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Thrive Leads Plugin Review From Real User-Grow your List with Converting Popup

Product : Thrive Leads

Creator : Thrive Themes Company (also the creator of Thrive Architect)

Price : Starting from $67 to $147 and can be $19/month for Membership

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes. However,i only recommend Thrive Leads Plugin for WordPress Users.


Lead generation is currently one of the most useful way to increase optin. And of all lead generation strategy,Popup is playing an important role. Agree or not,a lot success company can save visitors because they have exit-pop. Therefore,if you don’t utilize the power of popup,you are losing a lot money on the table.

There’s a lot popup softwares on the internet such as Optin Monster,Optimonk or Bloom and Thrive Leads for WordPress. Today,i will introduce you about Thrive Leads in this Thrive Leads review post.

After using it,i absolutely satisfy with the purchase and would like to show you my experience. So,take your time reading this Thrive Leads Plugin review so that you understand how it works.

What is Thrive Leads?

Who is Thrive Leads For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Of course,email list builder
  • Those who don’t intend to buy Optimonk,Sumome and Optin Monster
  • Of course,you are a WordPress User
  • Affiliate Marketer,Ecom Seller,Product Launch,Agency,etc
  • And a lot more,..

Main Features and Demo of Thrive Leads

Now,i will show you exactly how Thrive Leads works. This is the Plugin Dashboard.

Here’s a quick view of some feature it has.

And this is the Thrive Lightbox,which people will see for the whole Website.

Now,we will go detailed for each of these.

1.Popup Templates

This is very important when using Thrive Leads.

We all know that the templates from this service can be drag and drop. And having pre-built templates will help you customize even faster

As you can see from here,the Template Library is various and it can work for multiple niches and markets.

They can be for Yes/No Question,Direct Optin Form or MultiStep.

And it doesn’t just have various templates,it even has multiple Animation and Effect.

So,there are over hundreds of templates and they work.

2.Popup Editor

As you can see right here,the drag and drop editor is a grid builder.

So,you can easily drag and drop while everything is pre-formatted.

Besides,you can insert elements as you want.

In fact,the popup buider here is the same as Thrive Architect.

For each button,you can easily edit text.

As i show you before,Thrive Leads can create a Multi Step campaigns,so,here it is.

For each answer visitors choose,they see the different optin form.

In order to increase conversion,you can add elements like countdown timer and Progress Bar.

When comparing with Bloom,the biggest competitor,Thrive Leads can provide you a better converting popup.

This one is not just desktop but also Ipad and Mobile Friendly.


3.Thrive Lead Groups

This is like multiple popup using the same trigger.

You can easily add new form for your lead group.

After that,what you need to do next is to design your popup. I recommend a lead group should have 3-4 different popup.

4.Lead Shortcode

This feature will appear popup in a specific blog post. To my personal opinion,this is perfect for those who have content upgrade strategy.

And this one even accepts Hidden Content.


Just copy paste the shortcode.

Then this is how it displays.

And of course,it just appears on a specific post or page that have the shortcode. Here’s another example.

5.Thrive Boxes

This can provide you better targeting for optin form.

Besides the main shortcode,you can add your custom text. This is the example 1.

Now,i click the button.

This is another example.

Now,let’s take a try.

If someone click the text Box 2,then this is what they see.

6.Signup Segue

This is a custom action URL for people who subscribed to your email list.

What you need before using is an integration with autoresponder.

Here are custom redirect URL.

This is an example,you can also redirect people to content on your site.

7.Thrive LightBox

This can be used as a custom landingpage.

So,you can share this kind of URL to people from Youtube or social media,etc.

This is the popup i design as an example. And here’s the page in reality.

Beside,you can setup to make it become the homepage popup of your website.

thrive leads reviews

And that’s all you need to know before you want to buy Thrive Leads plugin. In fact,it’s worth every single penny you are buying.

My Thrive Leads Plugin Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you a correct understanding about Thrive Leads,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy the plugin,turn on your volume and watch this video first.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get Thrive Leads WP Plugin through my link. Just simply buy and then contact me with your name and your receipt. I will check and grant you access after that.

Pros of Thrive Leads

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Super fast popup loading speed
  • Built-in to Convert
  • Multiple Beautiful Popup Templates
  • Can add Testimonial and Scarcity
  • Affordable Price with Multiple Purchase Plan
  • Provide Advanced Triggered
  • Multiple API Connection and also support custom HTML Form
  • Various Types of Popup

Cons of Thrive Leads

  • No Unlimited License Options

Final Verdict

In summary,Thrive Leads is the true must have product for all WordPress User. Exit-Intent works really well and it can help you customize the same traffic for higher ROI. It’s built-in to convert and also the best and most popular WordPress Popup Softwares on the internet. Of course,this product is a big yes from me.































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