Talkia vs Speechelo

Talkia vs Speechelo-Which One is Better

In this post, i would like to provide a Talkia vs Speechelo comparison. Recently, i have seen people asking about the difference between them so as a user of both of these apps, i would like to bring you an honest opinion, as a result, you can make your own decision which one to buy or to buy both as i am doing.

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Talkia vs Speechelo Comparison Factor #1: The Voice Editor.

At first, this is the editor of Talkia voice while with Speechelo, here’s how it looks.

With Talkia, all the voices you have are from Google Wavenet and Amazon Polly but about Speechelo, i don’t know where are they from, or, maybe these voices are from their in-house development team.

At least, we can see one thing, Talkia has the timeline editor while Speechelo doesn’t. But for Speechelo, it has breakdown between Standard Voice and Artificial Intelligent Voice. Thanks to the timeline editor, it’s simple for us to make Pause, Break or to merge multiple speech into one file. Due to some merging features of competitors, the developer of Speechelo has included the Audio Merging features even on the Front end account to compete (sounds really genius marketing, right)

To understand the best for us, now, i will generate the voice with the following quotes:

Hello my friend, this is my sample Talkia vs Speechelo comparison, presently, they are some of the best voice text to speech maker online and both of them has brough nearly 1 million dollars in product selling revenue on Clickbank & Paykickstart.

Here’s the test voice using Talkia. I use the character Michael, which is from Google Wavenet.

While this one is from Speechelo A.I Option. I choose the Friendly Tones.

So, the only thing you can adjust with Talkia is about the Pitch Rate and the Speed of the voice file. While with Speechelo, you can add Pause, Break, Voice Tune (Friendly or Serious)

P/S: I have just provided tests with English, i will make test comparison for French, German, Dutch or Spanish later.

However, there’s one thing for you to understand, the total amount of voice file doesn’t matter, the matter is about how natural and human they are.

Talkia vs Speechelo Comparison Factor #2 – The Background Music Track

With Talkia, you have pre-made music track in the library, and the best, they can be used to merge with an existing audio speech you have generated.

The tool Speechelo also has background music in their library, but, it doesn’t have features to merge with the speech you have generated.

So, we can say Talkia is the winning in temrs of this factor. But basically, it’s like one is nine while the another is eight.

Talkia vs Speechelo Comparison Factor #3 – The Price

With Talkia, price can be Yearly or Monthly for Standard and Enterprise License.

According to my research, i see people mostly choose Enterprise Yearly Option, which is at $480 per year.

About Speechelo, the main price is at $47 if you buy in their main salespage. But as a customer of Daily Job Killer, you can access Speechelo for just $27 or $37.

But please note, i’m not sure how long the price at $27 will remain active. So, in case it doesn’t work, you can only buy at least $37.

Notes: for details about Speechelo upgrades, you can come into my Speechelo review article, it’s more detailed about the tool.

Final Verdict

After posting this Talkia vs Speechelo review comparison, i hope that you have answered yourself which one to buy. To me, if i have to choose one of them, i will prefer using Speechelo thanks to the better price and some unique thing that other audio tools (not just Talkia) don’t have. But it doesn’t mean Talkia is lower quality because it’s developed by Bryxen company, the team behind Doodly and Toonly thanks to the better timeline editor.