Video Agency Studio Review From User-What's It All About?

Product : Video Agency Studio
Creator : Matt Bush
Price : $34,95
Do I Recommend : Yes,but only for those who sell video agency services.

According to some experts,Video marketing will the main traffic sources by 2019. It’s no longer a nice to have addon,it’s a must have at present. Therefore,if you don’t create a video campaign,it’s a wasteless.
Video creators are extremely popular now and if you know how to benefit them,it’s high profitable.
One of the new way to profit from video marketing besides video creation is to build a video site builder. Thanks to video site builder,you can boost your site engagement,build your list and get more trust from people.
Today,i’m going to show you an app,Video Agency Studio,which helps you create video from templates and a video site builder. Let’s see my Video Agency Studio review so that you know exactly what you get.

What Is Video Agency Studio?

Video Agency Studio Review
Firstly,Video Agency Studio is a video studio services that gives you everything you need to have your own digital studio up and running very fast and easy. Video Agency Studio featuresĀ pre-made website, loaded with tons of templates and features, dozens of customizable promotional video commercials in a variety of styles, step-by-step training, and more.
Besides,Video Agency Studio has some similarity with Reevio and Viddyoze. What makes it unique than other service is that you can create spokeperson video,animated video and whiteboard video.

Main Features and Demo of Video Agency Studio

Now,i am going to show you exactly what you get inside Video Agency Studio app. Personally,i don’t buy it,i got a review access account from Matt Bush.
Video Agency Studio Review
Video Agency Studio is one of his service including Local Animated Studio,Ez Spokeperson Video and Ez Review Video. Here’s the member’s area once you login.
Video Agency Studio Review

1.Create Video

As i mentioned before,Video Agency Studio is a video creator that helps you render video by customizing pre-formatted templates. It doesn’t have text to speech features but the spokeperson video still have voice together with lip-sync.
Firstly,click Create Video.
Video Agency Studio Review
Click the image in order to see templates. Now,choose any of these templates you want.
Video Agency Studio Review
Let’s take a deeper look on each of them.
Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review

a.Animated Video

Here’s how you can create an animated video using Video Agency Studio.
At first,click on any template here.
Video Agency Studio Review
Everything you need to do is to customize content.
Video Agency Studio Review
In order to customize this video,simply hit the button Play. Now,you will watch the video until you see this.
Video Agency Studio Review
Video Agency Studio Review
Video Agency Studio Review
This is what the template look like after i customize it.
Video Agency Studio Review
After that,just render your video.
Video Agency Studio Review
Video Agency Studio Review
A cons of this service when you create video is that you will depend a lot on templates. Here’s that video i have already created.

b.Spokeperson Video

I will not go detail about whiteboard video here because it have some similarity with animated video. I will let you see an example spokeperson video i create using Video Agency Studio. This is a review account so that it has limitation about template,if you buy it yourself,you will get more than that.
Firstly,click a template,here’s what i choose.
Video Agency Studio Review
Currently,it’s a black templates,now i will change background. If you already have an intro and outro video,you can insert them.
You can add video background,gif background and images background if you want.
Video Agency Studio Review
Here’s the exact spokeperson video that i have already created using Video Agency Studio.

Here are some video demo for the front-end offers.

2.Website Builder

The first thing you can do with Video Agency Studio is to create video by customizing pre-formatted templates. After that,you can create a video site builder with this cloud-based app.
It’s a done for you site wordpress site. In other word,you will download the wpress formatĀ file from this service and then install to your website.
For example,this is a product service.
Video Agency Studio Review
It’s a predone wordpress site but it will be uploaded on your server and you fully host it. Don’t worry,these are not complex index.html file,you can insert these site immediately into your web site.
For instance,this is the real estate product page.
Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review
If it’s hard for you,don’t worry because Matt already added video training inside. As you can see,these tutorials are all-in-depth and easy to implement.
Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review Video Agency Studio Review
The best stuff of this DFY websites is that it contains DFY web design,DFY checkout page with Paypal Integration. So,you absolutely need to do nothing except providing your video to sell. The video creator of Video Agency Studio is mostly used for video salespage.
And that’s all you get inside a single time purchase of $34,95. Of course,this price is OK for the value inside it.

My Video Agency Studio Review Video

To make sure you understand about this app,i have recorded a full demo video about it. Before you buy Video Agency Studio,make sure you watch this video first. Remember,this product is only for video seller.

Upsells of Video Agency Studio

The funnel of Video Agency Studio has 4 upsells and they are not really expensive.
1.OTO 1 : Video Agency Studio Upgrade ($37)
This package includes additional 3 website niches and 27 video templates. Of course,you are still depending on template to create a video. Here are some demo video for the OTO 1 :

2.OTO 2 : Video Agency Studio Marketing Pack ($37)
This package includes additional squeeze page,squeeze videos and autoresponder.
3.OTO 3 : EZ Voicemail & Lead Generation Special ($67)
Find and contact leads with an amazingly automated system that will grow your client list like crazy.
4.OTO 4 : EZ Video Pack ($47)
These are additional customizable video templates you can create with this app. In fact,this offer is also an upsell of his previous product like Ez Review Videos,Local Animation Studio,etc. Here are some example for this upgrade.

Pros of Video Agency Studio

  • Easy to use and to manage
  • No complex coding skill
  • Can create and render video very fast
  • Multiple DFY niche pack
  • Various templates and scenes

Cons of Video Agency Studio

1.Depend a lot on Templates
When creating a video with this app,you can not customize for your own video. It’s not a video creator from scratch,it’s a kind of pre-formatted templates video creator.
In fact,the amount of niche inside this app is still a limitation and it’s hard for creative.
2.You Really Need To Buy Upsells
Once again,to create a video with Video Agency Studio,you depend a lot on templates. What if the front-end doesn’t offer the templates you want,you need to get more templates for that.
Well,it’s a characteristic of most Jvzoo’s products but in my opinion,this one is OK to use.

Final Verdict

In summary,Video Agency Studio is an OK product that you can buy and benefit. Matt Bush creates this app as a way to help you profit from video marketing as fast as possible. Video site builder is currently very effective and it has been used and recommended by almost all experts. Buying or not,it’s up to you but the price of $27 and upsells are still affordable.


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