The Big Three Indicator Review From Real Trader-How It Works?

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Product : The Big Three Indicator

Creator : Info Trading Strategy Guide Team

Price : $99

Do I Recommend : Yes,but as a trader,not as a marketer

At present,trading is more and more popular than ever. The amount of traders is growing and growing as a result thanks to its lucrative and profitable investment.

There’s a lot trading types such as crypto,stock,option and forex. No matter which one you are trading,technical analysis is vital.

Thanks to technical analysis,we all know the behavior of traders as well as their mentality. In fact,trading is a game of mind,who has clear knowledge is the winner.

However,even if you have knowledge about technical analysis,it doesn’t mean you win trading. One of the rule in technical anaylysis is,sell when downtrend and buy when uptrend. But guys,what about reversion,can you guess that.

Some people win trading early but can not profit because they don’t know which is a good time to take profit or stop loss. Therefore,you may need some supports to be more confident and more trust.

Now,i’m going to introduce you a useful indicator,The Big Three Indicator. It’s a high quality softwares created by Info Trading Strategy Guide,one of the biggest name on the market.

The Big Three Indicator works with multiple markets and it has reliable signals for traders. Now,let’s check out my Big Three Indicator review so that you know exactly how it works.

Notes : i got a test account from their team so that i know what i’m reviewing. You are reading a real user review who has used and tested it.

What is The Big Three Indicator?

At first,The Big Three Indicator is a reliable technical analysis indicator that works in multiple markets. It generates line based on upcoming uptrend and downtrend. This software works with MT4,MT5 trader and TradingView.
Besides,The Big Three Indicator focuses mostly on Moving Average 20,40,80 and upcoming trendline.
Inside The Big Three Indicator,you also access ebook guide covering about additional signals such as MACD,Fibonnaci Retracement,RSI 20-80 so as to increase trust before ordering.

Who Is The Big Three Indicator For?

  • Any trader at any experience
  • Crypto,Stock,Options and Forex Traders
  • Technical Analysis Traders who want more trust before trading,ordering
  • Those who want to profit and avoid as much risks as possible
  • And more,…

Demo of The Big Three Indicator

Now,i will show you exactly how The Big Three Indicator works and trade with it as well. Firstly,note that this softwares is for Windows so if you use Mac like me,you may need Parallel.
This is the exact member’s area once you login.

1.Training Vault

On the salespage,you may see this.

This is a pack of these ebooks. Here they are 🙂

Now,let’s take a look at the indicator in reality.

2.TradingView Indicator

The algorithm of TradingView and Metatrader has some similarity. In this post,i will focus about TradingView more because i’m still downloading MT4 file of The Big Three Indicator into my Broker account.

What i really like about Trading Strategy Guides is that they post trading tips everyday.

So,combine their daily tips together with the indicator,sub-chart,you have more trading ideas.

Of course,this can work for both Newbie and Full Time Trader.

a.Quick Setup

In order to start,you can create a TradingView account. You only need to choose the free plan,don’t buy the paid plan.

Then,you need to wait until they activate your account. This is somewhat annoying. Another thing you may not like is after signing up TradingView acccount,you can not chat for the first 5 hours.

When see TradingView chart,you will automatically get notifications from Trading Strategy Team. This is an email that you will receive from their team.

There’s a lot article and technical analysis written by the Trading Strategy Guide team here,i recommend you to spend your time reading.

b.The Usage


3.Meta Trader Account

I will not go detail about setting up MT4,MT5 account here,you will need to do this after purchase. Let’s take a look at the usage of The Big Three Indicator.

When you sign up for a free ebook here,you will get the free trading guide. And The Big Three Indicator will generate signal that helps you work with that strategy.

So of course,this process will take you time to study and actually trade.


 Moving averages parameters 

  • Method (simple, exponential, smoothed, linear weighted)
  • Applied price (close,open, high, low,median, typical, weighted)
  • Show/not show a moving average on the chart

As mentioned before,it focuses mainly on 20,40 and 80.

 Signal parameters

  •  Signal calculation mode. It specifies the way of generating trend changing signal.

There are 2 options to choose:

  •  “Immediately when price crosses MA”. In this mode indicator will generate trend change as soon as price crosses the last MA
  •  “Only at bar close”. In this mode indicator generates trend change only after bar close and its close price crosses the last MA. This mode is later for one bar comparing to immediate signal, but it filters many false breakouts

 Exit trend mode.

