Thrive Ovation Plugin Review From Real User-Increasing Trust with Testimonials

Product : Thrive Ovation

Creator : Thrive Company (also the creator of Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect)

Price : $19/month for Thrive Membership Product

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes


Social Proof and testimonial is presently one of the best way to increase conversion. In fact,with the help from them,it’s easier to spark interest people to buy your product.

That’s where Thrive Ovation comes in,a useful Plugin that helps you increase conversion by utilizing the power of testimonial.

After using Thrive Ovation for a while,i would say it’s a great plugin that helps users increase conversion & sales. So,let’s take your time reading my Thrive Ovation review so that you understand how it works.

What is Thrive Ovation?

Thrive Ovation Review

Main Features and Demo of Thrive Ovation

This is the main dashboard of this plugin once you access Thrive Account.

You can easily create new testimonials and then save it for later usage.

This is how you can create one.

On the other hand,you can also save comments as a testimonials.

So,if your website has large traffic,this can help you save a lot of time adding new testimonials.










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Increasing Trust and Conversion Using Testimonials
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