TrendyCom Review From Real User-Make Money with Winning Product

Product : TrendyCom
Creator : Devid Farah (also the creator of Targeting Academy and Dropship Selling Academy)
Price : $29,99 during launch and price will grow when lauch ends)
Do I Recommend : Yes,it’s a great product for eCom Seller.

When you launch an Ecom business,success is from the product you sell. This means you need to sell winning products in order to success. After that,you also need to target the correct audiences using FB Ads or Google Ads.
To know what’s a winning product,you need to look at the trend of it and also know your audiences. For a newbie or intermediate eCom seller,it’s a time consuming process but no guarantee results. We must know what’s trendy or what’s steady before importing products or run advertisements.
That’s where TrendyCom comes in. It’s a training a software suit that helps you save time spy trending product and improve ad targeting. As a result,your eCom business is a lot easier and can bring you more sales.
Let’s read my entire TrendyCom review and also watch my demo video so that you know how it works.

What’s TrendyCom?

Who is TrendyCom for?

  • Of course,Ecom Seller,Shopify Seller or Dropshipper
  • Any marketer at any experience
  • You are sick of wasting time guessing or sell not winning products
  • Those who want to save time doing product research
  • Ecommerce Advertiser who want to lower cost but higher ROI.
  • And many more,…

Main Features and Demo of TrendyCom

Now,i will show you exactly how TrendyCom works for you. This is the member’s area once you login.

As i mentioned before,it’s a training and software suite. Let’s discover about the training first. This is the entire funnel of TrendyCom.

Basically,they have the same login credentials.

The main value of TrendyCom is to platform that locates top winning products. This works for Aliexpress and a lot more.


This is the eCom targeting formula.

This is where you target audiences as a strategy of Devid.

2.FE Software

Now,i will introduce you about the software that TrendyCom will grant you access. It’s an Ecom Researching Tool and can be used to find interest,targeting and what’s trending now. Basically,it uses the viral formula.

a.Trend Spy

This is the Trend Spy features,which finds you what’s trending from Wiki,Youtube,Articles and Ecommerce Product. For example,this is the Patriots Trends.

The best idea from this is that you can find keywords and top content. Then you have an understanding about this niche and get your audiences interest idea.

Creating a viral post is a nice idea that get your eCom Stores and Blog generate more traffic.

Best of all,once you get some results,scaling is so easy.

For example,i enter Watch.

Or Bikini as a keyword.

Basically,you can understand fully about your niche and watch people are searching for.

If you have a FB Fanpage,it’s nice to share these posts accross social networks and you can get viral traffic.

When looking at this,you can see that people will buy Bikini at the price range mostly. Personally,in a Bikini Niche,i sold bikini at $24,99 when dropshipping.

b.BuzzFeed Spy

With this option,you know that’s what is trending on social media. One of the most important factor to get free traffic is to become an authority in social media.

Sharing someting fun in social media can make you more FB Like and Social Sharing.

If you are looking to make extra income from Adsense,it’s a nice idea 🙂

Besides,you can also search from keywords.

When dropshipping,you can easily sell products for under $50. So,why not creating a blog post like Jackets you can buy under $50,etc.

c.Trend Hunter Spy

With this option,you know how to create content for your Blogs and Ecom Stores.

So,if you are in a Bikini Niche,you can create a post about Bikini Collections are instructing people about this category,etc.

This is how the post look like.

Manually searching for viral content is so time-consuming. You should work less and be smarter when working.

And that’s what you need to understand before you buy TrendyCom. In fact,it’s a great product worth buying for any internet marketer.

My TrendyCom Review Video (Please Watch)

In order to bring you a full complete understanding about TrendyCom,i have recorded a full walkthrough demo video about it. So before you buy the product,turn on your volume and watch this video first.

Funnels of TrendyCom

All products have upsells and so does this one. But buying or not,the choice is ultimately yours.

This is the quick look at the member’s area.


Basically,it’s an upgrade for software membership. This means you have access to more features.

Features of Upsell in Reality

I want you to fully understand about the funnel of TrendyCom so i will introduce you the features of Upsell Apps inside. And like the FE product,it’s also the spy tool.

First of,you can spy Top Shopify Stores and get the idea from them.

There’s a lot result here so you can see what top Shopify Sellers are doing. Then you can make a checklist for your own Shopify Web Design. What they are doing and why this work,you know everything.

Besides,you can spy Ecom Products and even Print on Demand Products.

For Ecom Seller,Aliexpress is what we care the most. In fact,the products we see are typical winning products and suppliers. To get a low price,you should contact supplier.

There are almost all largest networks for Ecom.

This is how POD research looks like.

Small Plattform Spy

Besides large plattform,you should also know what other people are doing.

This can make money set price for product easier.

These platforms are Catch,Wanelo,Wish,Bonanza and Mydeal. This is an example product page from them.

Naviforce is a famous brands for Ecommerce and in Aliexpress,price range from $17-$30 mostly.

But when you see this,you can understand that people are ready to pay more than that on Aliexpress.
And that’s the Upsell Features of TrendyCom,hope you understand before making decisions.

Bonus From Me

In order to help your life much easier,i will give you some extra bonuses if you get TrendyCom through my link. This product is sold on Jvzoo so that after you buy,you will have immediate access to my custom bonus. I will update more infos about new bonuses as soon as possible.

Pros of TrendyCom

  • Real Strategies that Works
  • Using the Viral Formula
  • Save Time Getting Content and Doing Product Research
  • Can Spy Winning Products and Why They Works

Cons of TrendyCom

  • Full Benefits and Features is only for Upgrade Buyers

Final Verdict

In summary,TrendyCom is a great to have product if you are serious with your eCom Business. When you sell products,if you understand your niche and winning products,you will win. Thanks to the training and features of the software suite,you can save a lot of time and energy. This will remove your guess work and hence more potential income you will make. Of course,TrendyCom is a yes from me.


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