There are several modes to choose:

  • “At nearest MA”. When this mode is chosen, current trend will be marked as broken at the first crossing of the price with the nearest MA
  • “At farthest MA”. In this mode the indicator will prolong current trend until the last, farthest, MA will be crossed

Show entry arrows

When enabled it draws the arrow on each trend reversal signal

  • Draw buy/sell zones style. Specifies the style of drawing buy (up-trend) and sell (down-trend) zones

b.Take Profits and Stop Loss

In order to become a successful trader,you should know how to take profit and stop loss. The Big Three Indicator makes it easy for you to close trade. An idea is to combine trendline and MA 20,40,80.

So,when seeing chart,you only need to wait until you see the signal. Besides,you also need to setup your risk/rewards because everything are constant. There are 10 trading styles mentioned on the member’s area and depends on how to look at the candle and solid line.

c.Chart in Reality

This is the Big Three Chart in Mt4.

Presently,i have setup with All the Indicator inside the member’s area and also the EA Robot.

This doesn’t just help you save time viewing multiple pair but also see the trends.

For example,trend is up and the Indicator draws Green Signal,so it’s good to buy.

As you can see,this example is a very strong uptrend.

And like some other indicator,this one also doesn’t recommend to trade in flat or sideway market.

It’s very important to view the trend of the chart and the signal it draws.

Of course,signals will never repaint.

Always make sure to see this whenever you login to broker account.

And to import,you must enable DLL setup.

This is the normal Big Three,which shows you trend of other charts in the same pairs.

For the Scanner,it shows other currency pairs but with the same time frames.

The Spectrum will show you how strong the trend is.

Candles will auto draw and shows you the trend is up and down based on green color.

Separated is actually the same signals with the TradingView version.


4.EA Robot

The last offer of Big Three Indicator is an MT4 EA Robot account. This is for those who lack time to see chart.
The Trading Strategy Guide recommends you to use 1 of these Brokers : FxChoice,Fx Open and TradersWayTradersWay but i think ThinkForex or Etoro should be better.

Just like the Indicator,this EA Robot also focuses on trendline and Moving Average. However,it will automatically close trade based on its own rule.

On the other hand,before you activate EA Robot,you also need to set up your take profits/stop loss for the farthest and nearest MA.

It won’t exit trade at a perfect price point,just a way to remove risk and ensure profit.

Remember that you need to open MT4 account so that don’t turn off computer.

5.My Results Using The Big Three Indicator

I personally don’t like to show off but there’s a lot people asking me about real results using The Big Three Indicator. So,i will show you that and i use ThinkForex,which is the most reliable Fx Broker.

So,this is the first start using Big Three EA.

It has a slow start because 2 loss days in a row. But i don’t give up and still keep the trade open.

As you can see,i start getting a small results.

After that,it grows bigger,bigger and bigger.

When i feel that’s enough,i just close trade and as a result,i got $3,500 in profit.

Please note that the stats is real and it’s from Think Forex,so far the best Brokers so no way fake as some garbage competitors are talking 🙂

And that’s all you get inside a single time purchase of $99. In my opinion,it’s well worth its price. Currently,this funnel doesn’t have any upsell so that no kind of hidden features.

My Big Three Indicator Review Video

In order to help you understand about this service,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy this indicator,make sure you watched my video first.

Pros of The Big Three Indicator

  • Reliable Signal Indicator
  • Really Exact Upcoming Trend
  • Easy to understand and to manage
  • Include Additional Signals Instruction as a way to increase reliability
  • Not a Get Rick Quick Scheme
  • Works With 3 Plattform : TradingView,MT4 and MT5 while most just MT4

Cons of The Big Three Indicator

  • Just Windows Compatible for MT4,MT5. Complex for Mac User
  • Requires Approval When Setting Up with TradingView (annoying)

Final Verdict

In summary,The Big Three Indicator is a useful and reliable technical analysis indicator for traders. It guesses really exact about the upcoming uptrend and downtrend. Besides,the Big Three Indicator works with multiple markets to help you profit. Trendline and Moving Average are by far one of the most important factor when trading for technical analysis experts and you are using them to trade. What i like the most is this software can generate signal of reversion to help us take profit/stop loss.








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