Traffic Takeover Review From User-Get More Free Viral Traffic

Product : Traffic Takeover
Creator : Glynn Kosky (also the creator of Socibot)
Price : $27,95
Do I Recommend : Yes,this product is OK,but buying or not is still your decisions. However,i don’t like the funnel.

  • It's An Okay Product

We all know the important of authority content. Thanks to it,you will not only get free traffic but also go viral. Therefore,creating an authority and viral content is vital to us.
Now,i’m going to show you a WordPress plugin that allows you to get viral content instantly,Traffic Takeover. Let’s checkout my Traffic Takeover review so as to know what inside.
Notes : i got a review access account from Glynn and Leigh Kosky.

What Is Traffic Takeover?

traffic takeover
Traffic Takeover is a WP plugin that lets you takeover any website online in order to generate more traffic, leads and sales into your online business.

By taking over the authority of huge sites such as BBC, CNN, DailyMail you will convert the visitor into a sale due to the high level of trust the visitor has for that high authority site you initially send them to.
The software combines multiple tricks that force the visitors to interact, opt-in and stay longer on your sites. This enables you to drive visitors to wherever you want them to be, build email lists with ease and make sales on autopilot.

Who Is Traffic Takeover For?

  • Any marketer at any experience
  • Those who want more free traffic
  • Content marketer who want to get authority fast
  • Email List Builder,CPA Marketer,etc
  • And more,..

Main Features and Demo of Traffic Takeover

Now,i will show you exactly what you are getting inside Traffic Takeover. This is the member’s area once you login.
Traffic Takeover Review Traffic Takeover Review Traffic Takeover Review Traffic Takeover Review
Now,you will need to upload the Traffic Takeover plugin before using.
Traffic Takeover Review Traffic Takeover Review
As you can see from the picture,there are 7 types of action you can create with Traffic Takeover.
To connect autoresponder,you may need your own autoresponder code,simply click Add List first. As a result,Traffic Takeover works with all autoresponder.
Traffic Takeover Review Traffic Takeover Review

1.Image Action

The first types is Image,which display full page popup towards audiences.
After having a test,i would say Traffic Takeover is actually a page builder that clones a built-in website online. It’s like you enter the link of that page,then Traffic Takeover will create a page for you.
Traffic Takeover Review
Traffic Takeover Review
Traffic Takeover Review
Traffic Takeover Review
Traffic Takeover Review
Traffic Takeover Review
Traffic Takeover Review
So,you can think an idea of using Affiliate Link and benefit the popup features of Traffic Takeover to get leads.
Don’t worry because you don’t duplicate content from others,you are just getting a predone page.
Here’s what i do.

And that’s it. Now i got an URL :
However,with this feature,you can only add images without text. Therefore,i recommend you to prepare an image that is grouped between CTA Text and Images.


The usage of this one is actually the same with Images but it display video instead. Here’s what i do.
Oh,don’t forget to use Youtube URL video to add,it should be a video sales letter or something Call To Action.

And now,i have a link :

3.Custom HTML and Social

It’s for those who want to be creative with Traffic Takeover while Social helps you get fanpage like.

4.Optin and External Site

This is for those who want to build an email list. You will clone a webpage,blog post from other site and add into this app. After that,it will automatically create optin exit.

As a result,i got an URL : that is created by Neil Patel’s post.

You can create a bonus page in order to use External Page features.

And that’s all you get inside a single time purchase of $27,95 for Traffic Takeover. Let’s take a look at the entire funnel.

Funnels of Traffic Takeover

This product has 5 upsells and no downsell.

1.OTO 1 : Triple Profit Bar ($27 or $37)

It’s a wordpress plugin that creates top bar at the page you take over. This is what you see.

2.Instant Profit Wheel ($27 or $37)

This offer is like you are offering a lucky wheel towards audiences,this is similar to Letspinio but only on Traffic Takeover.

Actually,it’s a Wordpres Plugin. Here’s what you will get inside this upgrade. Currently,i haven’t added a list inside Traffic Takeover so that i can not use at present 🙂

Here’s where you need to create a spin wheel.

3.OTO 3 : Traffic TakeOver Additional Training ($37 or $47)

This is additional training and case studies from Leigh Kosky,his brother. They are traffic training on social media with free and paid traffic.
However,what surprises me is that he doesn’t discover about Traffic Takeover on the training.

OTO 4 : Traffic Takeover Agency License ($197 or $297)

There are 2 things you have : install your Traffic Takeover for your client and you can create account for them too. Not recommended.

OTO 5 : Traffic TakeOver Reseller License ($197 or $297)

You get the right to sell Traffic Takeover as your own product and the materials. However,you can only sell 50 copies for Lite and 250 for Pro.
Of course,not recommended.
And that’s the funnel of Traffic Takeover. I just recommend the OTO 1 or 2,the rest are useless.

Pros of Traffic Takeover


  • Affordable Price without recurring fee
  • Lightweight Plugin
  • Easy interface and to manage
  • Can Takeover Any Website Online
  • Integrate All Autoresponders
  • Pixel Perfect Format
  • Automatic Sharing to Social Media (RSS)

Cons of Traffic Takeover

  • Complex and Expensive Upsells Funnel (and some of them are useless)
  • Not For Creative (because everything are in-built)
  • Require Images Group with CTA Text First
  • Loadtime depends on your hosting

Final Verdict

In summary,this app is an OK product that you can buy and use. It helps you gain authority traffic as well as go viral on the internet. It helps you get leads,enhance CTA and avoid people from exit. Buying or not is still your decisions,it actually uses content from other website to get authority content.


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