Vid Reaper Reviews,Demo and Bonuses-Great Tool To Get Youtube Traffic

Product : Vid Reaper
Creator : Matt Garrett
Price : $97/one time purchase and of course,has upsells
Do I Recommend : Yes (especially for people who want to get traffic from Youtube and build a big list)

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Presently,video marketing is a growing trend towards many internet marketers. Agree or not,besides Facebook,Youtube is really a goldmine that you should exploit. You can monetize Youtube with models such as affiliate,Amazon FBA,e-commerce,email marketing and Adsense. However,make money using Youtube is never an easy job. You do not only need to create a high quality video but also know how to get rank with Youtube. Moreover,you need to do a research and even think of building a list through Facebook.
Vid Reaper is a great software that can especially help you grow a lot traffic from Youtube. This software is a video creator and a Youtube research tool to help you monetize from it. Additionally,Vid Reaper is the only tool that can help you find a topics,contents that you can add. Now,let’s check out my Vid Reaper review and member’s area in order to understand how it works.

What Is Vid Reaper?

Vid Reaper review
At first,it’s a video creator like Pressplay,Doodly or EasyVSL. Secondly,it’s a Youtube research tool to help you find profitable topics and contents. On the other hand,it’s also a Youtube keyword research tool. Besides,it updates new topics,keywords overtime without needing any recurring fee. Actually,it pulls data from SEMRush & AHREFs to give members all the insights they need. Everyday,Vid Reaper will add new 3,000 videos in order to give you the supply. Once you buy this product,you will get access to Youtube SEO training to help you take action the right way. Using Vid Reaper,you can quickly search 1 Million+ pre-qualified profitable videos to find together with 60 millions videos it sorts.

Who Is Vid Reaper For?

Vid Reaper Affilojetpack Ebook

  • Complete newbie to internet marketing (yes,it’s friendly)
  • Intermediate and Professional marketers who want to scale up their income
  • People who haven’t using or considering Youtube traffic before
  • If you haven’t set up a Youtube channel once
  • If you are looking for getting free traffic from Youtube
  • People who don’t have any SEO skills but want to get rank fast
  • You don’t have time to do the research so that you want to save time
  • Social Media marketers who want to grow their Facebook and Instagram fanpage (check out Fanpage Domination)
  • eCommerce Sellers who want to send their conversion rates through the roof and get more sales than ever before
  • Bloggers who want to want to increase reader engagement as well as create compelling content that drives sales
  • Niche Marketers who want to grab immediate attention and engagement with niche audiences . . . and build authority in their niche

Main Feature of Vid Reaper

Vid Reaper Inbox Blueprint Ebook
Now,let’s see Vid Reaper member’s area so that you know how it works. Firstly,it’s not an application,Vid Reaper is a cloud-base software so you need to login. After you log in,this is what you see at first.
Vid Reaper Member's Dashboard

1.Search Video

As i mentioned before,the main feature of Vid Reaper is to find profitable video,topics and keywords. Clearly,the first thing you have to do is to search video. For instance,i will enter the keyword detox.
Vid Reaper Video Search
As you can see from the picture,it can search video in various filter for you to select. There’s a lot of types such as How To,Review,Question and AnswerAnswer,Tutorials,Testimonials,ec. If you like some videos you see,simply click on Reserve. The minium traffic i choose is 200. However,Vid Reaper just allows you to reserve 100 videos,means you have to delete,a littile bit annoying.
Vid Reaper Video Reservation
You can especially see the metrics comparison here,which is an advance. Now,let’s click on Blueprint to see what happens after that.
Vid Reaper Video Blueprint
Amazing,right,Vid Reaper can detects any video’s ranking factor. It’s like Semrush,Traffic Travis,AffiloTools,LongTailPro but with Youtube instead of Google. With Youtube marketing,certainly you need to choose the right keywords for tag and to target first. Fortunately,that’s not all because Vid Reaper does offer Backlink Checker,which is a professional Off-Page SEO.
Vid Reaper Backlink Checker
In addition,it suggests and recommends you to do some task to get rank,what an awersome.
Vid Reaper Recommendation
Now,let’s check out another video but with weight loss topics,more volume search.
Vid Reaper Video BLueprint Vid Reaper Keyword Vid Reaper backlink
In my opinion,Vid Reaper is like a competition analysis tool rather than a keyword research. But you know,that’s enough,montly search and CPC are all you need. Don’t duplicate video or description,make sure to customize video Youtube as your own. Of course,it can not detect all videos from Youtube,just a few that is profitable.

