ThumbReel vs Thumbnail Blaster

Thumbreel vs Thumbnail Blaster – Which one is the Better Thumbnail Maker?

If you are a Youtube Influencer, or at least, to get free traffic and to make money from Youtube, thumbnail is playing an important roles. We all know that your video content is important but if your thumbnail is not clickbait, people won’t click thus you lose tons of free traffic. Today, we are going to make comparison between Thumbreel vs Thumbnail Blaster, which are the two softwares developed only to be used as a Thumbnail Maker.

ThumbReel vs ThumbNail Blaster: Which is Better?

ThumbReel vs Thumbnail Blaster

When we make comparison between Thumbnail Blaster vs Thumbreel, there’s a lot factor to consider, not just about the templates. So, to help you understand, we will compare between Front End and Upsells Version for both of these.

Before we jump into the features between both, let’s take a look at some backgrounds between Thumbreel and Thumbnail Blaster.

Who is the Founder of Thumbnail Blaster?

This product is brought to us by Blaster Suite company, owned by Vlad and Stoica. They are famous for selling multiple products such as Video marketing Blaster, Video Spin Blaster, Live Event Blaster and Lingo Blaster.

They have sold hundreds thoudsands of copies for all these apps and the are the real legend right now. In fact, you can see ads from Blaster Suite company everyday and they are still growing their company now.

Who is the Founder of ThumbReel?

This product is developed by Vega6 company, based on U.A.E, not Romanian as Blastersuite. And this company is owned by Abhi Dwivedi. Comparing with Blastersuite, this company has bigger server infrastructure and has launched a lot products like Syvid, Livereel, Agency Reel, Rank Reel, Viral Reel and a lot.

However, this company is mostly selling softwares to small business and some little medium, not as big as Blastersuite when comparing about the amounts of customers.

Now, let’s take to the main Thumbnail Blaster vs Thumbreel comparison factors so that you know who win.

Thumbreel vs Thumbnail Blaster Comparison Factor #1: Templates

The nature of both these apps are thumbnail maker, and we can also say this is a small part of graphic designer.

There are some Front End templates example of Thumbnail Blaster.

While these are somes of Thumbreel.

Notes: we don’t show you all the templates as they have too many for us to screenshot in this post.

Thumbreel vs Thumbnail Blaster Comparison Factor #2: Thumbnail Auto Poster

Once you design a thumbnail, instead of download it, then reupload to your Youtube video, you can save time by directly posting thumbnail to your video.

In fact, if you manage multiple Youtube channels with a huge amount of previous videos, you will definitely want this features.

As Thumbnail is the first cloud-based graphic designer

Thumbreel vs Thumbnail Blaster Comparison Factor #3: Thumbnail Split Test

When you use any of these tool, you may feel it’s difficult to choose templates as all the templates from Thumbnail Blaster and Thumbreel are attractive and gorgous.

Therefore, you may want to use multiple thumbnail to split-test which one captures more clicks and more views.

With this feature, Thumbnail Blaster is a winner because Thumbreel does not enable this.

Thumbreel vs Thumbnail Blaster Comparison Factor #4: Thumbnail Analysis

The software can review your thumbnail to make a score it is good or not good. For Thumbreel, you can use this features from FE account but if you are a Thumbnail Blaster’s customers, you will need

Thumbreel vs Thumbnail Blaster Comparison Factor #4: Background Removal, Cut Out Images

Cutout People Images is the most preferred Youtube thumbnail. For this process, you need to upload a Non-Background images of yourself or any person.

With Thumbreel, you can directly remove Background images within the apps and no need to use other tool.

In case you are a customer of Thumbnail Blaster, well, you will need to use external apps like Photoshop, Background Removal and a lot other free or paid tools.

Thumbreel vs Thumbnail Blaster Comparison Factor #5: Other Features

With Thumbreel, it enables new features, which allows you to see how your video performed after you change thumbnail.

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