Traffik Siphon Review From Real User-Expand your Reach with Quality Content

Product : Traffik Siphon
Creator : OJ James (also the creator of Swift Member)
Price : $21
Do I Recommend : Yes,but i think you should understand it first.

One of the best way to drive organic traffic to your blog is to produce quality content with keywords. This doesn’t just help you become an authority but also increase domain authority,which enhances your site SEO a lot. So that sooner or later,you need to take time creating content to get more traffic to your blog.
Content is always king as you know and it also interests people when reading your blog. So,the key is to combine keyword,unique content,link index and your blog will enhance a lot traffic.
However,this is a time consuming process especially if you are new to blog. So,today,i will introduce you a wordpress plugin that saves you time producing content,Traffik Siphon.
Let’s checkout my Traffik Siphon review so that you understand how it works.

What is Traffik Siphon?

Traffik Siphon Review
Firstly,it’s a wordpress plugin that helps automatically produce your content based on suggested keywords from Bing,Amazon and Google. What makes Traffik Siphon different is that it can generate multiple posts simultaneously. Besides,you can add RSS Feed to this plugin to generate viral content and embed images,gif,video to your content. The most unique features from this plugin is that it can auto index your content and add social locking to your content.

Who is Traffik Siphon For?

  • Of course,Wordpress users who want to get quality content fast
  • SEO and Social Media Marketer on Facebook
  • People who want to enhance organic reach and become an authority fast
  • And many more,..

Main Features and Demo of Traffik Siphon

Now,i will show you exactly what you are getting inside Traffik Siphon so that you understand how it works. Always remember that it’s a plugin and auto content creation. The main benefits of Traffik Siphon is to help your site become to go-to website towards people. Here’s the exact plugin page after i setup.
Traffik Siphon Review

1.Keyword Siphon

There are two main sources : Amazon Keyword Suggest and Bing Keywords Suggest.
Traffik Siphon Review
For example,i enter the keyword The Benefits of Video Ads,then some keywords have been generated. After that,i select all these kewords. As a result,this plugin auto publish content for blog.
Traffik Siphon Review
Now,i will test content uniqueness on Google.
Traffik Siphon Review Traffik Siphon Review Traffik Siphon Review
As you can see from this proof,it’s a very unique content that Traffik Siphon can generate for you. Besides,it has spinning content integration,this can guarantee you to have quality and unique content for ranking.

2.RSS Siphon and Spinning Siphon

This can allow you to produce unique content from RSS resources. As you know,some resources on the internet have quality and viral content.
RSS will auto generates content for you in a specific category based on website RSS Feed Link. I recommend you to research some quality viral websites and then add their feed. As a result,the RSS content will be high quality.
Traffik Siphon Review Traffik Siphon Review Traffik Siphon Review
About content spinner,you can either choose Traffik Siphon Spinner or Monthly Recurring Content Spinner Outside.
Traffik Siphon Review Traffik Siphon Review

3.Media Siphon

This feature is like you search media keywords.
Traffik Siphon Review Traffik Siphon Review Traffik Siphon Review Traffik Siphon Review
Then Traffik Siphon will auto publish post for you based on keywords.
Traffik Siphon Review Traffik Siphon Review Traffik Siphon Review
And of course,content is unique again.

4.Social Siphon

There’s nothing special for this feature,it auto display Lock Down Title text in your blog post.
Traffik Siphon Review
As a result,when people click on these text,they can share your content.

5.Indexer Siphon

One of the main reason why Google and Youtube rank Live Streaming Event on Youtube is because live video get indexed faster than normal video and blog content.
Traffik Siphon Review
This technique is good for SEO,which helps you rank content faster. In fact,many people buy Traffik Siphon just to do this,just index their blog post to big services.
Traffik Siphon Review

6.Monetization Siphon and Product Siphon

This feature will auto hyperlink URL based on text you insert here.
Traffik Siphon Review
About Product Siphon,it just auto search affiliate offer via products,nothing really special here.
Traffik Siphon Review
And that’s all you need to know about Traffik Siphon before you buy the software. In fact,it’s an OK product that you can buy,the main purpose is just to help you become an authority and increase Domain Authority Faster.

My Traffik Siphon Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to help you fully understand about the plugin,i have recorded a full demo video about it. Before you buy Traffik Siphon,make sure you watch my video first so that you understand what you are getting inside.

Funnels of Traffik Siphon

This product has 3 upsells and buying or not,it’s up to you.

1.OTO 1 : Traffik Siphon Platinum ($47)

This upgrade will provide more content resources for you.

Besides,it can spin content in multiple language.

Front end has limitation about domain,with this upgrade,you can add unlimited domains.

2.OTO 2 : Traffik Serp ($27)

TraffiK SERP  is worlds first app that lets you to spy and copy everything your competitors or top ranking websites are doing for their SEO and lets you replicate the same on your websites so you can easily out-rank them rake in tons of traffic within days.
With TraffiK SERP you’ll be able to search, analyze and duplicate the SEO ranking secrets of the 10 top rank sites on Google and other search engines, then you can use for your own advantage and boost your own site rankings with just a few clicks…

3.OTO 3 : Traffik Stealth ($27)

This upgrade provides multiple social networks resources (G+,Linkedin,Pinterest,Facebook and Twitter)
When Traffik Siphon works,it can add viral content from big networks,with this upgrade,you can add link directly from these posts.

Pros of Traffik Siphon

  • Very affordable wordpress plugin with multiple site license
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Can add multiple posts at the same time (with viral content)
  • Integration with spinning services and its own default spinning
  • Auto Hyperlink your keywords
  • 100% Unique Content

Cons of Traffik Siphon

  • Full Benefits is only for those who buy additional costs (more resources and integration with spinning services)

Final Verdict

In summary,this wordpress plugin is a nice to have software especially if you want to save time becoming an authority and expert in your niche. The idea of this plugin really works and it can auto generate unique content for you and get people read your content. Of course,if you are a blogger or SEO Focuses marketer,or viral marketing,Traffik Siphon is a yes from me.

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