Pricing and Upsell of Vid Reaper

Vid Reaper Fan Page Domination Book
Originally,the price of Vid Reaper was only $67 but it is $97 now. It’s a lifetime access and lifetime updates so that you don’t need to worry about recurring fee. Normally,if you buy Vid Reaper as a Jvzoo product,you don’t have to pro but with Warrior Plus product,you will get.
Vid Reaper Front-End Price
Now,let’s see the upsell. Actually,they are just his other products but with a cheaper price,some of them are not related. Therefore,keep in mind,there’s no limitation or cheating.

OTO 1 : Rank Hijack Software ($47)

Vid Reaper Rank Hijack Lifetime License OTO 1
Originally,it’s price was $67 but like i say,you can get with only $47 as an upsell. While Vid Reaper focuses on Youtube,this one focuses on Google. If you are running an authority site,then i highly recommend you to buy this one.
OTO 2 : Backlink Rhino Lifetime License ($67)
Vid Reaper Backlink Rhino Lifetime License OTO 2
If you goes detail about SEO,i would say Backlink is important. Content is king,keyword is queen,so that Backlink is prince.
OTO 3 : WordPress Toolkit Developer License
Vid Reaper WP Toolkit
Don’t pay a lot to buy Themes and Plugins because they are not lifetime updates and supports. With a single time purchase of $97,you will get access to 380 Themes and 250 Plugins. In addition,it has nearly enough themes and plugins you will need during your campaigns. Besides,if you have coding experience,just simply modify and sell it,don’t resell with this products’s code.
Vid Reaper WP Toolkit Plugins
Vid Reaper WP Toolkit Plugin
Vid Reaper WP Toolkit Plugin
Vid Reaper WP Toolkit Vid Reaper WP Toolkit Vid Reaper WP Toolkit

Downsell : Niche Reaper ($47)

Vid Reaper Downsell Niche Reaper
If you buy this one directly,it will cost you $147 but as an upsell of Vid Reaper,you only need $47. This is a niche keyword research tool that especially has lifetime access. Here’s a screenshot of Niche Reaper. Besides,it doesn’t reduce credits like Keyword Supremacy,which is also a lifetime access Keyword Tool.
Vid Reaper Downsell Vid Reaper keyword research in action

Downsell 2 : WP Graphic Toolkit ($12)

Vid Reaper Downsell Wp Graphic Toolkit
Agree or not,a stunning graphics and content builder is always a good way to increase conversions of your blog post or video. In addition,it has animation graphics,which helps Doodly‘s members a lot to improve their video. You can also use this product to create a content builder or sale page.

The Training Inside Vid Reaper

Once you buy Vid Reaper,don’t worry about your experience about SEO or internet marketing. Every of his products has training inside the member’s area and so does Vid Reaper.
Vid Reaper Training
Vid Reaper Training
Vid Reaper Training
Vid Reaper Training
Vid Reaper Training


To make your life much easier,i will add some bonuses if you buy Vid Reaper through my affilite link. As i told you before,it’s a Warrior Plus product so you can get the bonuses directly in the member’s area. Hence you will get 2 benefits,get the Pro version and my bonuses.
Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus Vid Reaper Bonus
And that’s all you get into a single purchase of $97 through my special link. Certainly,they will make your life much easier

Get VidReaper + my Exclusive Bonuses

Pros of Vid Reaper

  • Super easy to use and to manage
  • Lifetime Access Together With Affordable Price and Updates Frequently
  • Reliable Data (because they are from Semrush and Ahrefs)
  • Can Detect Over 60 Millions Video On Youtube
  • Include Youtube Keyword on Each Video
  • Advise What You Should Do
  • Access To The  Youtube SEO and Facebook training

Cons of Vid Reaper

  • Too much upsells (despite they are not compulsory,just his other’s products,don’t have to buy)
  • Not really ideal for creating a video (can’t replace or be an alternative for Doodly,EasyVSL or Pressplay)

Final Verdict

In conclusion,Vid Reaper is a useful software that any marketer should consider to get. It has an affordable price and lifetime access as well as updates. Everyday,Vid Reaper will add new videos and keywords so that you can do the research much easier. In addition,it’s super easy to manage and Matt even creates the training for you. If you are serious about Youtube marketing or video marketing,i highly recommend you to buy this product.

Get VidReaper + my Exclusive Bonuses


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