TrafficIvy Review

Traffic Ivy Review From Real User-Get More Traffic from Community

Product : Traffic Ivy

Creator : Cindy Donovan (also the creator of Drop Gecko,Eye Slick and Pixly Pro)

Price : $27-$47 during launch and price will grow when launch ends.

Do I Recommend : Certainly Yes

Social sharing is presently one of the most effective free traffic sources. In fact,thanks to the power of real social sharing,we get real backlink. More quality backlink means you have better SEO traffic and more money of course.

Normally,to get social sharing,if you want something organic,you must have high quality content first. Not just that,you also need a large visit per day in order to get social sharing.

This is a very time-consuming process so it’s better if you have a community where users help each other. With this way,you still get high quality traffic but saving more time and energy. That’s where Traffic Ivy comes in,a useful software that helps you generate more traffic for free.

Let’s read my entire Traffic Ivy so that you understand how it works exactly.

What is Traffic Ivy?

Who is Traffic Ivy For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Especially for SEO Marketer and Authority Site Marketer
  • Social Media and Viral marketer
  • Those who are sick of spamming,blackhat and duplicating
  • You want to save time getting backlink
  • And many more..

Main Features and Demo of Traffic Ivy

Now,i will show you exactly how Traffic Ivy works so that you have a correct understanding. This is the member’s area once you login.

Traffic Ivy is basically a credit-based software. If you promote for people,you earn traffic points.

In contrast,when they promote your campaigns,they earn points and your points will be deducted. So,of course,no kind of unlimited here and this can spark interest people to do sharing for you. Here’s where you choose other’s content to promote.

Just pick post for 10 Points and then choose your blog post. It’s OK if you don’t choose your own WordPress Blog,it can be WordPress.Com or 000Webhostapp because they are free.

For Social Media,here are services that integrates Traffic Ivy.

You can integrate WP by providing them your login credentials.

At here,you can create your own traffic campaigns where people can promote.

After you create a campaign,it will appear to other’s marketplaces.

For users  you don’t like,you can ban him and blacklist him.

This app has limitation about Credit and to increase Credit,you can either buy Manually,Buy Monthly Payment or just simply Support People.

And that’s all you need to know before you buy Traffic Ivy. In fact,it’s a great product worth buying and can bring you quality traffic.

My Traffic Ivy Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to provide you a correct understanding about Traffic Ivy,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy the software,please turn on your volume and watch this video first.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get Traffic ivy through my link. This product is sold on CB so after you buy,just hit me at and then show me your name,your Clickbank Receipt.

TrafficIvy Bonus

Pros of Traffic Ivy

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Avoid Spamming,Blackhat and Duplicating
  • Big Community
  • Can Earn and Reward Traffic Points for FE Price
  • Integration with WP and social media networks
  • Multiple Social Sharing Options

Cons of Traffic Ivy

  • A lot upsells and they are not cheap

Final Verdict

In summary,Traffic Ivy is a nice to have product for any internet marketer at any experience. After having some test,i would say Traffic Ivy works very well and it can guarantee bringing us more quality traffic. This can eliminate Spamming,Blackhat and Duplicating so you will never worry about Hurting SEO traffic. Of course,Traffic Ivy is a yes from me.