have upsells and so does Syvid. This is the entire sales funnel of this product.

Upsell 3 : VidRank Neos ($47)

VidRankNeos is his web based video ranking app that lets you take any video and using the YouTube live video streaming, start ranking those videos on the page #1 of Google and YouTube in no time. In the front end account of Syvid,you can not add streaming video.

Upsell 4 : Video Traffic Academy ($27)

This is a training course from Abhi about video marketing techniques. In my opinion,this funnel is not too expensive and i only recommend OTO 1 or 3.

Pros of Syvid

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Integrate up to 8 video sites
  • Connect 15 Social Sharing Accounts
  • Automatically Sharing Video Contents
  • Can Spin Description (so that no kind of spamming,blackhat or duplicating)
  • Schedule and Post Video Campaign
  • 1 Click Integration (no request App Setup)

Cons of Syvid

  • Can Not Upload Streaming Video on F/E account
  • Only Syndicate Your Uploaded Video (not syndicating your previous videos,including streaming)

Final Verdict

In summary,Syvid is a great software that helps you boost ranking on Google and Youtube. The idea of this web based app is realistic and practical when getting free traffic. In fact,white hat link building will help you boost SEO a lot. Besides,what i love about Syvid is the ease of use and it helps you save time while ranking video campaigns. And more importantly,it spins description,which is a good way to avoid spammy,blackhat and duplicating content.

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