Traffic Multiplier Review From Real User-Triple your Traffic Sources

Product : Traffic Multiplier
Creator : Glynn Kosky (also the creator of Instant Ecom Funnel,AffiliStores and Smart Funnelz)
Price : $19,95 during launch and price will increase when launch ends
Do I Recommend : Yes,it’s an OK product you can buy.

Traffic generation is always one of the most important factor to success with internet marketing. When we get traffic,we don’t just need to focus on the volume. We also need to focus on customizing that traffic so it’s quality. The best way to increase traffic’s quality is to retarget an audience again and again. Besides,we also need connect with them so you never lose connection and leads.
That’s where Traffic Multiplier comes in,a premium course showing you how to multiply traffic sources. It helps you master free traffic without paying a lot money.

What is Traffic Multiplier?

Basically,it’s a training and also shows you how to combine email marketing and push notification. You will not need to pay for software,they show use how to use free app to connect and retarget audiences. With this way,you have a lead even if people don’t opt-in to landing page.

Who is Traffic Multiplier For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Of course,you want to get more traffic
  • You don’t intend to pay expensive fee for mutiple softwares
  • And a lot more,..

Main Features of Traffic Multiplier

Now,i will show you exactly what you are getting inside Traffic Multiplier.

Notes that it’s a training course that shows you how to leverage the power of free software. They are 100% free and you only need to pay after having some results. Don’t worry,when you pay that amount in reality,you have already made 5 figures a month 🙂

It’s like you are optimizing the pre-existing traffic. Inside the course,he teaches about WordPress but to my opinion,you can apply with other Site Builder or eCom Stores.

There are three essential things about this methods : Email Marketing,Push Notification and Page Builder.

Because it’s a wordpress training,so it shows you how to use Elementor Page Builder Free.

About Push Notification,you will use the software OneSignal,which is free for life until you get over 30,000 leads.

For email autoresponder,he recommends Aweber but it’s OK if you use other softwares.

Besides,you will create a custom audiences from FB Pixel. Actually,you are retargeting your audiences.

The idea is like you get leads from people even if they don’t opt-in. Of course,the leads are from push notification.

What i really love about Traffic Multiplier is that it shows a real live example.

Here’s the recommended resources,except Udimi,all are free (not 100% but still free)

Besides,he teaches you about FB Ads. As you know,before triple your traffic,you still need some visitors first 🙂

The training is Basic in my opinion but the something new is the strategy,which is new towards all of us. To my personal opinion,Traffic Multiplier worth the price itselfs.

My Traffic Multiplier Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to bring you a full complete understanding about Traffic Multiplier,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy the software,turn on your volume and watch this video first.

Funnels of Traffic Mutiplier

If you intend to buy upsell 1,2,3,i recommend you to cancel them and then purchase Downsell of these upsells. This is a characteristic of Glynn Kosky’s products.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will add some extra bonuses if you get Traffic Multiplier through my link. This product is sold on Clickbank so after you buy,just hit me at and then show me your CB Receipt.

Traffic Takeover is a premium plugin that allows you to take over website and then you get get leads from that URL. You can read my Traffic Takeover review here. If you buy Upsell,just hit me another time and i can provide upgrade of Traffic Takeover.

Pros of Traffic Multiplier

  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to understand and Implement Training
  • Real Life Example Included
  • Real Strategies that works
  • Utilize Free Premium Softwares
  • Include Traffic Training

Cons of Traffic Multiplier

  • Complex and Expensive Upsell Funnel (Downsell of Upsells)

Final Verdict

In summary,Traffic Multiplier is a great to have product for any internet marketer. Traffic is the most important factor to success and customize the quality of traffic will make you more money. The training is so realistic and this idea can triple your traffic as the creator say. What i really love is that it leverages the power of free software to get traffic and it’s also simple to implement. Of course,Traffic Multiplier is a yes from me.


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